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14. Especially with the burial site being at a golf course,
Sun Jul 31, 2022, 07:49 AM
Jul 2022

he had plenty of places to dig up some nice sod, at no cost.

Normal people with money have a family plot or memorial... TreasonousBastard Jul 2022 #1
Yes. And AKwannabe Jul 2022 #9
Normal people without money, gab13by13 Jul 2022 #13
My Mom pre-paid for her funeral Novara Jul 2022 #35
WHAT - are you saying Trump is a low life? Laf.La.Dem. Jul 2022 #2
Seriously doubt North Shore Chicago Jul 2022 #3
Are we sure there's really a body there? Aviation Pro Jul 2022 #4
Priceless. twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #6
Ha ha ha nt LittleGirl Jul 2022 #10
Only in the daytime? ret5hd Jul 2022 #16
What's the FLA law? PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #5
Ivana was (allegedly) buried in NJ PJMcK Jul 2022 #17
I'm looking to the future PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #19
Yeah, why isn't he dead yet PJMcK Jul 2022 #20
In my past foray into golf PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #25
I don't believe Ivana is actually buried there, after all she was cremated Meadowoak Jul 2022 #27
Maybe Melanaria will bury Trump next to Ivana. twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #7
It looks like there's already another gravesite COL Mustard Jul 2022 #23
I'm in. When does the peeing start? twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #33
What's more telling to me is that her kids let him do it. Afrocat Jul 2022 #8
If this were legal other corporations would have done it long ago bucolic_frolic Jul 2022 #11
You'd think for all the benefits he would have shelled out for a lousy roll Vinca Jul 2022 #12
Especially with the burial site being at a golf course, gab13by13 Jul 2022 #14
He was already receiving a tax break because he claimed it was a farm providing mulch Aerator Jul 2022 #15
I sort of recall that he had to designate an actual section Historic NY Jul 2022 #18
I kind of doubt Ivana is the only person buried at... Hugin Jul 2022 #21
what happens when.... ShepKat Jul 2022 #22
Ivana is buried at Bedminster, NJ. Hugin Jul 2022 #24
ok... ShepKat Jul 2022 #28
It looks like this may be the reason she's buried there. Hugin Jul 2022 #29
This is exactly why Trump needs to testify in front of a grand jury Mr. Ected Jul 2022 #26
Not so fast, Donny boy. N.J. has laws for cemeteries. 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #30
i hope ivanka haunts the shit out of them samnsara Jul 2022 #31
Yeah. Don't you wish there really were ghos -- yeah, he does have The Ghoul as his lawyer. 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #32
Sick. Baitball Blogger Jul 2022 #34
I don't really understand why an ex-spouse would be responsible for your burial plot. Wingus Dingus Jul 2022 #36
Is there any law about playing golf in a cemetery? JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2022 #37
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