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Fri Nov 25, 2022, 12:45 AM Nov 2022

Has The Time Come To Forgive The MAGA Republicans In Your Life? [View all]

While you’re thinking about forgiving your MAGA relative, they’re thinking about Great Replacement Theory, QAnon’s new Blood Libel, and how many people need to be publicly executed to “save America.”


This Thanksgiving, you may find your Republican relatives somewhat grumpier than usual. To be fair, they have an awful lot not to be thankful for. They blew their shot at retaking the Senate. They lost almost every single governor’s race. Democrats flipped multiple state legislative chambers while Republicans flipped none. Even the usually ignored Secretary of State races went badly for Republicans and they were really counting on those to, ahem, “protect the vote” in the 2024 presidential election. As they wallow in bitterness and misery, you, a liberal filled with empathy and compassion, might feel the urge to feel bad for them. Stop that. Do not spare an ounce of pity for the Republicans in your life.

F*ck your feelings

I’m going to skip right past the, “They would have been god-awful to you if they’d won” part. This is true, but irrelevant. I’m not saying you can’t be petty, lord knows I am the Mayor of Pettysville, but the absolute contempt you should still have for the MAGA Republicans in your life goes well beyond that. This is, and will always be, about what they are, right now, trying to do to this nation, even if it’s not going so well at the moment. When you sit down at Thanksgiving to pass the gravy to your MAGA relative, never forget that this is not someone who made a simple error in judgment. They didn’t vote for Republican economic policies. Republicans do not have a coherent economic policy beyond “Give more money to billionaires.” They didn’t vote for Republican foreign policy. Republicans do not have a coherent foreign policy beyond “China bad, Russia good, do the opposite of what Democrats say.”

The scowling Republicans breaking bread with you voted for the sweet sweet bigotry and hate they crave. Hate for Latinos. Hate for Blacks. Hate for women. Hate for Jews. Hate for the LGBTQ community. They knew what they were doing and they have spent the last seven years escalating that hate. There were countless off-ramps. When Trump banned Muslims, your MAGA relatives could have walked away. But they didn’t. When Trump tortured children, they could have walked away. But they didn’t. When Republicans staged a violent coup. When they stripped women of their rights. When they went all-in on fascism. When they openly embraced virulent anti-Semitism. At any time, MAGA Republicans could have walked away and instead chose to cling ever more tightly to their party of horrors. Do not forgive them. Have some wine if you need help getting in the right mood.

Why forgiveness is dangerous

I, personally, hold grudges pretty much forever. It’s in the DNA of the Rosario clan. But this is not about holding a grudge any more than it is about being petty. Forgiving Republicans is an extremely bad idea on a practical level, not least because they rely on it. One of our greatest strengths as human beings is our ability to adapt to any and all circumstances. This is why you can find people living in the most inhospitable environments on Earth, all the way from scorching deserts to frozen tundras. In the same vein, we’re capable of mentally adapting to extreme events, as well. War, brutal poverty, natural disasters, massive social upheaval, etc. We recoil, adapt, and then keep going. Humans have been doing this since we climbed down from the trees. That ability to adapt is also a tremendous weakness, one often exploited by authoritarians just like Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It has allowed them to wage an almost constant war against democracy and civil society for generations with few consequences.


