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2. I'm not convinced that is the whole story at all
Wed Mar 29, 2023, 10:55 PM
Mar 2023

First of all, it has been documented that AG Barr squashed many of the efforts to investigate Trump at SDNY. They fired Berman. Nothing was coming out of there while Trump was President. Who here thinks Trump would feel it was too illegal to scuttle or sabotage their evidence while his folks were in charge?

If Bragg's case was dead after Costello testified, why bring Pecker back two days ago for rebuttal of Costello?
Bragg wouldn't have bothered if the Stormy case was dead. Two days ago, the Stormy case was not dead.

For another reason: they allegedly determined Trump CFO Weisselberg lied to them since he was sentenced. They can go back at Weisselberg to flip him and appear to have been pressuring him as documented in a NYT article of Feb 2nd, 2023 (just after the Grand Jury reconvened for Stormy's case). Trump copmplained about them pressuring Weisselberg in March. Weisselberg can shore up Cohen's testimony big time. He signed some of those checks and did the bookkeeping. If Weisselberg gets caught lying, he goes to prison for a long time.

For another reason, the way they're talking about the case in the article in the top post isn't the only way it can be looked at:
To elevate the misdemeanor to a felony, instead of a FEC felony violation, they could get him on a state felony for tax evasion so they wouldn't need to make the precedent of trying to lift a state misdemeanor with a federal felony. If Trump expensed those Stormy payments, he might be liable for the state taxes he saved with those expenses. If it is more than $3,000 in taxes as it is likely to be with Stormy's and McDougals payments, that's a NY State felony. So Stormy's misdemeanor might be lifted to a felony with a state tax felony. The article in the top post did not mention that.

As well, who would want to rely on a federal conviction of Trump? Next time the GOP steal the White House, Trump will be pardoned.

And if they flipped Weisselberg, they've got AG Letitia James criminal referrals for insurance and bank fraud they can go after him for. I suspect that same Grand Jury met on those last Thursday and are meeting again this Thursday - they're not meeting on the Stormy case tomorrow but they're still meeting.

There was a bunch of evidence against Trump pulled together after Bragg took office. They criminally convicted Weisselberg & Trump org. They got Trump's tax returns. NY AG Letitia James filed her civil claims for $250 mil with the assistance of Bragg's office. And then AG James made her IRS and criminal referrals. All that had little to nothing to do with Stormy. It is more than merely plausible Bragg has been able to piece together a felony there that Stormy's expenses tie to.

Again, Bragg's career is on the line as is the safety of his family and co-workers. With all the above going on, it is very premature to count him out. In fact, in light of the above, it seem foolish to dismiss his efforts.

I say BS, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #1
No one is certain what is going on gldstwmn Mar 2023 #7
A rare case where we disagree. This whole thing about the lawyer is being wildly Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #10
Ugh. That is not good news. gldstwmn Mar 2023 #19
I'm not convinced that is the whole story at all Jarqui Mar 2023 #2
What about money laundering? tblue37 Mar 2023 #4
Certainly a significant possibility Jarqui Mar 2023 #6
Great post. Thanks for this. gldstwmn Mar 2023 #8
Weisselberg just became harder to flip with the new lawyer. Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #9
To me, that smells like Trump's spin. Jarqui Mar 2023 #12
Lol! And I actually think THIS is trump spin. Daily Beast says sources are saying Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #13
Weisselberg is in danger Jarqui Mar 2023 #14
Here's the indictment he plead guilty to: Jarqui Mar 2023 #17
Potentially, an interesting point about that made here: Jarqui Mar 2023 #18
A bit more information about who fired whom and what the new lawyer is there to do: Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #20
That's a very Trump-like statement, Know why? Jarqui Apr 2023 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #22
Sorry. You misunderstood. Jarqui Apr 2023 #23
I'll delete. Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #24
Not buying it. This sounds like trump spin tulipsandroses Mar 2023 #3
propaganda story ZonkerHarris Mar 2023 #5
I believe this. It is consistent with the decades-long history of prosecuting tfg in NYC. Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #11
'Insiders' - This story does not pass the smell test. I think Weisselberg emulatorloo Mar 2023 #15
And now the grand jury is taking a month off? BlackSkimmer Mar 2023 #16
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