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Sat Oct 14, 2023, 01:26 PM Oct 2023

Chris Hedges - This Way for the Genocide, Ladies and Gentlemen [View all]


I have been in urban warfare in El Salvador, Iraq, Gaza, Bosnia and Kosovo. Once you fight street by street, apartment block by apartment block, there is only one rule — kill anything that moves. The talk of safe zones, the reassurances of protecting civilians, the promises of “surgical” and “targeted” air strikes, the establishment of “safe” evacuation routes, the fatuous explanation that civilian dead were “caught in the crossfire,” the claim that the homes and apartment buildings bombed into rubble were the abode of terrorists or that errant Hamas rockets were responsible for the destruction of schools and medical clinics, is part of the rhetorical cover to carry out indiscriminate slaughter
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Which is why civilians SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #1
Leave to where? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #2
Leave to the south SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #6
Repeating the Zionist propaganda RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #13
"Both sides are wrong" PCIntern Oct 2023 #15
Both sides aren't wrong though Calculating Oct 2023 #18
In a recent poll reported by Nicholas Kristof in the NYT today, 70% of Palestinians in Gaza do not Lonestarblue Oct 2023 #35
They don't all need to die Calculating Oct 2023 #41
you are suggesting an "ethnic cleansing" prodigitalson Oct 2023 #47
Well what do you do when two groups literally want each other dead? Calculating Oct 2023 #49
Rip out Hamas root and branch prodigitalson Oct 2023 #50
I'm in favor of Israel in this mess. EndlessWire Oct 2023 #101
how many dead Palestinians AloeVera Oct 2023 #129
Didn't Bibi say RocRizzo55 Nov 2023 #170
Inhumanity. AloeVera Nov 2023 #173
Good thing Israel gave them warnings and enough time to get out of the way Arazi Oct 2023 #48
You have to be kidding- have you seen the videos? womanofthehills Oct 2023 #136
Good sarcasm. AloeVera Nov 2023 #175
Nope. 100% serious Arazi Nov 2023 #176
Thank you AloeVera Oct 2023 #117
Well stated and welcome to DU NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #122
You haven't seen a Democratic Party primary as manifested on DU. Earth-shine Oct 2023 #148
Bit of hyperbole there. wnylib Oct 2023 #165
Israel could have prevented this RocRizzo55 Nov 2023 #172
There is no "out of the city! McKim Oct 2023 #23
They've had almost 48 hours to move 12 miles south Arazi Oct 2023 #24
Really AloeVera Oct 2023 #130
Like the 900 plus people killed days ago. William769 Oct 2023 #131
No selective empathy here AloeVera Oct 2023 #132
Really? GP6971 Oct 2023 #133
Thanks for the Warm Welcome AloeVera Oct 2023 #134
Not at all. GP6971 Oct 2023 #135
Thanks AloeVera Oct 2023 #140
yes, walking 4 or 5 miles in northern Gaza now is just like a Sunday stroll from South Kensington to Celerity Oct 2023 #151
My God. Horrific. AloeVera Oct 2023 #159
Just that simple, huh? Act_of_Reparation Oct 2023 #155
I'm sorry RocRizzo55 Nov 2023 #174
Factually incorrect sarisataka Oct 2023 #25
Untrue n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #31
And yet it has countryside EX500rider Oct 2023 #36
Absolutely! Just take the kids and the pop-up camper! Make a mini vacation out of it! Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2023 #42
Or stay in a urban area currently being bombed and about to be invaded, not a hard call EX500rider Oct 2023 #44
maybe they could work on a two state solution RANDYWILDMAN Oct 2023 #147
What RocRizzo55 Nov 2023 #171
You didn't read RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #3
I did not. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #5
I don't normally waste my time SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #8
So you are saying that RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #10
The first paragraph SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #16
I have read it now. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #20
I tried to read the article EndlessWire Oct 2023 #103
Leave to where womanofthehills Oct 2023 #99
They are not fenced SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #100
Sure - I see mothers walking carrying babies and guiding crying children womanofthehills Oct 2023 #137
Just a reminder... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #4
You are rationalizing genocide of millions Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #9
Protect the Israeli people how? TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #17
How are you so comfortable with wanton killing of innocent children by the 1000's? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #26
Sometimes Innocents are killed to stop more killing in the future Calculating Oct 2023 #27
We should ask the Japanese for their point of view. Duncan Grant Oct 2023 #51
I don't really care SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #70
You can lead a horse to water... Duncan Grant Oct 2023 #93
They also saved quite a few Japanese lives as well. BannonsLiver Oct 2023 #114
You mean the leaders of the country attached womanofthehills Oct 2023 #139
Whatever SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #144
I'll tell you what. Straw Man Oct 2023 #150
The Germans and Japanese Zeitghost Oct 2023 #125
There weren't cell phones then to capture all the horrific child deaths womanofthehills Oct 2023 #116
Gen Z gets it on TikTok AloeVera Oct 2023 #128
Answer the question TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #33
How many dead children are you comfortable with? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #46
How are Israel protecting its citizens TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #54
How many Palestinian children starving and dying are you comfortable with? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #82
Why won't you answer the question? Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #60
Killing innocent people is wrong period. And you are not a mind reader. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #77
The reason Israel is going forward is because if they don't Hamas has won ripcord Oct 2023 #85
That is inaccurate Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #87
Yep TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #89
The evidence speaks for itself. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #115
Ah yes... good ole fashioned self-righteous indignation Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #124
Quote please SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #98
Here you go: Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #106
Reprehensible statement SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #107
It absolutely does. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #109
I have no doubt they took it that way SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #110
