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Jedi Guy

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11. I went with the "Maybe" option for a number of reasons.
Fri Jun 24, 2022, 04:28 PM
Jun 2022

The electorate tends to have short memories. We're a little over four months out from the midterms. For a lot of voters, this will likely end up being background noise that fades to a hum between now and then, especially as the usual summer shootings and other insanity pushes it out of their minds.

This series of wins for the right will also fire them up, and you'd better believe their leaders will find something else to keep them riled up, such as LGBTQ rights issues, CRT, etc. etc. They've got plenty of bugaboos to work with to keep their base amped up. So while this will certainly fire up the Democratic base, it'll cancel out to some extent.

And possibly the biggest reason is that a lot of people care much more about kitchen table issues like inflation, the economy, the price of gas and food, etc. Those concerns are almost always top of mind in any election, so if those concerns still exist in November, and it seems like that'll be the case, I think that's where most people will be coming from when they vote.

Then there are the historical precedents of the party in power facing headwinds in the midterms, which is a whole other ball of wax.

In this economy? genxlib Jun 2022 #1
Yeah, well ..... LenaBaby61 Jun 2022 #7
People care more about spending an extra $40 a week on gas than they care about bodily autonomy. LonePirate Jun 2022 #13
this must be your opinion because i don't see ANY FACTS in your message text. Trueblue1968 Jun 2022 #32
See the post I was responding to above. LonePirate Jun 2022 #34
+1 Claustrum Jun 2022 #14
Also knowing how many of my friends / neighbors watch Fox... Initech Jun 2022 #25
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2022 #2
one suspects people most affected are the least likely to vote nt msongs Jun 2022 #3
If we GOTV n/t AntiFascist Jun 2022 #4
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Jun 2022 #5
I hope so, but I'm certainly not certain...nt Wounded Bear Jun 2022 #6
I doubt it very much. WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2022 #8
Maybe but we need to make it happen by GOTV. Elessar Zappa Jun 2022 #9
If you had ForgedCrank Jun 2022 #10
I am very interested to see if the governor race in TX would shift into the democrat direction Claustrum Jun 2022 #15
I went with the "Maybe" option for a number of reasons. Jedi Guy Jun 2022 #11
More than enough shit has happened that we could have easily capitalized on ecstatic Jun 2022 #12
No. It's the economy stupid Azathoth Jun 2022 #16
With the exception of inflation, isn't the economy actually pretty good? ColinC Jun 2022 #17
Pretty much. It's certainly not the same situation as when Carville coined his phrase in 1992 Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2022 #26
The three parts that people care about suck though Polybius Jun 2022 #35
This,1000% NewsCenter28 Jun 2022 #18
Fear you're 110% correct liberalmediaaddict Jun 2022 #29
Maybe leaning towards Yes electric_blue68 Jun 2022 #19
I have little confident that this will be the issue that tip voters to our side In It to Win It Jun 2022 #20
We need to make sure we focus hard on abortion rights and voting rights. gulliver Jun 2022 #21
I think it will help more than hurt and could mean the difference in a few close races nt Quixote1818 Jun 2022 #22
it narrows the "enthusiasm gap" at least pstokely Jun 2022 #23
Depends on women Demovictory9 Jun 2022 #24
It's one of multiple things. GoCubsGo Jun 2022 #27
Who knows anymore liberalmediaaddict Jun 2022 #28
Probably not LeftInTX Jun 2022 #30
Rutgers-Eagleton Center for American Women & Politics (45% of women voted paternalistic since 1974). TheBlackAdder Jun 2022 #31
My guess is that high gas and food prices will trump women's rights. Kaleva Jun 2022 #33
It will if the party takes advantage of the burst of energy that is going on now. lees1975 Jun 2022 #36
Maybe.. that and other issues.. I HOPE Cha Jun 2022 #37
If Democrats explain to voters exactly how to remedy this mess, ecstatic Jun 2022 #38
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