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15. Maybe an inkling?
Fri Jul 7, 2023, 11:03 AM
Jul 2023

In 1948, the Democratic Party decided to support civil rights as part of their platform. Looking back, it was a perfect time. Think of all the minorities who threw their heart and soul into building the infrastructure of our country, working and dying as the U.S. built one of the biggest industrial production output in the world, defending our country, their country, in WWII. It was wise of the leaders, visionaries, and politicians to recognize and support the unimaginable contributions from people of color, women, Native Americans, Asians, really all of the humans who came together in the melting pot to make a stronger and more perfect union.

The Democrats lost the dixiecrats because of civil rights, at the time warning 'for a generation, maybe forever' And the dixiecrats, deadset against a social movement that included every productive patriot calling America home, peeled off from the political party that changed gears and changed our country, relit the beacon of freedom. At the time, choosing civil rights was the right thing to do, and as more and more people realized that inclusion and respect enhanced our national quality of life, this humane political stance influenced our culture beyond our best hopes.

Except the isolationists, the narrow-minded, the elitists who wanted and still work for a society based on class. Although there is a large number of Americans who don't understand the benefits of social and political awakening, the number gets smaller. I can't help thinking that the current r policy makers are looking for a way to attract voters back to them. I can't help wondering if they think if they insist on the extremist policies they are supporting, that they'll cause the same political upheaval now that the Dems caused by their decision in 1948. The Dems did not have to use force or dirty tricks to force Americans to accept their new viewpoint.

But the r's are not taking into account that while the Dems' platform was beneficial and humane, the current r plank is not. The only way they can jam it in place is by force and cheating. No matter how draconian the r's make their platform, there are not enough people who can stay clinically angry or cruel compared to people who want inclusion, acceptance and separation of church and state. And peace, sweet Lord, peace. The r's think the news reflects reality, but it doesn't. We are humans and are going to perk up our ears if we hear arguments or gunfire, and ignore the discussion of dinner plans, or the silence of neighbors enjoying their day.

I don't think the r's will win. They won't prevail. They are fighting on the wrong side of history, and using weapons of hate, prejudice, and sexism. They will lose and their memory will be noted with infamy.

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