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Wed Sep 22, 2021, 03:42 PM Sep 2021

Have you ever been involved with Multi-Level-Marketing? [View all]

Did you make any money? Back in the 70's I sold Viviane Woodard and Tupperware... briefly. It was fun, but it wasn't profitable. I think I sold more to MYSELF than anyone else. After I'd bugged all my family members and friends, the market kinda fizzled out. (But, with the cosmetics, I did get some repeat business.)

Oh... here's what made me think of it.


The documentary exposed the inner workings of the MLM business model. These companies recruit contractors to sell their products and recruit more independent contractors. The more people a contractor brings into the company, the more money they stand to gain.

Many of these businesses recruit their contractors through flattery and promises of wild riches. However, according to one estimate, only 25 percent of those in an MLM turn a profit. And the Federal Trade Commission has even designated some MLMs as pyramid schemes.

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11 (58%)
Yes... skin & cosmetics.
2 (11%)
Yes... health & nutrition.
0 (0%)
Yes... fashion.
0 (0%)
Yes... housewares & decor.
0 (0%)
Yes... cooking & kitchen.
1 (5%)
Yes... a combination of these.
3 (16%)
Yes... other.
2 (11%)
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two things - fools and their money are soon parted. and.. NewHendoLib Sep 2021 #1
Fortunately, I wasn't too aggressive and when their interest waned... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #2
I've been approached a number of times. Aristus Sep 2021 #3
Yeah... that whole approach is like a creepy used-car-salesman. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #5
and it was a mistake, was invited to a Amway convention, Ken and Barbie wantabe's Shellback Squid Sep 2021 #4
That's a good description... cult. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #7
Friend's sister got into Mary Kay. 3Hotdogs Sep 2021 #6
Some of the vintage cologne bottles sell well to ebay collectors. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #8
Yes. I got talking into scamway. Got soured on it immediately when the very first product I sold had keithbvadu2 Sep 2021 #9
It sounds so easy... until you get started. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #11
I signed up as a Nu Skin distributor Mme. Defarge Sep 2021 #10
Yes... buying Viviane Woodard at wholesale for my own use was a nice perk. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #13
The closest I got was to be solicited to sign up as a Mary Kay person csziggy Sep 2021 #12
My mom sold Tupperware in the early 50s. Mr.Bill Sep 2021 #14
I found this... it made me chuckle a little bit... NurseJackie Sep 2021 #16
My living room in the 60s. Mr.Bill Sep 2021 #18
Norma keithbvadu2 Sep 2021 #21
Ha! NurseJackie Sep 2021 #22
Tupperware was/is an awesome product FakeNoose Sep 2021 #25
It starts with the Tupper family itself. Totally Tunsie Sep 2021 #30
A grandson goes there.....great place.I was unaware of the Tupper connection. pidge Sep 2021 #34
Your grandson will get a great education at Bryant. Totally Tunsie Sep 2021 #35
He loves it...even spent a couple of weeks on a school educational trip to Singapore. pidge Sep 2021 #37
Fabulous! Totally Tunsie Sep 2021 #38
I've been pitched a few times Johnny2X2X Sep 2021 #15
Did you ever hear the line "There is no selling involved at all... Mr.Bill Sep 2021 #20
YEs Johnny2X2X Sep 2021 #26
The main goal of all of those things seems to be to recruit other people MiniMe Sep 2021 #17
No, and was never interested, since I have no sales ability whatsoever. Ocelot II Sep 2021 #19
My Granddaughter Mr.Bill Sep 2021 #23
Shackly (I think) cleaning products. But I never bumped into the cult-type culture. LAS14 Sep 2021 #24
I bought a box of Shaklee laundry detergent from a co-worker who was selling it. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #27
Their Formula Is Junk ProfessorGAC Sep 2021 #32
I did well back in the 70's with Tupperware slightlv Sep 2021 #28
Family member for sucked in with Norwex Amishman Sep 2021 #29
I've been pitched a few times and my sister and BIL signed me up for Amway when I was in high school TlalocW Sep 2021 #31
Went to an Amway "meeting" once liberaltrucker Sep 2021 #33
I never got sucked into it, but brushed against it a few times. yonder Sep 2021 #36
Our (USA) economy is a giant swindling machine so yes, I have. JanMichael Sep 2021 #39
MLMs are full of antivaxxers vercetti2021 Sep 2021 #40
Podcast: "The Dream". All about the industry. vanlassie Sep 2021 #41
Was pitched a couple of times when I didn't know what they inviting me for.... Xolodno Sep 2021 #42
Tupperware Wicked Blue Sep 2021 #43
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