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6. Maybe because Citizen Kane hits too close to home?
Sun Jan 8, 2023, 11:28 AM
Jan 2023
Sunset Boulevard is a truly great film. I can't fault him for liking it.
Because he knows that he's Norma Desmond . . . hatrack Jan 2023 #1
he identfies with Norma Desmond, and will kill anyone MadLinguist Jan 2023 #15
'Alright, Mr. Demille... North Shore Chicago Jan 2023 #2
Never heard of it. Is it a soft-core porn? n/t Victor_c3 Jan 2023 #3
No. Not at all LeftInTX Jan 2023 #4
Gloria Swanson plays a washed-up silent film star tinrobot Jan 2023 #8
It is really pretty good. Fun psychological thriller about a washed up has been actress. emulatorloo Jan 2023 #9
Given that it's trump, I figured it couldn't be an actually good movie Victor_c3 Jan 2023 #10
Yeah I agree, hard to believe he likes it. emulatorloo Jan 2023 #12
Nancy Olson didn't become such a treestar Jan 2023 #13
Prefer the remake whistler162 Jan 2023 #17
This was the movie that brought home how important a director was for me. Arthur_Frain Jan 2023 #21
Sunset Boulevard Explained: The Hollywood Nightmare Celerity Jan 2023 #23
I like that movie too The Unmitigated Gall Jan 2023 #5
Maybe because Citizen Kane hits too close to home? surrealAmerican Jan 2023 #6
FWIW watching Musk implode feels like watching Citizen Kane happen in real life to me emulatorloo Jan 2023 #11
Trust me - this is worth it for the Citizen Kane reference at the end . . hatrack Jan 2023 #16
That was good! Hadn't seen it before. Liberal In Texas Jan 2023 #18
He had previously said Kane was his favorite movie nuxvomica Jan 2023 #19
He's Ready For Another Close-Up Me. Jan 2023 #7
Good movie. Unworthy of trump's bad influence. (nt) Paladin Jan 2023 #14
It's an excellent movie. And Gloria Swanson's acting performance is one of the best ever, IMO Goodheart Jan 2023 #20
If Bill Holden's in the cast of a movie, chances are I'll like it. (nt) Paladin Jan 2023 #22
Perhaps Trump likes the fact Doc_Technical Jan 2023 #24
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