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17. Nobody said that the Billal guy was alone when he bit it.
Sun Oct 15, 2023, 03:01 PM
Oct 2023

He might have been killed with 35 or 100 others.

The assumption is that Israel's targeting civilians. But you'd get a lot of civilian deaths just targeting high-value military targets placed in and around civilians.

They should be killing the foot soldiers and the planners, the funders and the logistics folk in Hamas. If only slightly iffy whether to target the biggest cheerleaders and supporters, but if they're collateral damage, there's utter indifference. I regret the loss of all human life--this Billal fellow's life included--but at some point you make a choice with bad consequences and you own the consequences.

Good. COL Mustard Oct 2023 #1
good to hear one of the fuckers is dead Celerity Oct 2023 #2
Okay atreides1 Oct 2023 #3
This is precious. Beastly Boy Oct 2023 #8
So Israel is to blame for being attacked? onenote Oct 2023 #18
Great news! n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #4
Good Fresh Water Falling Oct 2023 #5
Nobody said that the Billal guy was alone when he bit it. Igel Oct 2023 #17
"Billal al-Qedra" - reminds me of "Don't Mess With Bill". Looks like the IDF did anyway, despite progree Oct 2023 #6
Good 👍 nt Raine Oct 2023 #7
GOOD orangecrush Oct 2023 #9
When Bibi said that they're walking dead men COL Mustard Oct 2023 #10
they will hunt them until they kill them...no doubt prodigitalson Oct 2023 #13
How many tiny dead baby shields in the killing? Wont say..shields don't work, or warnings... Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2023 #14
The IDF didn't bomb the innocent civilians of Munich after harboring terrorists among them. PhylliPretzel Oct 2023 #15
Because Hamas forces the civilian population COL Mustard Oct 2023 #16
Accessibility. Igel Oct 2023 #19
No one in Munich harbored the terrorists. former9thward Oct 2023 #20
One thing Israeli's will do.......................... Lovie777 Oct 2023 #11
Fifty years from now, if any Hamas leadership are still alive.... COL Mustard Oct 2023 #21
Good. Joinfortmill Oct 2023 #12
No complaints from me SYFROYH Oct 2023 #22
Evidence that the IDF can target and kill an individual without taking out an entire city block. WarGamer Oct 2023 #23
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