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Wed Aug 16, 2023, 01:25 AM Aug 2023

An open letter to Comrade Combover [View all]

Dude. I need to ask a favor. Hear me out.

You’ve been a trying motherfucker. For a long time. I’m fucking 52 and my high school years feel closer than a time you weren’t involved in politics….
I’ve lived through the Mexicans are rapists. Mexico is going to build a wall. A shot and a miss on banning Muslims coming here. Your claim that Nazis were “good people”. And on and on and fucking on up to and including a “stolen election” and you getting hundreds of your supporters imprisoned. (Okay, I’m okay with that last bit.)

I’m fucking exhausted. I mean really man, I’m tired.
I’m tired of the endless lies about everything under the fucking sun. The majority of the U.S. is nowhere near as dumb as your supporters. But you say this shit in public as if we are. The constant claims of “the sky isn’t blue, it’s square” type arguments are exhausting at best and insulting at worse.

I’m tired of the infantile, pathetic insults you vomit as you bask in your own cleverness. News flash. The Dept. of Injustice, Sleepy Joe, etc. are fucking embarrassing . I mean dude, I had better insults at 11 years old. It’s fucking pathetic. Everytime you try to sound clever, you come across as a prepubescent child. Please stop this shit (not my ask yet. Just a heavily weighted suggestion).

I’m tired of being represented by someone dumber than anyone I’ve ever met. A man who looks directly at a solar eclipse. 10 year olds know better. A man that wonders aloud at how to introduce bleach and UV light into the human body. WTAF?

I’m tired of hearing about the “corruptness” of Joe Biden from some asshole who had his university and charity shut down due to fraud.

And if I gotta hear the Radio Flyer wagon of bullshit you pull behind you regarding the goddamn presidential records act and the rights you somehow believe it gives you, because you can’t be bothered to read the motherfucker, I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

The list is endless. And as I’ve said above, I’m exhausted. And while my greatest wish is that you die in prison, watching your empire crumble and your family name likened to Benedict Arnold, here’s my ask.

Please just fucking die already. Just let the stress of 91 counts in four criminal cases push you over the edge. Have a stroke. Have a heart attack. Fuck, choke on the Colonel’s chicken leg. I give two fucks. Just spare me, and this country’s sanity (not your followers of course. We all know they’re as nuts as you). Just keel the fuck over and spare us the next year of ignorance, stupidity, and spoiled brat entitlement that we’ve become accustomed to and exhausted by. Can ya do that for me buddy? It’ll save you fuck tonnes of embarrassment. It’s a win fucking win. You don’t have to see what you’ve done to your name, company, and family (in order of importance to you). And I don’t have to listen to the infantile, ignorant, stupid verbal diarrhea that you puke up every day. Win win baby. Can you just choke on your next Big Mac? Please?


On edit: I really thought I hated George W. Bush. I was so wrong. And fuck you for bringing this hatred into my life and heart. I truly look forward to being arrested for shitting on your grave.


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