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In reply to the discussion: This new format SUCKS! [View all]
This new format SUCKS! [View all] Tarzanrock Oct 2023 OP
Are you ok? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #1
I'm going to give it a try James48 Oct 2023 #2
That was helpful. Ocelot II Oct 2023 #3
Or... Think. Again. Oct 2023 #51
Honestly they should make it the default. edisdead Oct 2023 #119
Reminds Rebl2 Oct 2023 #100
Yeah, it feels like a regression NBachers Oct 2023 #128
I like it! Emile Oct 2023 #4
Don't like new format burrowowl Oct 2023 #5
So change it! William769 Oct 2023 #6
You know you can go to "My Stuff" Cuthbert Allgood Oct 2023 #7
It's not the same. NutmegYankee Oct 2023 #14
Here in the CSS to make "Skinner mode" widescreen krawhitham Oct 2023 #77
Is there a way to increase font size? Thanks enough Oct 2023 #23
Control + or Control - OAITW r.2.0 Oct 2023 #26
You are my hero. phylny Oct 2023 #48
I could be wrong ... DearMusic Oct 2023 #79
I think you are correct. OAITW r.2.0 Oct 2023 #82
Hey, thanks for posting that... DemocraticPatriot Oct 2023 #34
It isn't the same Rorey Oct 2023 #121
It seems like there are... 2naSalit Oct 2023 #8
Hey! MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #19
I like it. CentralMass Oct 2023 #9
Hell yeah. Those are awesome. Iggo Oct 2023 #50
It always feels that way at the beginning JI7 Oct 2023 #10
I am usually resistant to change, but I kinda like this new format. Chainfire Oct 2023 #11
I don't care for it either. Xavier Breath Oct 2023 #12
Its also true that the new site is probably more secure and stable mahina Oct 2023 #80
I like it. CentralMass Oct 2023 #13
I love it. It is much clearer and easier to read. Srkdqltr Oct 2023 #15
An upgrade was long overdue jcmaine72 Oct 2023 #16
Truth. Iggo Oct 2023 #54
Latest Breaking News default is 'last reply' which misses the latest breaking news. bucolic_frolic Oct 2023 #17
Scroll all the way down and you'll find LBN in chronological form... littlemissmartypants Oct 2023 #93
You'll get used to it. Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #18
Don't be afraid of change, be afraid of staying the same! Emile Oct 2023 #20
If you hate it that much you can go back to the old format senseandsensibility Oct 2023 #21
Skinner Mode NCWilm Oct 2023 #27
Plus Skinner mode does not completely return to the previous version. totodeinhere Oct 2023 #29
100% with you NCWilm Oct 2023 #39
It's hard for you old timers dpibel Oct 2023 #46
Thanks NCWilm Oct 2023 #53
What did I not "fully read"? dpibel Oct 2023 #60
T NCWilm Oct 2023 #64
Who are you people? dpibel Oct 2023 #65
OMFG dpibel Oct 2023 #66
Please be kind to new members as you would be to seasoned members. William769 Oct 2023 #67
Good thing, in the abstract dpibel Oct 2023 #68
I am a member of MIRT. William769 Oct 2023 #69
"Don't you find that a little odd? " KS Toronado Oct 2023 #90
Those lurkers actually generate ad views. edisdead Oct 2023 #120
This. sheshe2 Oct 2023 #76
T NCWilm Oct 2023 #70
Why would I not keep replying? dpibel Oct 2023 #73
T NCWilm Oct 2023 #122
Okay, that's it. Iggo Oct 2023 #95
I think it sucks and I've been here since 2006 krawhitham Oct 2023 #78
Agree! murielm99 Oct 2023 #87
Welcome to DU Marthe48 Oct 2023 #43
Thank you NCWilm Oct 2023 #72
Also, the left side toolbar doesn't disappear in Skinner mode like it did on DU3. Renew Deal Oct 2023 #57
Remove it krawhitham Oct 2023 #84
Well I guess it;s not as easy as I thought! Now I can't start a discussion. senseandsensibility Oct 2023 #59
EarlG said he was working on that issue Yonnie3 Oct 2023 #107
The only way to make sense out of change is to Emile Oct 2023 #22
... Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #24
I agree. Mickju Oct 2023 #25
Yes, it's very uncomfortable, but dang I'd like to think I can learn new things. Biophilic Oct 2023 #28
Agree nt Raine Oct 2023 #30
I am on old format tavernier Oct 2023 #31
So am I. The Skinner mode is an easier transition. calimary Oct 2023 #104
I am a change resister. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #32
Yep. Me too. calimary Oct 2023 #106
The complaints remind me of 1990's when business kept changing the software. LakeArenal Oct 2023 #114
