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I am rooting for the US. No one in the world stage is unaware of what is happening in Iran, and JohnSJ Nov 2022 #1
+1. The Iranian team has already made their point Takket Nov 2022 #26
Not a fan of this particular sport. Honestly don't see how people can watch the whole game Walleye Nov 2022 #2
most popular sport in the world, two 45 minute halves with no commercial breaks is a strain ZonkerHarris Nov 2022 #30
The NFL is the most kairos12 Nov 2022 #50
And lots of expensive equipment Walleye Nov 2022 #98
Just me but I hate soccer more than any sport Tribetime Nov 2022 #55
Well it was a good game, I was chewing my fingernails Walleye Nov 2022 #80
Dominating 1-0 ??? MichMan Nov 2022 #92
They had possession most of the time in the first half Walleye Nov 2022 #97
Tides change quickly sarisataka Nov 2022 #3
Rooting for the US team. And rooting for the protesters in Iran. emulatorloo Nov 2022 #4
Yesterday's press conference... jcgoldie Nov 2022 #5
+++ emulatorloo Nov 2022 #6
The Iranian press is the equivalent of Fox "news." Cyrano Nov 2022 #8
Tyler Adams ✅👍🇺🇸 underpants Nov 2022 #22
He was really classy jcgoldie Nov 2022 #29
At least he learned how to pronounce Iran. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #45
It was a stupid criticism jcgoldie Nov 2022 #86
I didn't think it was stupid, but I agree that his response was humble and yes, classy. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #96
I cheer on CONCACAF teams malaise Nov 2022 #7
I never root against my own country. Wingus Dingus Nov 2022 #9
Nor I, although I can imagine circumstances... Shrike47 Nov 2022 #10
It's a fucking soccer game Cyrano Nov 2022 #11
Lighten up. Everyone at DU supports the Iranian people and protesters. It is not DU's fault that emulatorloo Nov 2022 #12
You're right. I assumed that many DUers knew Cyrano Nov 2022 #14
Clearly DU does indeed know what is going on in Iran w the egregious crackdown on protesters. emulatorloo Nov 2022 #19
Too bad an Iranian reporter decided to a lecture some "ignorant African American"... BradAllison Nov 2022 #64
I don't like nor care about soccer. But I can never find it in my heart Wingus Dingus Nov 2022 #13
There really isn't. Takket Nov 2022 #27
.... MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #28
Wow 48656c6c6f20 Nov 2022 #33
Nahhh, if it bothers you that much, I'm enjoying it. BradAllison Nov 2022 #62
I don't either. GO USA! 🇺🇸 underpants Nov 2022 #21
Especially in soccer. Dr. Strange Nov 2022 #31
Well, I have a dual citizenship, so usually I'm rooting against one of them lol. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #49
I wonder if any of the Iranian team Mr.Bill Nov 2022 #15
Most have families in Iran. And they are the ones who will pay the price. Cyrano Nov 2022 #16
Of the 25 members of the Iranian team sarisataka Nov 2022 #18
Thanks for the clarification! emulatorloo Nov 2022 #20
I like the games as well as the Olympics. The human interest stories are interesting. Marcus IM Nov 2022 #17
Spoiler malaise Nov 2022 #23
Hope so! USA for the win! jimfields33 Nov 2022 #37
Yeah, ummm, NO!!! MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #24
What? Oh no. Sunsky Nov 2022 #25
Let me tell you what disappoints me about this thread Cyrano Nov 2022 #32
We can chew gum and walk at the same time, MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #35
You seem shocked. Marcus IM Nov 2022 #40
Not shocked. Disappointed. Cyrano Nov 2022 #48
Yep. n/t Marcus IM Nov 2022 #52
Republican "patriotism"? MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #53
Don't let Republicans hog patriotism treestar Nov 2022 #90
Cheering for the US Soccer team is Republican patriotism? Ace Rothstein Nov 2022 #91
What does "Democratic Patriotism" look like? Wingus Dingus Nov 2022 #100
The US doesn't give a flying fuck about democracy in Iran or malaise Nov 2022 #47
What is Jamaica's stance on these issues? BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #70
Let me see malaise Nov 2022 #74
One of the main reasons Iran is as it is now is the US. Operation Ajax, the 1953 CIA coup against Celerity Nov 2022 #101
THIS malaise Nov 2022 #103
I agree. H2O Man Nov 2022 #95
What's funny is that on any given day I can sign on to DU and see a dozen threads about how many BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #54
Not me. MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #56
Absolutely. I know that about you. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #66
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #68
You could include yourself in that if you were honest. BradAllison Nov 2022 #60
I haven't equivocated one little bit about that. Ok, Brad? BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #65
That's not true at all, MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #71
Thank you for that. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #77
That doesn't mean they want to root for Iran treestar Nov 2022 #76
Well yeah, I gotta give you that! BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #78
I had the pleasure of visiting Iran while in the Marines back in the early '70's, MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #81
What's going to happen to the Iranian team? sarisataka Nov 2022 #57
Counterpoint: TheProle Nov 2022 #75
Yes, they were put on notice sarisataka Nov 2022 #85
Dude, your "edgy" take didn't work out for you BradAllison Nov 2022 #59
Wow, really? Can't just respectfully disagree with the OP? BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #67
Reporting already? BradAllison Nov 2022 #69
Lol, I haven't reported a thing dearest. BlackSkimmer Nov 2022 #72
Having empathy for the country doesn't mean you need to treestar Nov 2022 #87
If they've been spreading the message and not singing the anthem nini Nov 2022 #34
Yeah, But! They're willing to take the risk to spread the word Cyrano Nov 2022 #39
I would and did in my own way. MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #41
I agree with that and admire them for it nini Nov 2022 #42
Travesty! I'd never root against America ever. Even in a stupid game. jimfields33 Nov 2022 #36
I guess your thread wasn't as popular as you thought it would be. MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #38
Kick. Marcus IM Nov 2022 #44
The Iranian team can still defect even if they lose to the USA FakeNoose Nov 2022 #43
I want the USA to beat Iran 10-0 Locutusofborg Nov 2022 #46
what does winning the match have to do with it? treestar Nov 2022 #51
Fuck Iran BradAllison Nov 2022 #58
Honestly, the US isn't going to win the World Cup... Tommy Carcetti Nov 2022 #61
Probably Brazil or France BradAllison Nov 2022 #63
That being said... Tommy Carcetti Nov 2022 #84
I don't understand the game. OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2022 #88
It's simple... brooklynite Nov 2022 #93
The Iranian players were barely mouthing their national anthem today. Ilsa Nov 2022 #73
USA wins! Mossfern Nov 2022 #79
Spoiler malaise Nov 2022 #82
USA Wins!!! 1 - 0 beaglelover Nov 2022 #83
Good riddance to Iran. brooklynite Nov 2022 #89
What an ill-informed post Tarc Nov 2022 #94
it's the World Cup the US just advanced in, FIFA is simply the global footballing governing body Celerity Nov 2022 #99
Pulisic has four days to recover. brooklynite Nov 2022 #102
He has an abdominal injury and is getting scans. If he tore a muscle he is done for the WC, and Celerity Nov 2022 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Nov 2022 #105
President Biden disagrees... brooklynite Nov 2022 #106
See: Anti-regime Iranians celebrate World Cup exit to US in solidarity with protests muriel_volestrangler Nov 2022 #107
This is a significant misreading of the situation. Renew Deal Nov 2022 #108
You got 1 rec on your thread, MarineCombatEngineer Nov 2022 #109
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