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17. Here's the indictment he plead guilty to:
Thu Mar 30, 2023, 12:11 PM
Mar 2023

Here's AG James claim

Beyond Zurich insurance, just a quick scan of AG James claim reveals other areas of criminal concern for Weisselberg:

Paragraph 56-57
56. Similarly, the engagement letters specifically obligated the Trump Organization to
provide Mazars with “access to all information of which you are aware [that] is relevant to the
preparation and fair presentation of the financial statement, such as records, documentation, and
other matters,” and made clear that Mr. Weisselberg, as the Trump Organization’s CFO, was
responsible for “the selection and application of accounting principles,” and for “establishing and
maintaining internal controls.” The engagement letters similarly obligated the Trump
Organization to “mak[e] all financial records and related information available to [Mazars] and
for the accuracy and completeness of that information.”

57. In addition to the engagement letters, for each year from 2011 to 2020, Mr.
Weisselberg as CFO of the Trump Organization signed a representation letter submitted by the
Trump Organization to Mazars in connection with Mazars’s actual issuance of the completed
Statement of Financial Condition. In the letter, Mr. Weisselberg represented that the Trump
Organization was “responsible for the information provided to Mazars for each annual
compilation,” and that the information was “presented fairly and accurately in all material

Paragraph 61
61. As noted, Mr. Trump or the Trustees would prepare valuations and data for the
Statement, which Mazars (or for 2021, Whitley Penn) would then compile. Each year the Trump
Organization personnel (including Mr. Weisselberg and Mr. McConney) would prepare a
supporting data spreadsheet containing the valuations for the Statement and backup material
supporting those valuations. Mazars (or for 2021, Whitley Penn) then compiled that information
into financial-statement format.

Paragraph 212:
212. What is more, during the course of the 2019 valuation of Trump Tower, Mr.
Weisselberg systematically rejected numerous valuations that would have reached values
between $161 million and $224 million less than the prior year’s $732 million valuation.
Multiple draft valuations were prepared by the junior employee charged with preparing the
Statement using other, more recent Plaza District transactions with much higher capitalization
rates of 4.65% and higher--but Mr. Weisselberg systematically rejected all of those market data
points and decided to use a less recent, but much more favorable, 2.67% rate from the 666 Fifth
Avenue sale to push the value north of $800 million.

paragraph 320
320. For the years 2017 to 2021, the Trump Organization purported to use the
“stabilized net operating income” and claimed in supporting spreadsheets that the NOI figures to
derive the values for the properties came from audited financial statements. Those statements
were false and misleading. In reality, the Trump Organization, at the direction of Allen
Weisselberg, frequently used unaudited reports and then adjusted them to suit its own purposes
by adding millions of dollars in net operating income to the figures.

All look like they're within the statute of limitations for a NY felony.
Insurance Fraud, bank fraud and tax crimes.

No wonder he needs a criminal lawyer.
And therefore, he's very susceptible to being flipped.
Trump has some significant liability too ... if they can flip Weisselberg ..
I say BS, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #1
No one is certain what is going on gldstwmn Mar 2023 #7
A rare case where we disagree. This whole thing about the lawyer is being wildly Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #10
Ugh. That is not good news. gldstwmn Mar 2023 #19
I'm not convinced that is the whole story at all Jarqui Mar 2023 #2
What about money laundering? tblue37 Mar 2023 #4
Certainly a significant possibility Jarqui Mar 2023 #6
Great post. Thanks for this. gldstwmn Mar 2023 #8
Weisselberg just became harder to flip with the new lawyer. Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #9
To me, that smells like Trump's spin. Jarqui Mar 2023 #12
Lol! And I actually think THIS is trump spin. Daily Beast says sources are saying Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #13
Weisselberg is in danger Jarqui Mar 2023 #14
Here's the indictment he plead guilty to: Jarqui Mar 2023 #17
Potentially, an interesting point about that made here: Jarqui Mar 2023 #18
A bit more information about who fired whom and what the new lawyer is there to do: Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #20
That's a very Trump-like statement, Know why? Jarqui Apr 2023 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #22
Sorry. You misunderstood. Jarqui Apr 2023 #23
I'll delete. Scrivener7 Apr 2023 #24
Not buying it. This sounds like trump spin tulipsandroses Mar 2023 #3
propaganda story ZonkerHarris Mar 2023 #5
I believe this. It is consistent with the decades-long history of prosecuting tfg in NYC. Scrivener7 Mar 2023 #11
'Insiders' - This story does not pass the smell test. I think Weisselberg emulatorloo Mar 2023 #15
And now the grand jury is taking a month off? BlackSkimmer Mar 2023 #16
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