Entitled Aepps22 Oct 2023 #33
Agreed!! masmdu Oct 2023 #35
Totally Prof. P.E. Name Oct 2023 #36
I don't understand the "Mark as read" feature Mossfern Oct 2023 #37
I too... consider_this Oct 2023 #52
the look is good but I keep trying to find the main page-- is that gone? LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #38
Click on the DU in the upper center... littlemissmartypants Oct 2023 #94
Thanks. It looks a bit more normal today LymphocyteLover Oct 2023 #98
Not digging it quite yet, but I'll give it a week. tinrobot Oct 2023 #40
As I recall TxGuitar Oct 2023 #41
well anti stupid Oct 2023 #45
I would say that's down to the IT dept at your job TxGuitar Oct 2023 #115
AGREE anti stupid Oct 2023 #42
You've been here 10 months and have 50 posts. LudwigPastorius Oct 2023 #44
I've been around a whole lot longer than you have. Tarzanrock Oct 2023 #62
So, for twenty years you've been taking from this site without contributing, ZZenith Oct 2023 #81
Since Netscape was in vogue as the browser of choice. Tarzanrock Oct 2023 #89
Ha. ZZenith Oct 2023 #91
We are creatures of habit so will take a new mindset vapor2 Oct 2023 #47
I for one like this new format. Butterflylady Oct 2023 #49
I only have one complaint Chautauquas Oct 2023 #55
Try the "Subtle" option for the "My Stuff" button. I didn't like the big flash this is better imho electric_blue68 Oct 2023 #83
Thank you! n/t Chautauquas Oct 2023 #118
YW 👍 electric_blue68 Oct 2023 #123
you can switch to the 'badge' option, no more flashing but it still shows a wee 'new' icon Celerity Oct 2023 #86
Thank you! Chautauquas Oct 2023 #117
My only complaint so far, is that I have to go search to see if there are replies DemocraticPatriot Oct 2023 #56
I cant even reply to this thread, only other replies, wheres the damn rep!y button? Shanti Shanti Shanti Oct 2023 #97
It's The Big Blue Button... ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #110
Only just found it, in upright tablet mode, not landscape, this sucks Shanti Shanti Shanti Oct 2023 #111
Clouds suck too. Captain Stern Oct 2023 #58
LOL! calimary Oct 2023 #108
There were months of notifications of opportunities MerryBlooms Oct 2023 #61
Wow PJMcK Oct 2023 #63
Well sometimes it takes awhile to get used to something new. Doesn't mean change is hard. Peace out SammyWinstonJack Oct 2023 #74
Before i got a mac computer tiredtoo Oct 2023 #71
I like you can recommend individual post. n/t tinymontgomery Oct 2023 #75
The Skinner Mode doesn't change DU4. Basic LA Oct 2023 #85
It's really bad and slow. Peppertoo Oct 2023 #88
I have the exact opposite experience onetexan Oct 2023 #96
Seems faster for me as well Yonnie3 Oct 2023 #109
"We fear change." budkin Oct 2023 #92
Agree 40RatRod Oct 2023 #99
I thought that for the first few minutes but now I'm settled in, with no problem Siwsan Oct 2023 #101
I think the major thing is that it is BIG..Everything takes up a lot of room. LiberalArkie Oct 2023 #102
As far as I am concerned its utter shite Blues Heron Oct 2023 #103
This new format does indeed suck if..fish..had..wings Oct 2023 #105
This was due to css not loading edisdead Oct 2023 #130
I am in Skinner mode and its a little better but overall it still sucks. winstars Oct 2023 #112
I like the new look Parzival72 Oct 2023 #113
I don't like the new format at all. I liked the Home Page with photos for videos and the photo of the day. Martin68 Oct 2023 #116
I hated it at first, but now I've got it set up so it's not completely irritating. hunter Oct 2023 #124
A lot of complaints for a free site....I'm trashing these threads It's absolutely ridiculous. GuppyGal Oct 2023 #125
just joined yesterday FHRRK Oct 2023 #127
Lol !!! JackCoop Oct 2023 #126
No, it doesn't. *I* like it, anyhow. Ocelot II Oct 2023 #129
Why are you posting this in general discussion, and not community support? JohnSJ Oct 2023 #131
I really like the new DU! Chautauquas Oct 2023 #132
I AGREE! NewDayOranges Oct 2023 #133
I prefer to be able to take in as much info as possible in one glance. snot Oct 2023 #134
DU4 stole my wife TheProle Oct 2023 #135
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