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24. Agreed!
Wed Aug 9, 2023, 11:48 PM
Aug 2023

My son is a junior at U of Pittsburgh. They aren’t just voting, they are working on Dem campaigns and canvassing. Since he is a person of color, he avoided homes with lawns covered with MAGA signs. He said in wishy-washy homes, many people really didn’t know much about reality and many minds were changed. He worked with John Fetterman and was lucky enough to shake Obama’s hand by camping out in the pouring rain in front of the stage the night before former President Obama was scheduled to speak. They think the abortion thing went badly? Wait until they try to take away their voting rights! They are tired of the destruction of the planet. They are horrified by mass shooters terrorizing kids and young adults simply because they are trying to learn. These kids are amazing.

expect the gop to go after college voting Fullduplexxx Aug 2023 #1
they already do BlueWaveNeverEnd Aug 2023 #2
They already are going after it. SeattleVet Aug 2023 #3
Vivek Ramaswamy wants to raise the voting age. Yavin4 Aug 2023 #6
already in progress Skittles Aug 2023 #13
Those kids are having a lot of sex MOMFUDSKI Aug 2023 #4
Go Bucks! Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #5
Can I like this and still be glad when their football team loses? rubbersole Aug 2023 #9
Yes! Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #20
Also, there are more of US and fewer of THEM all the time. Sky Jewels Aug 2023 #7
Plus they did a lot of self culling during Covid. tanyev Aug 2023 #8
I love it too SJ.... democratsruletheday Aug 2023 #15
RFK Jr. may have been RIGHT about a problem in Ohio in the 2004 DemocraticPatriot Aug 2023 #10
Damn straight applegrove... democratsruletheday Aug 2023 #11
I am blown away by your daughter's generation. applegrove Aug 2023 #21
Agreed! Tucker08087 Aug 2023 #24
Now, now ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author democratsruletheday Aug 2023 #12
wonder if the rs will try to shove it down our throats again in a different form AllaN01Bear Aug 2023 #14
That really is amazing. And when you think about it.... mountain grammy Aug 2023 #16
University towns here in Iowa... stuck in the middle Aug 2023 #17
We don't have to worry about university-educated young people FakeNoose Aug 2023 #18
My daughter is a rising senior and lives right there just off campus genxlib Aug 2023 #19
Great for her. applegrove Aug 2023 #23
I suppose it's just a coincidence that 2% of the student body are in remedial classes. Ligyron Aug 2023 #22
Impressive. William769 Aug 2023 #26
This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Arthur_Frain Aug 2023 #27
Admirable! Mopar151 Aug 2023 #28
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