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Landscaping by Melania [View all] bigtree Jul 2022 OP
Be best. Meadowoak Jul 2022 #1
Nothing says "I was special!" like being buried in your ex-husband's back yard (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jul 2022 #2
It's not even a backyard, it's on the edge of a golf course. CottonBear Jul 2022 #10
Lol I know where it is ... but it LOOKS like someone's back yard from the photo (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Jul 2022 #15
It's over near the landscape shed, just behind the lawn and plant clippings compost pile. jaxexpat Jul 2022 #27
needs a few onethatcares Jul 2022 #3
That would be perfect. CottonBear Jul 2022 #11
Ouch! Boomerproud Jul 2022 #4
I hope this is photo-shopped, or whatever they call it. Frustratedlady Jul 2022 #5
Nope. It's real: really cheap and tacky and just awful. NT CottonBear Jul 2022 #7
The Daily Fail article headline is "Fairway to Heaven." CottonBear Jul 2022 #6
OMG!!! calimary Jul 2022 #26
I guess you must have read NJCher Jul 2022 #32
This is difficult to believe... Totally Tunsie Jul 2022 #40
Another item red don launches into the rough not fooled Jul 2022 #72
Is that for real? A Walmart headstone?? NoMoreRepugs Jul 2022 #8
It's probably temporary Mosby Jul 2022 #35
That way the groundskeeper can mow right over it with a tractor. Midnight Writer Jul 2022 #71
Oh I'm sure driving over it with his golf cart is in Trump's plan Arazi Jul 2022 #83
Crazy. Baitball Blogger Jul 2022 #9
TFG is illegally using the Presidential Seal at the golf course for the Saudi event. CottonBear Jul 2022 #13
he probably has a contract onethatcares Jul 2022 #16
Seen some discussion this was done for a tax break Nevilledog Jul 2022 #53
It's a wonder Ivana got that much. paleotn Jul 2022 #12
mite be part of the onethatcares Jul 2022 #14
She has three children PatSeg Jul 2022 #19
That's what I was thinking. n/t Harker Jul 2022 #31
Could have, but they're Trumps.... paleotn Jul 2022 #61
That is true PatSeg Jul 2022 #87
Such a cold, heartless grave marker too. Shouldn't is say "Loving Mother" blah blah? OMGWTF Jul 2022 #64
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing PatSeg Jul 2022 #86
Won't the property eventually go up for sale? kskiska Jul 2022 #17
Jonathan Winters! That made me smile. He was such a crack up. I KPN Jul 2022 #22
The late Robin Williams stated that... ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2022 #43
They were good friends, too. kskiska Jul 2022 #79
The Loved One scarred me as a child. And in the best way! nolabear Jul 2022 #56
I don't have an opinion on Ivanka Trump peggysue2 Jul 2022 #18
Remove all the stairs Traildogbob Jul 2022 #20
LOL!! peggysue2 Jul 2022 #29
more Melania landscaping.... trusty elf Jul 2022 #21
Lol. KPN Jul 2022 #24
and all over a mushroom! NJCher Jul 2022 #34
In Oregon, burying someone not in a recognized graveyard central scrutinizer Jul 2022 #23
Right after she died, they should have brought landscapers in Ilsa Jul 2022 #25
So Bevis, Butthead and Ivankette are ok with this? sarge43 Jul 2022 #28
It disgusts me that Ivana's children allowed their mom to be vuried on a golf course. iluvtennis Jul 2022 #30
Maybe it's a family plot. Mosby Jul 2022 #38
The article said it is a family plot. llmart Jul 2022 #44
he will want arlington, with full military honors.... getagrip_already Jul 2022 #52
Not if we have massive protests against it. llmart Jul 2022 #63
I don't know what the protocols are, but... getagrip_already Jul 2022 #67
Yeah, I know that but... llmart Jul 2022 #82
It might have been her wish to be buried there Warpy Jul 2022 #58
First hole... first wife😁 Mozeltov Cocktail Jul 2022 #69
Next to an old railroad track?? Sogo Jul 2022 #76
What I don't understand is why mercuryblues Jul 2022 #33
trumps NJCher Jul 2022 #37
Thanks for the link Pinback Jul 2022 #70
Why is the headstone upside down? nini Jul 2022 #36
I guess there's no room... 3825-87867 Jul 2022 #39
Really, the is both sad and sick....damn Sick ashredux Jul 2022 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jul 2022 #42
Maybe we can crowdfund a headstone w/ this on it- Snarkoleptic Jul 2022 #45
+1 dalton99a Jul 2022 #65
Golf joke Marthe48 Jul 2022 #46
One would think her children would want better for their mom IronLionZion Jul 2022 #47
Trump is charging a "fee" to view the grave... Mozeltov Cocktail Jul 2022 #48
Wow, what an evil cretin. iluvtennis Jul 2022 #75
What happens when he sells the golf course? nuxvomica Jul 2022 #49
I can't blame the Trumps for keeping her grave on private property JohnQFunk Jul 2022 #50
Why here? llmart Jul 2022 #51
They at least could have shelled out for some sod. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2022 #54
Its legal now to be buried on golf courses? Emile Jul 2022 #55
They're charging her estate Bedminster membership fees! Sky Jewels Jul 2022 #57
Is that a lifetime membership???? IggleDuer Jul 2022 #60
Yes, plus for all eternity. Sky Jewels Jul 2022 #77
It's only a matter of time before there's a flag and a hole there. Fore! Vinca Jul 2022 #59
Mel certainly knows how to dig a grave. area51 Jul 2022 #62
Hahahahahahahahaha not fooled Jul 2022 #73
How do we even know she's actually buried there at all? Robert of Locksley Jul 2022 #66
They went all out I see. Any self respecting billionaire would have a landscape crew there making Pepsidog Jul 2022 #68
If Melanoma gave a fuck about Christmas, she could put up decorations every December . . . hatrack Jul 2022 #74
Such a cheap burial plot and headstone RANDYWILDMAN Jul 2022 #78
Speechless. Brainfodder Jul 2022 #80
Did Carl Spackler do the interment? LudwigPastorius Jul 2022 #81
Beat me to it! IrishAfricanAmerican Jul 2022 #84
what are the other square patches of dry grass next to her grave? IcyPeas Jul 2022 #85
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