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Crunchy Frog

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41. He's arguably the one most responsible for this whole mess.
Wed Dec 7, 2022, 09:13 PM
Dec 2022

The economic genius who advised early post Soviet Russia on economic "reforms", i.e, "shock treatment", mass privatization. This led to hyperinflation, mass poverty and economic chaos, and privatization through mass theft.

As we know from history, the combination of national humiliation (loss of empire) with economic collapse, acts as rocket fuel for the rise of fascism.

Sachs has now emerged as a prominent Covid conspiracy theorist. He is big on pushing both Chinese and Russian propaganda and talking points, including blaming the US for Russia's war on Ukraine.

An interesting link on him.


Tankies gonna tank AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2022 #1
What's 'tankie'? cbabe Dec 2022 #2
Someone who is "in the tank" of a vehicle for an agenda. haele Dec 2022 #4
So, Sachs is shouting out Russian propaganda and DN fell for it? cbabe Dec 2022 #6
Democracy Now hasn't exactly been too discerning so far AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2022 #8
What term would you suggest? Or is this DN bias I hadn't recognized in the past? cbabe Dec 2022 #10
Democracy Now is pro-Putin. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #30
Wouldn't be the first time an "anti-Western imperialist" critic chooses.... haele Dec 2022 #13
So Sachs is anti western imperialist who wants us to 'all just get along'? cbabe Dec 2022 #15
May be. US Media is a strange animal. haele Dec 2022 #23
FWIW, Sachs is a Global Economist, like Friedman. haele Dec 2022 #24
It dates back to supporting Soviet tanks in Hungary. Now it refers to uncritical support of the USSR WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2022 #19
It's from the Soviet Union sending tanks into Czechoslovakia, I believe. yardwork Dec 2022 #37
tankie refers to the Soviet tanks used to defeat the 1956 Hungarian Revolution & the 1968 Prague Celerity Dec 2022 #38
The negotiated settlement is: "Russia, get out of our country, or we'll keep kicking your asses!" Aristus Dec 2022 #3
My name is Inigo Montoya. Tetrachloride Dec 2022 #5
Who? cbabe Dec 2022 #7
Well Played! (nt) ProfessorGAC Dec 2022 #33
Laugh out loud! yardwork Dec 2022 #39
Big Sanders Backer In 2016 Me. Dec 2022 #9
Yes. The judgement of a man who supported taking the Hortensis Dec 2022 #42
... Me. Dec 2022 #45
Jeffrey Sachs is part of the reason Russia is the way it is now so uh WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2022 #11
Please explain in more depth. Is Sachs another Russian stooge or what? How does he enable Russia? Ed cbabe Dec 2022 #14
He's an economist whose neoliberal "shock therapy" economic policy put post-USSR Russia into its WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2022 #16
Ah! Thanks! Why is he even on DN?! cbabe Dec 2022 #17
Because he chimes in on things like the Green New Deal while also flirting with bizarre WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2022 #20
Well, I'm fast losing all respect for DN. Sad. cbabe Dec 2022 #21
Because Sachs fits the DN narrative. Just A Box Of Rain Dec 2022 #31
but all wars DO end with negotiation GenXer47 Dec 2022 #12
How did the Allies negotiate with Berlin or Tokyo? Irish_Dem Dec 2022 #25
Right. Unconditional surrender was required. Hortensis Dec 2022 #43
While a negotiated end may be the only real way to end it, Russia's positions preclude it karynnj Dec 2022 #18
Russia is now a designated terror 'organization'. And the cbabe Dec 2022 #22
Even Russia interpreted Biden's condition to mean they leave Ukraine karynnj Dec 2022 #29
How do you negotiate with a known liar and cheat? Irish_Dem Dec 2022 #26
To Be Determined: A party Russia will negotiate with gratuitous Dec 2022 #27
Sachs suggested Turkey as the mediator. cbabe Dec 2022 #28
Right. yardwork Dec 2022 #40
Considering how well Turkey has treated its minorities, especially, but not just, the Kurds DFW Dec 2022 #46
Yes. Solidifys my dislike/distrust of Sachs. cbabe Dec 2022 #48
If you listen to Russia's state-backed propagandists and Putin, Emrys Dec 2022 #32
Fuck that shit. n/t Coventina Dec 2022 #34
His shock therapy is what led major Russian industries into the hands of the oligarchs. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2022 #35
Fine. There can be talks when Ukraine is ready for it. We'll support them the whole way. Amishman Dec 2022 #36
He's arguably the one most responsible for this whole mess. Crunchy Frog Dec 2022 #41
Appeasement of a power bent on hegemony? Hortensis Dec 2022 #44
THOSE are his "four major issues?" DFW Dec 2022 #47
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