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15. Sorry but this is not the time for Democrats to be generous towards Republicans
Mon Feb 28, 2022, 12:28 PM
Feb 2022

Maher is wrong on this as he so often is on other issues.

First, the Republicans haven't turned their backs on Trump, even if he's getting a small percentage drop in his support. At the CPAC conference last weekend, Trump was by far the straw-pole favorite to be the GOP nominee in 2024.

Second, There are still plenty of Republicans in positions of political power and influence who continue The Big Lie and constantly insult anyone to the left of Genghis Kahn. For example, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Loren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Paul Gosar, Josh Hawley and Rand Paul-- among many others-- have recently made many disparaging and nasty or insulting comments about Democrats and President Biden. Why in the world should we respect or compromise with them?! Get real, Bill.

Lastly, Republicans around the country at the state level have been furiously rewriting their voting laws, gerrymandering their voting districts, purging their voting lists and creating legislative ways to overrule the will of the voters. They know they will lose elections if there are fair, open and honest elections. Maher expects us to be magnanimous? Fuck them and fuck Bill.

Perhaps Maher has a good point about the way to engage with our enemies after they are defeated. But the political war in the U.S. isn't over yet. It's way too early to be accommodating to the traitorous Republicans who haven't demonstrated a drop of contrition. Maybe later but otherwise our fight continues.

New Rule: With Malice Toward None ItsjustMe Feb 2022 #1
Thank you SO much for posting link. Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #2
Lofty sentiment. griffi94 Feb 2022 #9
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Feb 2022 #22
Yes, it is a wonderful idea in theory PatSeg Feb 2022 #68
kicking back to the top. n/t ChazII Feb 2022 #14
I dumped all Trumpers in my orbit long ago. lagomorph777 Feb 2022 #3
BULL FUCKIN SHIT !! That's EXACTLY what we need to do to GQP pols RIGHT NOW !!! Tie them to uponit7771 Feb 2022 #4
Agreed. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2022 #5
Agreed, the people who supported Trumps were anti-American monsters RAB910 Feb 2022 #6
Totally disagree, sorry. The whole thing with Ukraine is so organic Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #7
Good post. BlackSkimmer Feb 2022 #8
'. . . People everywhere are doing the right thing because it is obviously the right thing . .' empedocles Feb 2022 #10
TFG is doing the right thing? NO !! He and his crew are still aligned in deed if not word with ... uponit7771 Feb 2022 #12
Of course FG is not doing the right thing. That's 100% a given. Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #21
Then fuck a cum by yah until TFG does, force his hand make him look weak. This is NOT the time uponit7771 Feb 2022 #26
Come together? Missing point.... temporarily Ignore and let them Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #27
I don't see a peel off though, the GQP who are supporting anti democracy measures (not just words uponit7771 Feb 2022 #33
Watch the clip. I had no idea support for FG waning among R's. nt Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #35
Maher isn't paying attention, GQP pols don't give a shit what their constituents think GQP pols .. uponit7771 Feb 2022 #37
To add CPAC poll of "the base" has Putler's Whore at about 60% I don't know what Maher is looking uponit7771 Feb 2022 #38
Ok... He's wrong, I'm wrong. Carry on :) Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #39
NP, The darkness Putler and his whore are spreading throughout the world ... uponit7771 Feb 2022 #41
Yup it's a whole mountain of shit!!! Good thing we have it in our DNA Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #48
same !! uponit7771 Feb 2022 #50
Putin's Whore is *NOT* "doing the right thing" he's and Pompeo et al are still complementing him uponit7771 Feb 2022 #11
I think you miss one of the fundamental rules of humanity perfected by MAGATs Torchlight Feb 2022 #65
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Feb 2022 #24
I think he's talking about trump train-ers Bluesaph Feb 2022 #66
Maher has tried this twice not to delineate between GQP polls and cross voters. He could've said uponit7771 Feb 2022 #72
+1000. nt ecstatic Feb 2022 #70
Why? Because their feelings might be hurt? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2022 #13
No, because ineffective. Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #23
Toward what goal? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2022 #25
The goal is the same as it's always been. Diminish Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #28
My strategy with those who have repented their Trump devotion. BannonsLiver Feb 2022 #42
Sorry but this is not the time for Democrats to be generous towards Republicans PJMcK Feb 2022 #15
Lol USALiberal Feb 2022 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author USALiberal Feb 2022 #32
fuck Bill Maher jcgoldie Feb 2022 #16
Agreed Meadowoak Feb 2022 #17
Lol, ok! Nt USALiberal Feb 2022 #34
I'm not talking about being vindictive jcgoldie Feb 2022 #46
The problem with that idea.... TheRealNorth Feb 2022 #18
fuck that shit gopiscrap Feb 2022 #19
Racists rarely change. Haters rarely stop hating. What they do, however, LuckyCharms Feb 2022 #20
Did they ... Xoan Feb 2022 #29
Forgiveness not even in equation. More like ignore Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #40
Not so fast genxlib Feb 2022 #30
It took a long time to get America where we are with regard to Baked Potato Feb 2022 #36
+1. And link good post!!!! And luckily there is no sane Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #44
Yes, I want Democrats to win elections. Baked Potato Feb 2022 #49
I'm skeptical that he is losing support. Santeria Feb 2022 #43
From NYT Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #45
Those are base primary voters like at CPAC were Putler's Whore gets 60% vote uponit7771 Feb 2022 #53
Right. Thought that was what we were talking about Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #55
He's not, the GQP "base" voted for Putlers Whore to be voted as next candidate by 60% uponit7771 Feb 2022 #52
I can believe it but who do they support now? GoodRaisin Feb 2022 #59
Correct. They may feel that their horse isn't going to be as viable this time around, but wiggs Feb 2022 #64
Nope JustAnotherGen Feb 2022 #47
Friends with them? Give them respect? Huh? Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #58
Leave MAGA alone! They learned their lesson! -- Susan Collins (R-ME) tenderfoot Feb 2022 #51
Hit the nail on the head. Kingofalldems Feb 2022 #54
I don't believe anybody ever mentioned one six we are only Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2022 #56
Democrats still watch Bill Maher? I_have_a_cat_bite Feb 2022 #57
They'll claim we're being condescending and looking down on them anyway JHB Feb 2022 #60
Hell yes they will I_have_a_cat_bite Feb 2022 #62
I can't stand Bill Maher budkin Feb 2022 #61
Every example he gives is after the conflict... lame54 Feb 2022 #63
"Resist the urge" ad they'll be worse next time. displacedtexan Feb 2022 #67
I have nothing but praise for a former Trump fluffer who recants and denounces him Orrex Feb 2022 #69
Why do we have to coddle and walk on egg shells around them? ecstatic Feb 2022 #71
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