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27. Post 9/11 too many Americans became pro-torture ...
Fri Oct 13, 2023, 11:40 AM
Oct 2023

They have never repudiated it. ... The pro-torture apologists in the USA even got popular culture entertainment torturers to tune into (as though); it was practically 24/7 for a while.

To condemn evil is not to deny cause and effect.
To state cause and effect is not to deny evil.
For one to condemn or praise anything anywhere when there exists no prior reason (cause and effect) for that whatever the one is addressing, is random ridiculousness.

I Agree, Ma'am The Magistrate Oct 2023 #1
+1 2naSalit Oct 2023 #3
Yeah Chi67 Oct 2023 #4
Good point, Sir. yardwork Oct 2023 #18
It's One Those Of Us Who Prioritize Anti-Hamas Ought To Bear In Mind, Ma'am The Magistrate Oct 2023 #20
When the allied and Soviet troops entered Germany in WWII, speak easy Oct 2023 #22
Agreed Chi67 Oct 2023 #2
Yup Magoo48 Oct 2023 #5
Very good point. When someone says they are "Pro-Israel" for example it sounds like they do not Maraya1969 Oct 2023 #6
+1 obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #15
Yes!! KarenS Oct 2023 #7
These are excellent points RAB910 Oct 2023 #8
Yes, appears the whole baby beheading propaganda has people being cautionary...here's hoping! Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2023 #25
Same, as well as "X is the good guys, Y is the bad guys" obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #9
I prefer "non-terrorist" for all countries BigmanPigman Oct 2023 #10
Thank you. I'm anti-rape and anti-torture myself. Mister Ed Oct 2023 #11
Wow. CrispyQ Oct 2023 #17
It was a phenomenol leap of whataboutism on the part of the person in question. Mister Ed Oct 2023 #19
Post 9/11 too many Americans became pro-torture ... sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #27
Very well said. It bugs me when I hear beliefs described that way. ms liberty Oct 2023 #12
Yes!!! Goddessartist Oct 2023 #13
While agree with you, it's unfortunate others don't follow that simple rule SouthernDem4ever Oct 2023 #14
Exactly. niyad Oct 2023 #16
Yes, indeed wendyb-NC Oct 2023 #21
It becomes the equivalent of rooting for a sports team Uncle Joe Oct 2023 #23
Complete with media score keeping...kills and kill ratios of missiles...it's tragically repetitive. Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2023 #26
Hear, hear! onecaliberal Oct 2023 #24
i get your point, but i'm definitely pro-Jamaica maxsolomon Oct 2023 #28
They are the most violently homophobic country in the western hemisphere IronLionZion Oct 2023 #30
aw, man. now i'm not pro-Jamaica. maxsolomon Oct 2023 #31
Costa Rica is pretty good these days, and New Zealand, and Bhutan. IronLionZion Oct 2023 #32
I'm pro ordinary innocent civilians, children, etc. who had no choice in any of this IronLionZion Oct 2023 #29
Those terms are used as cudgels to silence dissent Martin Eden Oct 2023 #33
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