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Need prayers. [View all] onecaliberal Dec 2022 OP
Sending good vibes I will be thinking about you. Hope it is a very mild case Walleye Dec 2022 #1
Sending healing thoughts right away.... Karadeniz Dec 2022 #2
Sending hugs and vibes for best possible outcome. May you both be safe. niyad Dec 2022 #3
Ty 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Dec 2022 #83
Best vibes Faux pas Dec 2022 #4
Load him up on Vit D, C and Zinc. We'll send the good vibes your way. Maraya1969 Dec 2022 #5
You're BeerBarrelPolka Dec 2022 #6
Get a home test, get paxlovid if needed, he'll be OK. Ocelot II Dec 2022 #7
We have home tests and tested negative last night and today. Will test again tomorrow. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #60
Now they are saying to swab your throat & cheeks too womanofthehills Dec 2022 #71
There is a very nasty virus going around peggysue2 Dec 2022 #72
Oh man. MontanaMama Dec 2022 #8
Oh my! chillfactor Dec 2022 #9
Sending... 2naSalit Dec 2022 #10
♥️...K&R...♥️ spanone Dec 2022 #11
... Nevilledog Dec 2022 #12
Good wishes for a mild case, if it is indeed Covid. NNadir Dec 2022 #13
Great big positive vibes. Lefta Dissenter Dec 2022 #14
Healing vibes on the way! 💓💓💓 SheltieLover Dec 2022 #15
Best wishes and hugs to all who were exposed from the Bluegrass State. KY_EnviroGuy Dec 2022 #16
You and your family will be in prayers LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2022 #17
Get him.. and you.... Mustellus Dec 2022 #18
We have a phone apt tomorrow and will get him on it. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #39
A bad flu going around too IbogaProject Dec 2022 #49
We got the flu vaccine in September. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #55
Flu vax isn't as good as COVID ones IbogaProject Dec 2022 #57
I second this. Felt much better after starting Paxlovid. AllyCat Dec 2022 #96
If he is fully boosted, modern science will protect his health. Sky Jewels Dec 2022 #19
Yes, we are fully boosted. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #40
Excellent! Sky Jewels Dec 2022 #84
Better than a prayer mercuryblues Dec 2022 #20
Im so sorry. Prayer said. hamsterjill Dec 2022 #21
I pray sprinkleeninow Dec 2022 #22
Beautiful prayer. colorado_ufo Dec 2022 #26
Thank you. 🫶🏻 onecaliberal Dec 2022 #62
Beautiful, healing thoughts. calimary Dec 2022 #105
Oh no! LeftInTX Dec 2022 #23
If you're on DU, I'm betting you and your husband are vaxxed and boosted, which is excellent. LaMouffette Dec 2022 #24
Prayed for you & hubby. Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #25
You're in my thoughts. Please keep us updated. Evolve Dammit Dec 2022 #27
Absolutely tavernier Dec 2022 #28
🫶 blm Dec 2022 #29
I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope22 Dec 2022 #30
Can you get an appt with a dr. so he can get paxlovid? femmedem Dec 2022 #31
I second that suggestion. n/t 1WorldHope Dec 2022 #36
We have a phone apt at 1:30. The city is overwhelmed with COVID. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #63
I'm glad to hear you were able to get an appointment. femmedem Dec 2022 #77
I will never forgive myself for trusting these people. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #79
This message was self-deleted by its author Hope22 Dec 2022 #32
Sent up a prayer for you and your hubby. iluvtennis Dec 2022 #33
If you're vaxxed and boosted Warpy Dec 2022 #34
Long COVID is not "nuisance and inconvenience and nothing worse" Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #42
I hope you're feeling better these days. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #69
Mostly. Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #76
I monitor him even when this isn't happening. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #80
A friend who has had two fairly mild (non-hospital) bouts of covid (one pre- niyad Dec 2022 #85
