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91. <--- This disabled veteran doesn't support Romney
Sat Oct 20, 2012, 05:52 AM
Oct 2012

Like you loosely touched on above, I don't know how any combat veteran could vote for a republican. I haven't been able to find a poll about this, but I would love to see the party affiliation of "combat" vets and those who actually got shot at in the line of duty versus "non-combat" vets or guys who served in the Airforce or Navy or your non combat jobs in the Army.

Only about 15% of todays Army is made up of actual Infantry. Not counting the non-infantry guys who do deal with combat (i.e your tankers, artillerymen, combat engineers, MPs,...) most of the Army and military serves in a combat support role and is never placed in direct combat. It's not even close to being the same thing if you are stationed on a super-FOB and to have mortars impact on the base a few thousand meters from you. Yup, you might have to put down your burger king whopper that you just bought from the PX while you put on your kevlar helmet

When you actually go out on patrol and deal first hand with the results of your weapons fire you gain a completely different outlook on war. It's one thing to fly around in an airplane and drop bombs on a target that is 30,000+ feet below, but it is a completely different thing to actually see the person that you are shooting in your sights, squeeze the trigger, and watch them drop. After the firefight is over you also get to enjoy the wonderful experience of recovering the dead and wounded.

I wonder how many bodies and their parts Romney had to stuff into body bags when he was in France. How many dead or dying people did he come across? The most upsetting incident to me when I was in Iraq was finding a child that had errantly been shot during one of our firefights. I have no idea if he survived, but he was still alive when I found him. I did what I could and I did what I thought was the best at the time, but I have a lot of regrets for what I did. We were able to get him on a helicopter easily within 15 minutes of me finding him. I could and should have done more for the boy's family than I did.

Did mit really experience the same feelings of glory and overwhelming sense of patriotism when he watched adults and children die as a result of his actions? I wonder if mit wakes up having nightmares of his service in France all keyed up and ready to go on patrol and murder anyone who is crazy enough to attack him. I wonder if mit, when he goes out into public, gets the same weird tingle in his right hand when he realizes that he isn't holding the pistol grip of his rifle that I get. I wonder if he walks around walmart with his right hand tucked into his side and twitching his thumb as if he was moving the selector switch from "safe" to "semi" on his rifle.

I wonder how often mit find himself trapped in the memories of his service in France or how often he experiences a PTSD panic attack. Like me and Iraq, I bet he constantly thinks that the hardest part of his life was coming home from France. I bet he secretly wishes that he could leave his wife and kids and go back to France to die. Yup, probably like me, he misses the feelings of combat. He misses wearing his body armor, 4 grenades, 210 rounds of 5.56 ball ammunition, and carrying a rifle. He misses the feeling of danger, the sounds and excitement of combat, and the feeling of murder that I miss.

Then I bet he snaps out of it, finds himself a stammering, shaking, and crying mess and realizes that he has to come to terms with being a shadow of what he once was. I went from being in charge of 40+ Soldiers in combat, being in excellent shape, and being able to do and deal with anything to being a scrawny emotional wreck that I am today. I can hardly do things like go out into public places without turning into a basket case or pay my bills on time (not because I don't have the money, I just can't deal with writing checks or calling people on the phone to pay them). I have problems communicating and relating to my wife and kids and, if it wasn't for my boss and coworkers pitty, I could hardly keep a job.

Yup, I pretty sure that mit experienced the same things that I did (and Vietnam Vets did) when he "served" his country in France. We certainly should be grateful for "men" like mit

