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What comes to mind when you think of Rudy? [View all] struggle4progress Oct 2023 OP
Notre Dame n/t Shrek Oct 2023 #1
Yep, Sean Astin immediately came to mind. Xavier Breath Oct 2023 #9
I don't think of Rudy, True Dough Oct 2023 #2
Flatulence, dripping hair dye. Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #3
Well, that took a bit of effort! I'll play PJMcK Oct 2023 #4
This particular brand of hair dye... LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #5
The Cosby Show. And I've never watched it on purpose and I've never seen a full episodes. marble falls Oct 2023 #6
What Hillary said: DFW Oct 2023 #7
Pls. add hair dye running down his face. brush Oct 2023 #8
I was looking for that as well... lol DemocraticPatriot Oct 2023 #11
Pile of feces NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #10
Desparate for attention. keithbvadu2 Oct 2023 #12
I think of him as a pathetic hasbeen that pissed away fame and fortune for a cult. Chainfire Oct 2023 #13
The Four Seasons Rally. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #14
One of the all time funniest things in politics Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #17
Colludy. phylny Oct 2023 #15
like Trump and Lindell, he managed to blow a big con Skittles Oct 2023 #16
The last one fits Rudy because it makes no sense whatsoever. Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #18
The Four Seasons Landscaping press conference was near a crematorium and a sex emporium struggle4progress Oct 2023 #19
Yeah, but ... Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #20
Hey, I'm just tryin to think of sumthin Giuli's good for, in a spirit of generosity and charity struggle4progress Oct 2023 #21
You nailed him, IMO! Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2023 #23
that photo of him lying on his back on the prostitute's bed waiting for um...ya know... CTyankee Oct 2023 #22
Literally came here to say this! Grown2Hate Oct 2023 #25
Ah shoot, forgot that scene......🤮 🤮 🤮 a kennedy Oct 2023 #29
forgot about the dildo shop...that pic of Rudy didn't help its business any... CTyankee Oct 2023 #30
Four Seasons Temporary Hair Dye Maru Kitteh Oct 2023 #24
A noun, a verb, and 9-11. GoCubsGo Oct 2023 #26
Butt-dialing... at least I think it was Rudy who did that. Talitha Oct 2023 #27
Drunk, runny hair dye, hand down pants, Sky Jewels Oct 2023 #28
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