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Not to mention that they will very likely face FEDERAL charges (if they crossed state lines) hlthe2b Dec 2021 #1
What federal charge? PTWB Dec 2021 #40
18 U.S. Code 1073 - Flight to avoid prosecution or giving testimony hlthe2b Dec 2021 #50
I don't see how they statute is applicable. Did you cite the correct one? PTWB Dec 2021 #51
I said IF they had crossed state lines. Evading a valid state arrest warrant across state lines hlthe2b Dec 2021 #56
You said it was "very likely" that they'd be charged federally. PTWB Dec 2021 #57
Citing Frank Figliuzzi on Joy Reid last night. So argue with a 25+ year FBI veteran. hlthe2b Dec 2021 #58
LOL PTWB Dec 2021 #59
That is NOT what I said and I don't get your problem but I'm done with your misstating hlthe2b Dec 2021 #60
That's exactly what you said. PTWB Dec 2021 #61
Alright brother, I've just got to respond once more. PTWB Dec 2021 #62
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Dec 2021 #2
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #3
I'm thinking Florida. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #4
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #5
I'm hoping to wake up and find they're in custody. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #10
They used to live in Florida, so yes that is a good possibility. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #34
classic likeness-" TFG" ?? monkeyman1 Dec 2021 #37
Small Wisconsin and Michigan towns are the worst to hide in. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #7
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #9
Maybe, maybe not. My mother's family lives up in northern very rural Wisconsin. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #13
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #15
I like this idea, but yes the reward is the problem. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #25
Also: They will have to get a new vehicle, everyone is going to be looking for their car. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #16
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #19
How many people could come up with a good spur of the moment escape plan? Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #28
Depends on how far north. LeftInTX Dec 2021 #48
Yes one area is just above your line. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #52
Not to be too much of a snark relayerbob Dec 2021 #27
We're trying to dumb down our thought processes, but it is hard to get to Magat level. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #33
Very true relayerbob Dec 2021 #36
$4000 FelineOverlord Dec 2021 #6
Won't last long. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #8
Yeah, that amount of money won't last them long. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #11
They need to ditch their Michigan plates. Captain Zero Dec 2021 #22
I would think they would have to ditch their car too. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #29
They are compounding the pain Deuxcents Dec 2021 #12
Families that go to prison together stay together tenderfoot Dec 2021 #14
It Also Undermines Their Defense (Whatever That Will Be) ChoppinBroccoli Dec 2021 #17
Yep. Flight is considered an admission of guilt Walleye Dec 2021 #20
They will claim they feared for their lives. And were victims of a politcal witch hunt. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #30
The last manhunt for two people at this high-profile a level was for bullwinkle428 Dec 2021 #18
As long as no LEOs are harmed, I don't care how they bring this trash down. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #21
I can see them going down in a gunfight Captain Zero Dec 2021 #23
If the FBI kills them, it would save taxpayers money. roamer65 Dec 2021 #26
I wonder if they have guns with them? Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #32
Ending up in a boat being shot almost to death by Boston's Finest. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #31
No! Remember Brian Laundrie in September??? LeftInTX Dec 2021 #49
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2021 #24
Up to $10,000 reward now. moondust Dec 2021 #35
I can't imagine taking off like that when your own child needs you more than ever. NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #38
This. Their behavior is beyond reprehensible. nt crickets Dec 2021 #39
You know EndlessWire Dec 2021 #42
I don't really feel any sympathy for them. Why leave your child in this situation - ever? crickets Dec 2021 #44
I don't feel sympathy for the kid. EndlessWire Dec 2021 #46
Sounds like the prosecutor did screw up. crickets Dec 2021 #47
I don't either but normal parents would (I think!). NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #54
You don't think they would have gotten bail? NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #53
The worst disaster of his life?? EndlessWire Dec 2021 #45
I generally do not blame the parents. NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #55
So let me get this straight - NutmegYankee Dec 2021 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Dec 2021 #43
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