... Aristus Oct 2012 #1
ann, you ignorant ------- ---- ! russspeakeasy Oct 2012 #2
That was a gold medal performance in dodging the question, but I can't beac Oct 2012 #3
Didn't you know that living in avebury Oct 2012 #4
One never knows when they will be attacked by a herd of escargot Angry Dragon Oct 2012 #14
And stale baguettes can cause serious injuries when thrown with great force. Ken Burch Oct 2012 #34
Jeeebus. WTF. Hoyt Oct 2012 #5
But did he come home with a limb missing, or a coffin draped in a flag? HipChick Oct 2012 #6
Or with PTSD or health problems from being exposed to Agent Orange dflprincess Oct 2012 #19
my cousin Ross RIP from Agent Orange. She is a roguevalley Oct 2012 #50
I'm sorry about your cousin dflprincess Oct 2012 #76
I am sorry for yours too and I agree 100 percent. :( roguevalley Oct 2012 #85
And what are the numbers of ill and homeless Mormons who came back from missions? Zero nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author MadDash Oct 2012 #7
Welcome to DU, MadDash! calimary Oct 2012 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author MadDash Oct 2012 #30
She likes to say, "It's hard," doesn't she? Wounded Bear Oct 2012 #8
We'll have to do one of those little hardness scales, just like they do for precious gems, eh? MrMickeysMom Oct 2012 #13
Well, they used to measure how hard..... Wounded Bear Oct 2012 #24
Like a duh-oh-meter? jmowreader Oct 2012 #59
Dammit A HERETIC I AM Oct 2012 #94
Okay...you asked for it jmowreader Oct 2012 #95
I've got a lot of Vietnam vet friends who might feel otherwise. nt. OldDem2012 Oct 2012 #9
tell that to the vietnam vets, annie. in fact, tell it to their faces. spanone Oct 2012 #11
It's a Mission. You know, like Special Ops. librechik Oct 2012 #12
Yeah, Willard's sojourn in Paris was like Vietnam jsr Oct 2012 #15
Yeah, they were exactly the same... pinboy3niner Oct 2012 #29
K and fucking R! lonestarnot Oct 2012 #35
You should make a graphic of this with Ann's quote, and send it out into the internet nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #44
I have a better one jmowreader Oct 2012 #96
You obviously can't see the high speed lead nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #48
Mitt probably lost a battle with a croissant Whisp Oct 2012 #62
The continuing smugness of her ladyship seriously disgusts me. calimary Oct 2012 #16
Huh. I did NOT know that Ann Romney actually decided to go on The View. alp227 Oct 2012 #78
What an insulting and despicable thing to suggest. nt Barack_America Oct 2012 #17
OMFG LiberalElite Oct 2012 #18
What a despicable family. Webster Green Oct 2012 #20
Isn't it a missionaries job to go to third world countries...and... RichGirl Oct 2012 #21
"you're helping others" aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #22
the Mormons on mission are ONLY helping themselves!!!! progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #42
French pastry can be very dangerous for your health. Lint Head Oct 2012 #23
Going OUTSIDE yourself? Risen Demon Oct 2012 #25
Could we get a photo of Mitt Romney's scoffing stare at Pres Obama re terrorism/Rose Garden.. nenagh Oct 2012 #26
When Romney was in Paris Firebirds01 Oct 2012 #27
Can't ever expect you to understand this but talking to those vets who served just efhmc Oct 2012 #28
How insulting PD Turk Oct 2012 #31
Disgusting and vile. emulatorloo Oct 2012 #32
She may want to see what Vietnam Vets think about that bullshit. lonestarnot Oct 2012 #33
going outside of yourself? ejbr Oct 2012 #36
Insulting! City Lights Oct 2012 #37
Oh, really, Queen Ann? Well, thank you for liberalhistorian Oct 2012 #38
So what was it like for him to lie face down in a rice paddy in the face of Baguette Cong gunfire?? KamaAina Oct 2012 #39
Daft witch. I'm sure the military wives LOVED that comment... and the vets. progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #40
But indeed it does appear as though military folks prefer Mitt riderinthestorm Oct 2012 #45
Splain this Brother Buzz Oct 2012 #52
Hopefully money talks, bullshit walks but the polls show the military overwhelmingly support Rmoney riderinthestorm Oct 2012 #64
Of all the veterans I know personally, ronnie624 Oct 2012 #86
<--- This disabled veteran doesn't support Romney Victor_c3 Oct 2012 #91
This Viet Nam widow didn't appreciate it. Waiting For Everyman Oct 2012 #60
I can agree with her former-republican Oct 2012 #41
High speed lead is something Mitt faced nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #46
He's still experiencing PTSD from that rude waiter. pa28 Oct 2012 #47
So if being a missionary is the same as being in a war zone... mile18blister Oct 2012 #49
Fuck you, Ann. Compared to you, Mitch is almost likable. Almost Stinky The Clown Oct 2012 #51
Unfuggenbelievable. lpbk2713 Oct 2012 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author cliffordu Oct 2012 #54
Thank you, sir, for your service and sacrifice, and for the support you give to others... VOX Oct 2012 #58
You are welcome. cliffordu Oct 2012 #73
Fuck ann romney.... ohheckyeah Oct 2012 #55
Because riding a bike while proselytizing is sooooo dangerous. Major Hogwash Oct 2012 #56
I kept looking for the link to "The Onion" jmondine Oct 2012 #57
Oh no she didn't. zonkers Oct 2012 #61
Us and them. My Good Babushka Oct 2012 #63
Tell it to the disabled vets Generic Other Oct 2012 #65
Never worked a day in her life. Marr Oct 2012 #66
French Mimes Can Be Dangerous Yavin4 Oct 2012 #67
What was the risk Mitt would find his bodily organs "outside of himself"? JHB Oct 2012 #68
That is a statement of such colossal ignorance hifiguy Oct 2012 #69
My dad almost never talks about Vietnam clyrc Oct 2012 #70
I'm guessing that you have to be about my age Victor_c3 Oct 2012 #92
You don't get shot at though Ann... Drahthaardogs Oct 2012 #71
F**k you and the horse you danced in on. mikeytherat Oct 2012 #72
This breathtaking ignorance needs an afternoon kick in the fanny. Take that Ann!! nt riderinthestorm Oct 2012 #74
You can get jostled pretty good by the crowds at the Louvre WhollyHeretic Oct 2012 #75
"I donít think that any of us can understand the sacrifice"---Here she is being VERY honest, as she WinkyDink Oct 2012 #77
can't understand or EMPATHIZE upi402 Oct 2012 #79
Keep talking, Anne. Iris Oct 2012 #80
And I thought that an excuse like this is a joke. MrScorpio Oct 2012 #81
why doesn't this have 5 million recs? grantcart Oct 2012 #82
I need some clarification... Retrograde Oct 2012 #83
Entitled woman. Jennicut Oct 2012 #84
EXCUSE ME??? How exactly does shoving your religion on people count as 'volunteer' work?? Matariki Oct 2012 #87
Fucking unbelievable that she would have gall to compare those things, FUCK her!!! Raine Oct 2012 #88
Funny--I didn't see anybody running off to Vietnam to avoid missionary service in France pinboy3niner Oct 2012 #89
And being a Mormon Bishop is just like being a US Army General! eShirl Oct 2012 #90
Mitt Romney demonstrates in favor of Vietnam War draft for the 47% jsr Oct 2012 #93
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