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26. Powell owned his part in the WMD lie.
Mon Oct 18, 2021, 04:12 PM
Oct 2021

He called it a blot on his record. That’s more than Cheney or Kissinger will ever do.

Like you, I’ve been wondering the same thing all day. My only answer is that evil is somehow resilient. Sadly.

Got a Better Deal, Ma'am, With The Man In Black At The Midnight Crossroad... The Magistrate Oct 2021 #1
+1 2naSalit Oct 2021 #6
Like the old song says, "Only the good die young." Wounded Bear Oct 2021 #2
Jimmy Carter begs to differ. GoCubsGo Oct 2021 #14
Powell had cancer which affects the immune system. Those over 65 and with pre-exisiting Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #3
the universe does not have a moral arc Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #4
Tens razon! Moral arcs are personal projections sanatanadharma Oct 2021 #8
Toxic viciousness Wicked Blue Oct 2021 #5
And Alan West hamsterjill Oct 2021 #7
Ask the Vietnamese malaise Oct 2021 #9
Mr. Powell served in my dad's era JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #10
Remember his coverup of My Lai massacre unc70 Oct 2021 #11
Indeed enough Oct 2021 #13
Yes. Some here are aiming their fire at Powell, that deservedly belongs trained on Cheney, Trump hlthe2b Oct 2021 #12
I remember the UN speech and what it brought about. Cuthbert Allgood Oct 2021 #16
Case in point. No one here forgets that. You use all your ammo on one who actually turned the hlthe2b Oct 2021 #17
I have an unlimited supply. Cuthbert Allgood Oct 2021 #18
I'm not gravedancing, either. AngryOldDem Oct 2021 #27
The rain falls on the just and the unjust. leftyladyfrommo Oct 2021 #15
Cheney: "I think of it as MY heart" budkin Oct 2021 #19
Patience, please. Some big payments are coming due! NCjack Oct 2021 #20
Kissenger and Cheney probably took the baby parts cocktail like pwb Oct 2021 #21
Those two are like horror movie villains, with each kill they grow stronger. sarcasmo Oct 2021 #22
They can't "go" till they finish vetting replacements for his stooge role. UTUSN Oct 2021 #23
Vampires? roamer65 Oct 2021 #24
Evil Never Dies Deep State Witch Oct 2021 #25
Powell owned his part in the WMD lie. AngryOldDem Oct 2021 #26
"a blot on his record" Skittles Oct 2021 #29
he wasn't just "wrong about a speech" Skittles Oct 2021 #28
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