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5. If the world and our country survive, future generations will not know what we have seen.
Thu Aug 10, 2023, 08:21 AM
Aug 2023

I realize that I am making a comment which is on a different subject than yours, but certain characteristics are the same. TFG's inane babble over the past eight years is something which all of us are familiar with. However, no history book fifty years from now will capture the breadth of his dysfunction, corruption and unworthiness to hold office. As you correctly point out, in any given situation of national importance, there are more material facts than the public realizes.

Always look forward to your posts, I cannot wait for the story on this one. n/t SheilaAnn Aug 2023 #1
Yes. The best defence is offence! So the vermin are trying to eat logic and facts in defence of Alexander Of Assyria Aug 2023 #2
Vast right wing conspiracy. Hillary has been right for decades. boston bean Aug 2023 #3
Vast foreign run conspiracy Amishman Aug 2023 #7
Yup Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #17
People have been so well manipulated that they can't see it. I've thought the same thing as you post Stargazer99 Aug 2023 #33
Yes she has. William769 Aug 2023 #18
On everything. Scrivener7 Aug 2023 #30
Yes it is... MiHale Aug 2023 #4
👍 Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #19
If the world and our country survive, future generations will not know what we have seen. John1956PA Aug 2023 #5
You are absolutely right about that... PCIntern Aug 2023 #6
Luckily, SpamWyzer Aug 2023 #22
I don't get it now. He's an awful combo of evil & stupid Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #21
Even worse than that... Initech Aug 2023 #43
You are correct. Social media owned by the RW will scrub 45's lies. John1956PA Aug 2023 #44
Change "was" to "Is" Johnny2X2X Aug 2023 #8
Done and you're right.... PCIntern Aug 2023 #9
Thanks for the good op Johnny2X2X Aug 2023 #12
Insurrection against originalists' best gift, Peaceful Transfer of Power sanatanadharma Aug 2023 #10
People don't mention that often... PCIntern Aug 2023 #11
The Repukes used to believe in the peaceful transfer of power FakeNoose Aug 2023 #16
Way back when all this bullshit was just starting, i felt like the RETHUGS would someday bluestarone Aug 2023 #13
Completely agree PC Intern. This would also explain why there are no longer any rational reThugs. c-rational Aug 2023 #14
I do hope so. Joinfortmill Aug 2023 #15
We lived through Watergate mountain grammy Aug 2023 #20
Who planted that bomb? flamingdem Aug 2023 #23
This is what I want to know! Hope22 Aug 2023 #29
my late mom always said " america would be destroyed from within." AllaN01Bear Aug 2023 #24
Lincoln said the same thing. ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #47
People don't know anything about issues unless they want to look. JohnnyRingo Aug 2023 #25
Qualifications applied to openness in government.. jaxexpat Aug 2023 #26
I read the book "Remembering" by Sinead O'Connor in which she worked with Dr. Phil and he said, spike jones Aug 2023 #27
It's a massive plot to ensure rule by the wealthy - making property rights primary in all things bucolic_frolic Aug 2023 #28
Bohemian grove relayerbob Aug 2023 #31
I am so curious. Can you at least tell us whether this matter concerns current events or past ones? Scrivener7 Aug 2023 #32
So you're telling us you have a really big secret, is that right? BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #34
No. It's part of a national story which you know about PCIntern Aug 2023 #35
Hmm, a clue. BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #39
I'll never forgive or forget when LittleGirl Aug 2023 #36
One of the few times I heard my grandmother curse was when Nixon was pardoned. hydrolastic Aug 2023 #46
If only some one had forewarned us of a vast right wing conspiracy. GreenWave Aug 2023 #37
I certainly paid attention but don't remember this part Effete Snob Aug 2023 #38
Following... BlackSkimmer Aug 2023 #40
Secret Agenda PCIntern Aug 2023 #41
Thanks, I'll check it out Effete Snob Aug 2023 #42
Can't wait. usonian Aug 2023 #45
The 'christian in name only' is BS ExWhoDoesntCare Aug 2023 #48
You picked an interesting point from an old post to challenge. usonian Aug 2023 #49
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