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AMEN debm55 Dec 2022 #1
Amen. The fact that so many people just roll over for these Republicans is disgusting. ck4829 Dec 2022 #2
We have ForgedCrank Dec 2022 #3
It will be "proven in a court of law":only if WE insist on it. If the PTB think we don't care--- Atticus Dec 2022 #6
I still ForgedCrank Dec 2022 #10
Good for you. Now, if you will READ the OP, it specifically "leaves aside" whether they should be Atticus Dec 2022 #14
Then the OP should also be concerned with abiding by the law on OUR side... brooklynite Dec 2022 #18
Sorry to ForgedCrank Dec 2022 #31
I am total agreement with you SouthernDem4ever Dec 2022 #50
Us insisting on legal outcomes is the death of a civil society Beastly Boy Dec 2022 #52
I think many are not of the opinion that we currently HAVE an "independent judiciary". If that was Atticus Dec 2022 #53
I think this is not for "us" to decide either Beastly Boy Dec 2022 #55
You have nit-picked, deflected and avoided the question posed. Isn't that called a "hat trick"? nt Atticus Dec 2022 #58
I have not deflected, or nitpicked or avoided. Beastly Boy Dec 2022 #59
. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #60
Amen! Deuxcents Dec 2022 #4
Amen! nightwing1240 Dec 2022 #5
Exactly - and indeed. How we can allow election deniers to serve is totally beyond me. NewHendoLib Dec 2022 #7
AMEN!!! 2naSalit Dec 2022 #8
Amen Tbear Dec 2022 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2022 #11
Amen unweird Dec 2022 #12
Lock. Them. Up. czarjak Dec 2022 #13
Fuck yeah. KnR intrepidity Dec 2022 #15
Who do we insist to, Atticus?? Grasswire2 Dec 2022 #16
Answer: You need to convict them of insurrection first. brooklynite Dec 2022 #17
FWIW, 'insurrection" is not the sole reason set forth in the 14th Amendment that can bar Atticus Dec 2022 #22
14TH AMENDMENT, SECTION 3 brooklynite Dec 2022 #26
I'll just say what anyone who can read might say: you know better than that. nt Atticus Dec 2022 #46
Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.... rlegro Dec 2022 #47
According to multiple sources, including The Guardian, spooky3 Dec 2022 #28
You are correct , but I don't think it will happen. republianmushroom Dec 2022 #19
in earlier days, a "necktie party" would be over, new laws implemented by now - just sayin'... bringthePaine Dec 2022 #20
Amen to that Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #21
Amen! Arkansas Granny Dec 2022 #23
AMEN brother. flying_wahini Dec 2022 #24
Amen wendyb-NC Dec 2022 #25
A-dayum-men! Iris Dec 2022 #27
"" including that floating fatman trump. AllaN01Bear Dec 2022 #29
Fuck all of those traitorous scumbags! Initech Dec 2022 #30
Sure as shootin' works for me! AMEN!!! calimary Dec 2022 #32
AMEN. What's the difference between aiding and abetting? Justice matters. Dec 2022 #33
Amen! lees1975 Dec 2022 #34
AMEN! summer_in_TX Dec 2022 #35
The entire gang needs to be in the slam Artcatt Dec 2022 #36
Would any country of laws Hope22 Dec 2022 #37
I'm not sure I understand the point of this question. ShazzieB Dec 2022 #38
I hear you. Boomerproud Dec 2022 #44
Amen.... bsiebs Dec 2022 #39
agreement marieo1 Dec 2022 #40
Imo should have been stopped from running for inciting Meowmee Dec 2022 #41
AMEN....K and R also Stuart G Dec 2022 #42
wait one moment while we direct you stopdiggin Dec 2022 #43
AMEN!!! Silver Gaia Dec 2022 #45
Double amen to the googleplex power! Permanut Dec 2022 #48
AMEN! 1WorldHope Dec 2022 #49
Amen! MiHale Dec 2022 #51
Perhaps it's just me but Beastly Boy Dec 2022 #54
Amen WVreaper Dec 2022 #56
Amen! Paper Roses Dec 2022 #57
Amen, Praise Jesus Cherokee100 Dec 2022 #61
Amen del19713 Dec 2022 #62
AMEN dai13sy Dec 2022 #63
Amen!! usaf-vet Dec 2022 #64
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