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9. It doesn't have to be that way
Fri Jul 1, 2022, 03:16 PM
Jul 2022

But people would rather have parking lots and garage complexes than bus terminals... because "freedom"

A fair amount of people are still working from home... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #1
+1, ... and the WFH trend is going to grow even more. People going back to the office will be .. uponit7771 Jul 2022 #23
It's been beaten into our heads, I think, that consumption is "freedom" ck4829 Jul 2022 #2
Yup TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #4
To be fair... in my experience using a bus sucks. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #6
It doesn't have to be that way ck4829 Jul 2022 #9
Not sure how buses can ever be convenient for some things. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #10
It ended when Jimmy Carter put on a sweater exboyfil Jul 2022 #3
I've been thinking about President Carter recently... Buckeye_Democrat Jul 2022 #14
Sadly true. crickets Jul 2022 #16
They are letting us work from home TheFarseer Jul 2022 #5
ARCO gas this morning in Phoenix: $5.00 LogicFirst Jul 2022 #7
The answer is to transition to non-fossil fuel energy sources. Happy Hoosier Jul 2022 #8
I find myself driving less now that the cost to do so has doubled in the last year. MichMan Jul 2022 #11
That is exactly right in 2020 when everything was doc03 Jul 2022 #12
Profit trumps the public good in this country, plain and simple. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2022 #13
I do custom crafting for a company UpInArms Jul 2022 #15
There is a solution to high prices AND carbon emissions. roamer65 Jul 2022 #17
It's great for people who can do it. I'm a hospice nurse working a large territory BUT, mucifer Jul 2022 #18
That in itself is conservation. And I'd imagine you'd be considered an Scrivener7 Jul 2022 #20
But, but, but... that would mean not buying monster pickups. How will Scrivener7 Jul 2022 #19
I saw something like this a week ago.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #25
Our country's motto should be changed to rownesheck Jul 2022 #21
Remember 55 mph? jeffreyi Jul 2022 #22
If Biden suggested that.... TheRealNorth Jul 2022 #26
The collective good v. the good of me, myself, and I. Solly Mack Jul 2022 #24
American exceptionalism means we don't have to learn anything from other countries...nt Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #27
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