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4. Amy is right. I'm 72 and I lived this.
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 05:13 PM
Sep 2023

Americans voted like they were NatSec party. I saw Amy's analysis and she was saying that's the voters saw it.

NO, Amy McGrath!!! [View all] BaronChocula Sep 2023 OP
+1 Celerity Sep 2023 #1
...and Nixon and Reagan interference kevinore Sep 2023 #30
+1 Celerity Sep 2023 #31
And God only knows what else! peppertree Sep 2023 #35
Remember that time Amy McGrath AntivaxHunters Sep 2023 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author justaprogressive Sep 2023 #6
When I heard her say that I said to the screen that the GOP was the party of using 50 Shades Of Blue Sep 2023 #3
And secure oil fields. rubbersole Sep 2023 #18
Amy is right. I'm 72 and I lived this. underthematrix Sep 2023 #4
From what I hear Amy saying, BaronChocula Sep 2023 #10
Well, maybe they used to be thought of that way. calimary Sep 2023 #26
"Successful marketing of an untrue notion". Well said. yorkster Sep 2023 #5
Yes! BaronChocula Sep 2023 #8
They also claimed to be the party tough on crime... justaprogressive Sep 2023 #7
Yup BaronChocula Sep 2023 #9
They also claim to be the party of family values... N O T ! liberalla Sep 2023 #19
tough on crime for a Rethug means breaking PoC's skulls, or, for a double bonus, shooting us dead Celerity Sep 2023 #32
Saint Ronald The Unmitigated Gall Sep 2023 #11
pukes are not good on the economy either. Every republican administration for the last 100 years Meadowoak Sep 2023 #14
Hear, hear! BaronChocula Sep 2023 #25
Yep. EXCELLENT talking point! calimary Sep 2023 #27
Not Ford Celerity Sep 2023 #33
There was a Hillary Clinton cartoon a while back canuckledragger Sep 2023 #12
I would recommend sending this to her. chowder66 Sep 2023 #13
Very disappointing. I had hoped for better. Evolve Dammit Sep 2023 #15
9/11 happened under a Republican watch. And they were warned beforehand. ZonkerHarris Sep 2023 #16
They must have gotten their collective marching orders today mgardener Sep 2023 #17
"Republicans had a dream that they were the party of national security." byronius Sep 2023 #20
Was this outstanding letter sent to her? mahina Sep 2023 #21
Too bad, she appeared to have promise (a few years ago.) elleng Sep 2023 #22
I'm FFR, and I approve of this message. ffr Sep 2023 #23
IIRC, moondust Sep 2023 #24
That old black magic of consensus grounded in propaganda and the...... jaxexpat Sep 2023 #28
Many Repukes were against helping Europe in WWII. nt TeamProg Sep 2023 #29
GOP is the party of lies and propaganda IronLionZion Sep 2023 #34
That's the truth. But I've never understood why so many in the military are Republicans. Martin68 Sep 2023 #36
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