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Tue Nov 6, 2012, 01:57 PM Nov 2012

Good news from People For the American Way re: Tea Party voter suppression in OH & PA [View all]

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Just got this in an email from them:

We're getting reports in from our people on the ground in Ohio and Pennsylvania that "poll observers" from True the Vote -- the Tea Party group set up to intimidate voters and challenge (mostly minority) voters' right to vote at the polls -- are being barred from polling places across the states, thanks to the good work of fair elections advocates and lawyers!

(And I'm just adding this note kind of late, but if you're not familiar with PFAW, their name sounds like a right-wing organization (or at least it does to me), but their motto is something like 'Fighting the Far Right". I've contributed to them for several years).

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Go Vote NOW. Report it here. gottavote Nov 2012 #1
? I voted on the first early voting day here. codjh9 Nov 2012 #4
People need to stop amuse bouche Nov 2012 #40
I agree ... plus I don't think we need dozens of 'I voted' posts unless there's something codjh9 Nov 2012 #49
People need to stop AlbertCat Nov 2012 #56
All this go vote is preaching to the choir and a lame attempt to show "political correctness". xtraxritical Nov 2012 #72
Glad you're excited... defacto7 Nov 2012 #52
We're supposed to take orders from someone that wasn't even post their photo? AAO Nov 2012 #54
Maybe you'll notice that none of the posters avatars are showing. xtraxritical Nov 2012 #74
Excellent malaise Nov 2012 #2
Yeah! In your face voice of the Koch brothers! RedCloud Nov 2012 #3
I just figured it out!!! Romney and Ryan are Kochsuckers!!! :^) codjh9 Nov 2012 #50
kickin' this shit to the top baby titaniumsalute Nov 2012 #5
Good ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2012 #6
I got the same E-mail too Left Coast2020 Nov 2012 #47
It's the same in outback Ohio toby jo Nov 2012 #57
EXCELLENT NEWS! Finally, decency prevails. rivegauche Nov 2012 #7
Celebrate by doing more GOTV. Call, post, explain, stay positive. GOTV gottavote Nov 2012 #44
Great to hear flamingdem Nov 2012 #8
Very good to hear!! SaveAmerica Nov 2012 #9
DUrec and kick for high visibility. longship Nov 2012 #10
Slapped down and sent home !!!.....Criminal Bastards !! RagAss Nov 2012 #11
Good news! BouzoukiKing Nov 2012 #12
True This,Koch Bro's! Rain Mcloud Nov 2012 #13
But how could it have ever been any different from that? BlueStreak Nov 2012 #14
It's a time-honored Republican tradition. SheilaT Nov 2012 #27
Really? I would have thought there would be laws against that. BlueStreak Nov 2012 #51
Keep in mind, that Rehnquist was doing that back in the 1950's. SheilaT Nov 2012 #55
There are definitely some national standards needed for our elections BlueStreak Nov 2012 #58
Good. No place for GOP goons at the polls! nt SunSeeker Nov 2012 #15
That's good to hear. bearssoapbox Nov 2012 #16
Welcome to DU, bearssoapbox! calimary Nov 2012 #26
Good post! Welcome to DU. DocMac Nov 2012 #30
"Dog-on-Roof" LTR Nov 2012 #32
good to hear bongbong Nov 2012 #17
True the vote were caught with false signatures on poll wather forms kmlisle Nov 2012 #18
Yes, it was a HUGE forgery of signatures near the top. progressivebydesign Nov 2012 #23
Let's hope prosecutors, especially Republican prosecutors, Ilsa Nov 2012 #45
Great News !!! WillyT Nov 2012 #19
Thank you, very good to know that the liberalhistorian Nov 2012 #20
Does that mean we can finally punch them in the face? mindwalker_i Nov 2012 #21
Music to my ears! City Lights Nov 2012 #22
excellent samsingh Nov 2012 #24
I voted this morning in PA in a heavily minority precinct drm604 Nov 2012 #25
They're too afraid to go into minority neighborhoods LTR Nov 2012 #33
I thought that was their whole point in existing. drm604 Nov 2012 #34
They talk a good fight Alcibiades Nov 2012 #59
Was the turnout good in your precinct? democrattotheend Nov 2012 #37
There were maybe 25 or 30 people ahead of me at around 8:00 am this morning. drm604 Nov 2012 #38
K&R DocMac Nov 2012 #28
Kick! sarcasmo Nov 2012 #29
now that is reassuring Douglas Carpenter Nov 2012 #31
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2012 #35
PFAW is a wonderful liberal group protecting American rights. Aristus Nov 2012 #36
PFAW? Great organization founded by Norman Lear, Barbara Jordan and others.... tpsbmam Nov 2012 #39
GOOD! Bearheim Nov 2012 #41
Thanks codjh.. I've noticed their name before in context Cha Nov 2012 #42
The man at the church voting place RiskWrangler Nov 2012 #43
Finally, some decency! ChaoticTrilby Nov 2012 #46
They were caught forging signatures. drm604 Nov 2012 #63
Apologies. ChaoticTrilby Nov 2012 #64
No apology is necessary. I wasn't correcting you. drm604 Nov 2012 #65
True, true. ChaoticTrilby Nov 2012 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author Duval Nov 2012 #48
Kickin it! defacto7 Nov 2012 #53
KICK. That is all. NT Grown2Hate Nov 2012 #60
People for the American Way was founded by acotr Ed Asner, among others Jack Rabbit Nov 2012 #61
There were two at my polling place. They were sitting down and keeping the fuck shut up. bluestate10 Nov 2012 #62
Unfortunately, they still seem to be "operating" in Florida polls. whathehell Nov 2012 #67
I think this is a progressive organization at least partially founded by Normal Lear. 6000eliot Nov 2012 #68
I think that's true - just forgot that when I was writing a sentence or two about PFAW. codjh9 Nov 2012 #69
Good! I know when I volunteered for Election Protection in 2004 we had a 150 foot perimeter... Up2Late Nov 2012 #70
I hope..they are able to convict some of them....but at least they were stopped Tippy Nov 2012 #71
FUCK the tealiban. Fire Walk With Me Nov 2012 #73
Saw on the news today that a judge stepped in somewhere in Pittsburgh area Ruby the Liberal Nov 2012 #75
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