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Tue Oct 18, 2022, 07:21 AM Oct 2022

New questions raised over how Trump's Mar-a-Lago case ended up in the hands of Judge Aileen Cannon [View all]


According to a report from the Daily Beast's Jose Pagliery, more and more legal experts and observers are questioning the sequence of unusual events that led to Donald Trump's legal battle with the Department of Justice over the search and seizure of government documents he took with him to his Mar-a-Lago resort ended up under the watchful eye of one his hand-picked federal judges.

Since the day U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida was handed the case filed by the former president's lawyers, she has issued a series of pro-Trump rulings that have baffled -- and enraged -- legal scholars.

The DOJ, for its part, has been busy running to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atalanta, which has consistently either overruled her or issued stays favorable to the government as investigators ponder Espionage Act or obstruction charges.

According to Pagleiry, recent information on how the suit was filed, far from Palm Beach where Trump lives, has led to more scrutiny of how Trump's people gamed the system.

"When Donald Trump’s legal team filed their court paperwork protesting the Mar-a-Lago raid, a lawyer took the rare step of actually filing the paperwork in person. At a courthouse 44 miles from Mar-a-Lago. And they got a judge to oversee the case that was outside both West Palm Beach—where the raid took place—and the district where they filed," the Daily Beast reporter wrote. "Those incredible coincidences have led lawyers and legal experts to suggest that something may not be above board with how Trump’s team filed their lawsuit."
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Yet when someone posted here that Trump "judge shopped," gab13by13 Oct 2022 #1
People are constantly surprised at Trump's brazen levels of corruption. yardwork Oct 2022 #10
Very suspicious! I agree. So it's not illegal to do what they did? Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2022 #18
Not everyone, just those who can afford it and have connections. NullTuples Oct 2022 #39
It was so obviously judged shopped from the beginning Farmer-Rick Oct 2022 #20
I remember that as well. You are absolutely correct. Handler Oct 2022 #27
Yes of course. The most important thing is that we dare not question The System. Orrex Oct 2022 #28
Well, that's sad. Corgigal Oct 2022 #35
Nothing concerning tRump is "above board." InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2022 #2
Disbarment yankee87 Oct 2022 #3
Should be done NOW! MyOwnPeace Oct 2022 #12
I hadn't heard the phrase 'judge shopping' before. 70sEraVet Oct 2022 #4
There are those in every profession who can be bought dlk Oct 2022 #7
Yes :(. Although average Americans don't either donate Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2022 #21
it requires azureblue Oct 2022 #22
the more common term is "venue shopping" but essentially it's the same thing. eggplant Oct 2022 #40
Kick dalton99a Oct 2022 #5
Good. AND that the DoJ is asking that her original decision be vacated. Hortensis Oct 2022 #6
"Something may not be above board." Scrivener7 Oct 2022 #8
DOJ has issues. gab13by13 Oct 2022 #9
No criticism from me. yardwork Oct 2022 #11
I agree with all of it. Scrivener7 Oct 2022 #13
The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Boomerproud Oct 2022 #17
Interesting. So it's HER fault for accepting claim Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2022 #23
No, the criticism is about the process, gab13by13 Oct 2022 #24
If she exceeded her authority Lithos Oct 2022 #41
When you say Cannon was "farthest" away from PBC, Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2022 #30
g13b13!!!! How could you???? rubbersole Oct 2022 #38
What a fucking joke. Trump has never done anything above board in his life. Scalded Nun Oct 2022 #14
Ahh...Duh! That's obvious to our non-legal minds, it ain't rocket science to figure it out ashredux Oct 2022 #15
The USA nowforever Oct 2022 #16
Thank you captain obvious. Ray Bruns Oct 2022 #19
I'm guessing almost no one commenting here read the Daily Beast story all the way through onenote Oct 2022 #25
Why bring facts into a great bashing thread? MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2022 #26
Good on the Daily Beast, gab13by13 Oct 2022 #29
Yep that's the article. The one that acknowledges, at the very end, onenote Oct 2022 #32
It's a way of The Wizard Oct 2022 #31
DJT cheating? Dyedinthewoolliberal Oct 2022 #33
Judge on a leash. Woof. twodogsbarking Oct 2022 #34
As an aside.....Aileen Cannon is very creepy looking LiberalLovinLug Oct 2022 #36
Something Trump-related may not have been above board? BWdem4life Oct 2022 #37
I have a nit to pick with the author of this article. ShazzieB Oct 2022 #42
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