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2. First of all
Thu Oct 19, 2023, 10:39 AM
Oct 2023

what's your problem with that if "My Stuff" is flashing? Secondly, why don't you PLEASE put DU4 comments in Community Help?

the my stuff button flashes if you get a reply jcgoldie Oct 2023 #1
I sometimes miss that edhopper Oct 2023 #6
You can set it up in my settings to turn a solid yellow. WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #9
Thanks edhopper Oct 2023 #10
Well you should have just *sensed* that's how it works Bucky Oct 2023 #28
a lot of "sensing" going on edhopper Oct 2023 #32
Close your eyes, Luke Bucky Oct 2023 #33
It changes color from blue to yellow. Hard to miss Kaleva Oct 2023 #36
I set it to change colors edhopper Oct 2023 #38
Great! Kaleva Oct 2023 #39
My Stuff flashes for all sorts of reasons tinrobot Oct 2023 #12
Even as we speak, MarineCombatEngineer Oct 2023 #13
See if my reply to tinrobot helps you. herding cats Oct 2023 #16
Go to your account settings in My Stuff herding cats Oct 2023 #14
There is no ''My Stuff notifications'' when in Skinner mode Donkees Oct 2023 #17
I've not really tried out Skinner Mode herding cats Oct 2023 #19
I am in Skinner mode edhopper Oct 2023 #25
I only have "General, Visual, Social Media Integration" Donkees Oct 2023 #27
There may be a new OP in one of the groups you subscribe to Kaleva Oct 2023 #40
Still, 2 clicks instead of one. The most common and annoying feature of DU4 question everything Oct 2023 #22
Mine doesn't flash claudette Oct 2023 #30
Mine has never stopped flashing. sybylla Oct 2023 #35
The flashing lets you know more then just if there's a reply Kaleva Oct 2023 #37
First of all Jilly_in_VA Oct 2023 #2
I don't think the post was requesting "help." Scottie Mom Oct 2023 #5
Exactly edhopper Oct 2023 #7
There might not be any changes, Earl G has already done a ton of work to get us this new version. Elessar Zappa Oct 2023 #41
you can switch to the 'badge' option, no more flashing but it still shows a wee 'new reply' icon when someone replies to you Celerity Oct 2023 #3
Yeah, I want YOUR POSTS in my header. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #4
My Stuff Jilly_in_VA Oct 2023 #8
I posted a similar suggestion/request in Community Help Emrys Oct 2023 #11
You can switch back to Skinner mode/old interface. n/t CousinIT Oct 2023 #15
I'm afraid that setting doesn't address the issue ed and I raised. n/t Emrys Oct 2023 #18
I did edhopper Oct 2023 #20
That doesn't fix the menus. Renew Deal Oct 2023 #23
YES! Disaffected Oct 2023 #21
Just demands. Does anyone say "please'? 33taw Oct 2023 #24
There is nothing rude edhopper Oct 2023 #26
Put back MY POSTS is screaming in internet speak. How about simply saying 33taw Oct 2023 #29
I see edhopper Oct 2023 #31
how anybody could think adding in a bunch of menu diving would be an improvement is beyond me. Blues Heron Oct 2023 #34
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