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No. roamer65 Nov 2022 #1
Nope. I know a couple of people who were at January 6th. Initech Nov 2022 #2
No Bettie Nov 2022 #3
My Thanksgiving celebrations have been so joyful ever since I quit engaging The Polack MSgt Nov 2022 #4
No - and never. NewHendoLib Nov 2022 #5
NEVER Meadowoak Nov 2022 #6
Fuck no. Iggo Nov 2022 #7
See, I've thought a lot about this. But here's the thing... SKKY Nov 2022 #8
Good stuff. I especially like your last sentence. brush Nov 2022 #13
There are a lot of reasons for why I am who I am... SKKY Nov 2022 #16
Thanks, Skky. Quite an interesting background. brush Nov 2022 #17
a very convenient off-ramp for me to avoid many on that side of my family HAB911 Nov 2022 #50
It depends a lot on how they're behaving now. Jedi Guy Nov 2022 #9
I'm with you, very leery of repub motives. Good post. brush Nov 2022 #11
Great rant. It's filled with choice sentences and... brush Nov 2022 #10
I did not write it, Justin Rosario did. You are correct, no holiday yesterday, but we now do Celerity Nov 2022 #15
mb mentioned it b4 to you, husband's heritage was Swedish. sprinkleeninow Nov 2022 #25
Yes, I think I recall that. Celerity Nov 2022 #28
OK. Goteburg now on my list of places for running away from home to. sprinkleeninow Nov 2022 #30
Lutefisk, whilst eaten here, is more of a Norwegian thing. The really famous (and truly horrific Celerity Nov 2022 #38
Looks like a can of bait, to me. If it smells as bad as you describe, it's good catfish bait. Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2022 #56
Nope no forgiveness its beyond ignorace I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2022 #12
Not a chance Demanchor Nov 2022 #14
For supporting a lying, grifting, Dotard who topped his term with treason. argyl Nov 2022 #18
oh no I hope the shit stain ass whipes gopiscrap Nov 2022 #19
They are burning the bridges, and are happy to do so. Bristlecone Nov 2022 #20
The loss of our ability to work together as friends, neighbors and communities is unforgivable.... KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2022 #21
Here is the video ... aggiesal Nov 2022 #22
Yikes, that was intense! ShazzieB Nov 2022 #32
Was it real? Iris Nov 2022 #34
It appears real n/t aggiesal Nov 2022 #36
It is actors, The Psycho Kid and Family Celerity Nov 2022 #41
Thanks aggiesal Nov 2022 #54
Well, they are VERY good! ShazzieB Nov 2022 #69
Fortunately I had no family to sit and listen to while having dinner YoshidaYui Nov 2022 #23
Never has an American president changed my life like Trump has Woodswalker Nov 2022 #24
They're in our midst all over the place. sprinkleeninow Nov 2022 #27
I think people can change, but they have to WANT to. ShazzieB Nov 2022 #33
I'm not sure Woodswalker Nov 2022 #52
Yeah, SOME people are not going to change, ever. ShazzieB Nov 2022 #68
This kind of forgiveness has to be earned. calimary Nov 2022 #26
Thank God, I never had any ailsagirl Nov 2022 #29
Forgive them? Sure. I can forgive ignorance, stupidity, etc. Xolodno Nov 2022 #31
I wonder what that YouTube video has to do with MAGA. betsuni Nov 2022 #35
It's actors, and is from before Trump was POTUS, see post 41 Celerity Nov 2022 #42
Yes I know. Wondering why the author included it. betsuni Nov 2022 #43
It's a famous meme of familial conflict. That would be my guess. Celerity Nov 2022 #44
Out of the question DFW Nov 2022 #37
Have my relatives said they are sorry? Captain Zero Nov 2022 #39
I'll never forgive them! That joke they pulled against the United States when Emile Nov 2022 #40
I might forgive them after they complete cult deprogramming, Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2022 #45
Why is this even being asked? Whether religious or not, doesn't "forgiveness" require hlthe2b Nov 2022 #46
I don't John Ludi Nov 2022 #47
I would need to know that they wanted forgiveness - which is never going to happen. n/t patricia92243 Nov 2022 #48
I;m happy I clicked, I resisted at first because the header seemed to be an opening aruement msfiddlestix Nov 2022 #49
Most are dead to me. gibraltar72 Nov 2022 #51
It's not a matter of forgiveness ismnotwasm Nov 2022 #53
This is how I did not forgive a 50 plus year friend who turned MAGA slater71 Nov 2022 #55
At TG dinner last night... Pluvious Nov 2022 #57
Yes I saw a post a old friend Tree Lady Nov 2022 #58
To keep my sanity and support my SO... Pluvious Nov 2022 #63
My husband was told Democrats are Satanists. Lars39 Nov 2022 #60
Wow, that's pretty intriguing (nt) Pluvious Nov 2022 #62
AND ironically, you can "forgive" without condoning behavior. TigressDem Nov 2022 #65
Never EVER forgive them. NEVER. Paladin Nov 2022 #59
MAGATs are absolutely unforgivable. Niagara Nov 2022 #61
Not exactly "forgive" more HOPE they finally remove head from elephant's butt. TigressDem Nov 2022 #64
The time has come to FORGET any Republicans in your life. NameAlreadyTaken Nov 2022 #66
hard pass ZonkerHarris Nov 2022 #67
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