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Response to gab13by13 (Reply #4)

They aren't even voting until next Tuesday... Luciferous Oct 2021 #1
Yes. Lol. And those were not «Jan. 6 folks» i would point out to the author... Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2021 #5
wishful thinking on CNN's part eShirl Oct 2021 #2
I never saw a CNN link in the post, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2021 #74
Seems to me, and if I am wrong I apologize, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #3
This post seems like fear mongering before we even have the hard vote totals counted Lawrence454 Oct 2021 #6
Fear mongering. Demsrule86 Nov 2021 #93
CNN can predict the Virginia vote that well? Yonnie3 Oct 2021 #7
Any polling won't show the framework of the bill that's about to be passed Tribetime Oct 2021 #8
lolz obamanut2012 Oct 2021 #9
You guys have given me a little hope Nikki28 Oct 2021 #10
You believed a Republican about ANYTHING? (Even an ex-Republican)? lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #24
what is the purpose of this kind of post Skittles Oct 2021 #70
You are the strangeness correctly observing and the correct questions asking. NurseJackie Nov 2021 #82
HEH Skittles Nov 2021 #91
I have decided to avoid the media this weekend. So depressing helpisontheway Oct 2021 #11
I get my local news on TV. I get all pertinent news on DU. marie999 Oct 2021 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author marie999 Oct 2021 #33
CNN is trying to freak us out Lulu KC Oct 2021 #12
I am moved by your "concern". orangecrush Oct 2021 #13
+ quaint Oct 2021 #23
+1 exactly. bronxiteforever Oct 2021 #27
This. .... Happens every election. marmar Oct 2021 #28
Then alert it!!!!! USALiberal Oct 2021 #58
Expect doomsday threads flowing constant all the way to Tuesday . . . Lovie777 Oct 2021 #14
So what ? It's not like Trump "winning" in 2016 JI7 Oct 2021 #15
Good Lord, what is this bullshit? bearsfootball516 Oct 2021 #16
Used to be this type of post wasn't allowed. CrackityJones75 Oct 2021 #21
Yeah, And Then RobinA Oct 2021 #45
Trump didn't "win" becsuse of a lack of concern trolling JI7 Oct 2021 #57
I hated those "Thank you for your concern" posts Polybius Oct 2021 #65
de rec nt Celerity Oct 2021 #17
I live in Virginia. This is news to me. nt LexVegas Oct 2021 #18
No Norbert Oct 2021 #19
Time will tell. CentralMass Oct 2021 #20
on election nite my husband came in late from work and came to bed ( we are on west coast) samnsara Oct 2021 #22
That night was terrifying, wasn't it? renate Oct 2021 #43
Do yourself a favor and turn that shit off. AngryOldDem Oct 2021 #25
We'll See colsohlibgal Oct 2021 #26
CNN does Future News now? bluedigger Oct 2021 #29
We lost California the exact same way. blm Oct 2021 #30
Lol, good point! MoonRiver Oct 2021 #34
CNN's website has been constantly down on Biden and the Dems in general since Afghanistan dsp3000 Oct 2021 #31
What is this? Hav Oct 2021 #35
Since CNN does not have a sure fire crystal ball . . . peggysue2 Oct 2021 #36
Do you mean Angus King? shrike3 Oct 2021 #37
How come I can't find a CNN link that says we lost Virginia. shrike3 Oct 2021 #38
You must differentiate between English and Republicanese DFW Nov 2021 #86
LOL. Thanks for the lesson. shrike3 Nov 2021 #88
I just ask them to translate into English as I am not competely fluent in Republicanese DFW Nov 2021 #89
Wondering about CNN solara Oct 2021 #39
Yes, the so-called Liberal Media wants GOP in charge. Because disasters increase viewers. haele Oct 2021 #40
I've seen nothing on CNN saying this. BlackSkimmer Oct 2021 #42
I wasn't posting about the OP saying CNN already called the Virginia election solara Oct 2021 #48
The election has not even been held yet. BlackSkimmer Oct 2021 #41
How could we have lost Virginia before the election takes place? George II Oct 2021 #44
538 RobinA Oct 2021 #46
Stupidity. triron Oct 2021 #53
CNN shouldn't have ran that story JustAnotherGen Oct 2021 #47
Did they really run this story? Andy823 Oct 2021 #49
Did they run that story? BlackSkimmer Oct 2021 #61
I'll be slightly less polite than some other posters. 11 Bravo Oct 2021 #50
Likewise. lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #51
Oh, look. "Concern" Tarc Oct 2021 #52
lol... at least wait until they vote Demovictory9 Oct 2021 #54
Was the election today? Sunsky Oct 2021 #55
Isn't the election next week? Retrograde Oct 2021 #56
IMO, the VA polls are wrong. radius777 Oct 2021 #59
also they are modeling by in a low turnout scenario Lawrence454 Oct 2021 #64
The election hasn't even happened yet. LisaL Oct 2021 #60
Just the fact that it is close is not good Alhena Oct 2021 #62
don't be depressed... myohmy2 Oct 2021 #63
Jeez, don't start the postmortums until after the votes are cast. book_worm Oct 2021 #66
Why anyone takes this stuff seriously, I'll never understand. ForgedCrank Oct 2021 #67
"It ain't over, till it's over" Saint Yogi Berra, in a tight race like this 👍 electric_blue68 Oct 2021 #68
That is some very acute hearing DFW Oct 2021 #69
I declare this a gloom and doomer thread - prove me wrong Shanti Shanti Shanti Oct 2021 #71
Read through it out loud a couple of times. DFW Oct 2021 #72
Russian troll. Elessar Zappa Oct 2021 #75
Same here. DFW Oct 2021 #76
"Moose and Squirrel" lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #83
Can you quote this alleged CNN analyst? Sabuca Oct 2021 #73
The thread starter clarified in another post Hav Oct 2021 #80
Hard to lose before votes are cast and counted. Vinca Oct 2021 #77
So CNN already called it? LOL. GoodRaisin Oct 2021 #78
Saying "I heard it on CNN" is like saying... jcmaine72 Oct 2021 #79
....and I know a guy who knows a guy who knows about every job PCIntern Oct 2021 #81
Why help CNN with their ratfucking? FSogol Nov 2021 #84
Was it commentary? Or news fescuerescue Nov 2021 #85
It was imaginary. The post is false. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #90
Please delete this. What is the point of this? themaguffin Nov 2021 #87
Why in the world doess it matter? This is one person's opinion why do you get to say what people can Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2021 #92
No need for straw men. ffs. themaguffin Nov 2021 #94
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