Three great options Huh? Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #112
My bad SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #113
Insulting my intelligence is a great way to have the last word. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #118
If I say SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #119
I would have thought that you understood sarcasm. N/T Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #120
Oh I understand sarcasm SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #121
I think that we are not as far apart on the statement as our argument would Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #126
I think that we are not as far apart on the statement as our argument would Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #127
Oh! oh! I know, lets ask NRA how many? They must have a dead-children number they can't accept. sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #62
I am not comfortable with one dead child anywhere. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #71
Amen sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #74
Have to destroy Hamas to stop *their* killing Arazi Oct 2023 #37
You didn't answer the question Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #59
I did in my response to you above. I will say it again. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #83
How do they defeat Hamas? Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #90
Does Hamas have airplanes that drop bombs from the sky. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #92
FFS Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #96
Hamas launched rockets and murderous incursions into Israel Arazi Oct 2023 #97
Hamas missiles also fall from the sky and regularly go way off course in the wrong direction EX500rider Oct 2023 #143
Taking this one by one Arazi Oct 2023 #95
If you believe all this, I feel sorry for you. Your morality is corrupted. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #102
It's a war Arazi Oct 2023 #105
Internationally, it is considered occupied as Israel controls every aspect of the Gazan's life. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #108
I am sick to see so many on DU care so little for innocent women & children womanofthehills Oct 2023 #138
I know AloeVera Oct 2023 #161
No, I am not. That's a strawman. Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #56
Believe that old propaganda RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #11
Incorrect and not propaganda sarisataka Oct 2023 #14
That's right... PCIntern Oct 2023 #22
Since this began I have sarisataka Oct 2023 #29
I take issue with word "tacit" SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #32
I consider those to whom tacit sarisataka Oct 2023 #38
No one on DU is supporting Hamas. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #111
I am glad you read it sarisataka Oct 2023 #123
+10000000000000000 Celerity Oct 2023 #149
Can you point me to where Hamas has changed their policy? Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #58
The May 2017 revision of their charter. RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #63
Your link says Hamas rejects Israel's right to exist Arazi Oct 2023 #67
Nope. Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #69
What should Israel do? forthemiddle Oct 2023 #66
DURec leftstreet Oct 2023 #7
I was willing to listen sarisataka Oct 2023 #12
You literally have Hamas bombing the escape routes so more of their people die Calculating Oct 2023 #19
The IDF T_A Oct 2023 #40
Feel free to post a shot of this "hole blocking the gate" EX500rider Oct 2023 #43
I Saw Reports From Two Different News Outlets T_A Oct 2023 #61
Have you given any thought as to why there is a hole sarisataka Oct 2023 #64
Eh T_A Oct 2023 #78
There is a hole sarisataka Oct 2023 #81
Unsubstantiated Conjecture On Your Part T_A Oct 2023 #91
"Funny thing is, it is possible to go around a hole." EX500rider Oct 2023 #145
yeah I think the "hole" story is BS EX500rider Oct 2023 #168
Blame Israel First Brigade fall in! nt LexVegas Oct 2023 #21
I'd ignore Hedges' views on Israel--they're trash TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #28
He's a Terrorist propagandist, IMO n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #34
+1 million Arazi Oct 2023 #39
Very enlightening reads sarisataka Oct 2023 #45
I'd ignore his views on everything. Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #94
Yeah no. nycbos Oct 2023 #30
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2023 #53
The US Secretary of State disagrees with Al Jazeera TexasDem69 Oct 2023 #55
Only one thing comes to mind sarisataka Oct 2023 #57
There's only one group in this mess that wants genocide Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #52
What we're witnessing here folks is state-sanctioned genocide NotVeryImportant Oct 2023 #65
Hamas is responsible for moving its civilians to safety Arazi Oct 2023 #68
Unless it's Hamas killing those innocent civilians NotVeryImportant Oct 2023 #73
Laughable n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #75
Uh, wtf?! Arazi Oct 2023 #76
President Biden has explicitly said sarisataka Oct 2023 #104
"What we're witnessing here folks is state-sanctioned genocide" EX500rider Oct 2023 #146
Chris Hedges who had a show on Russia Today Chris Hedges? Sympthsical Oct 2023 #72
To be fair, Thom Hartmann gets a pass as well nt AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #79
It's just interesting Sympthsical Oct 2023 #86
Chris Hedges has become pro-Putin. Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #80
You are so wrong RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #84
Well that clears things up! AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2023 #88
Duh! He has been to so many wars all over the world! womanofthehills Oct 2023 #141
That's why he came out against Putin RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #142
I had a huge amount of respect for him at the time of the Iraq war. Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #152
War is a force BootinUp Oct 2023 #154
That is RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #156
could you spell out what you mean by: BootinUp Oct 2023 #157
He means that the Maidan revolution was really a "coup", Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #164
Thank You. Putin would be proud BootinUp Oct 2023 #166
I've had a lot of time to research things. Maybe I've just come to Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #160
True RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #162
Trying to win this debate with personal attacks? Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #163
No personal attack meant. RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #167
you still can spot them with your eagle eye! BootinUp Oct 2023 #158
Yes, said Ukraine was "another bungled attempt to reassert U.S. global hegemony." betsuni Oct 2023 #153
Additional Corroboration T_A Oct 2023 #169
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