I think there are multiple forms of it Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #86
Yale & Mt Sinai are studying the blood of those with Long Covid womanofthehills Dec 2022 #110
Hang in there! kooth Dec 2022 #35
How are you guys feeling? onecaliberal Dec 2022 #67
Right away - cilla4progress Dec 2022 #37
Wishing bdamomma Dec 2022 #38
Prayers & hugs right now. Please get Paxlovid asap... Hekate Dec 2022 #41
Agree!!! nt pazzyanne Dec 2022 #52
We're trying to get it. Hope you're on the mend. 🫶🏻 onecaliberal Dec 2022 #70
Yes I am on the mend at last. Thank you so much for asking. 💕💕 Hekate Dec 2022 #115
Holding you and your husband in the Light, for strength, resilience, healing, and serenity. n/t TygrBright Dec 2022 #43
If he qualifies medically, (decent kidney #'s) GET WORKING ON ANTIVIRALS NOW. Maru Kitteh Dec 2022 #44
I'm so sorry XanaDUer2 Dec 2022 #45
"....with liberty and Covid, for all." 70sEraVet Dec 2022 #46
I'm so sorry. Chellee Dec 2022 #47
So sorry, onecaliveral Quakerfriend Dec 2022 #48
Peace and strength to you and your husband Uncle Joe Dec 2022 #50
All the best.. hoping for a swift recovery. mountain grammy Dec 2022 #51
Is it ok for me to ask if your were wearing masks? Peregrine Took Dec 2022 #53
Not at dinner Hekate Dec 2022 #64
We could not mask for dinner. None of them were masked. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #68
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 2022 #54
All the best. irisblue Dec 2022 #56
onecaliberal............. Upthevibe Dec 2022 #58
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2022 #59
Peace and everlasting strength to you. kairos12 Dec 2022 #61
Adding my prayers and positive vibes. I'm so sorry you have this worry now. highplainsdem Dec 2022 #65
Wishing you strength and health. usonian Dec 2022 #66
Thank you. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #88
Got it! myohmy2 Dec 2022 #73
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Chicagogrl1 Dec 2022 #74
Sending healing vibes. Bluethroughu Dec 2022 #75
A quick, and full recovery from that preferably mild or a anythng else! electric_blue68 Dec 2022 #78
Hope you are well. My 91 year old dad escaped and did not contract it when my family was exposed jimlup Dec 2022 #81
Prayers and best wishes sent nightwing1240 Dec 2022 #82
I'm... JoeOtterbein Dec 2022 #87
Omg... sending healing vibes BlueWaveNeverEnd Dec 2022 #89
Sorry... that is terrible Meowmee Dec 2022 #90
I always wear an N95 mask too. I assume that everyone I come in contact with has Covid and liberal_mama Dec 2022 #109
Yes and it's a pain Meowmee Dec 2022 #114
That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear it. summer_in_TX Dec 2022 #91
So sorry you are dealing with this. 58Sunliner Dec 2022 #92
Coming in. mahina Dec 2022 #93
Oh dear. Wishing you a good outcome. nolabear Dec 2022 #94
Sending prayers and healing hugs gademocrat7 Dec 2022 #95
For good measure, here's the Jewish (not Jew-ish) prayer for healing Danmel Dec 2022 #97
Best hopes lambchopp59 Dec 2022 #98
Adding more positive vibes. TigressDem Dec 2022 #99
How are you today? Are you both still testing negative? Scrivener7 Dec 2022 #100
What you need is the appropriate meds. Now. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2022 #101
We will get those today. onecaliberal Dec 2022 #102
Sending hugs with the vibes. MLAA Dec 2022 #103
A clove of raw garlic, minced and swallowed with water, taken once or twice a day Erda Dec 2022 #104
Sending hugs. Hope it's a mild case. ificandream Dec 2022 #106
Prayers, of course! majdrfrtim Dec 2022 #107
Sending prayers and healing thoughts to both you and your husband. nt woodsprite Dec 2022 #108
Are you and your husband still testing negative? I hope you don't catch it. liberal_mama Dec 2022 #111
Update XanaDUer2 Dec 2022 #113
Wishing you both the best!!! CaptainTruth Dec 2022 #112
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