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22. Lost weight on Keto AND Complex Carb diets
Thu Oct 19, 2023, 05:58 PM
Oct 2023

I wish that Keto folk would distinguish which carbs they are referring to.

Interesting, thanks. Nt spooky3 Oct 2023 #1
Carbs IN ANY FORM are MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #2
Not entirely true. Caliman73 Oct 2023 #4
But your body can create glucose. Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #5
Agreed. Caliman73 Oct 2023 #6
Veggies have carbs but also fiber redqueen Oct 2023 #12
Yup, Veggies have fiber that also make it "slow carbs" that don't spike your blood sugar. nt mitch96 Oct 2023 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Oct 2023 #9
All points well taken. MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Oct 2023 #10
Not exactly. The culprit is mostly simple carbs that get metabolized too quickly. tinrobot Oct 2023 #21
Lost weight on Keto AND Complex Carb diets Cetacea Oct 2023 #22
Blue zones eat 60 to 65% complex carbs Quixote1818 Oct 2023 #51
nonsense Skittles Oct 2023 #62
This is long but right on point. GumboYaYa Oct 2023 #3
Readf the whole thing...Thanks! superpatriotman Oct 2023 #8
"They are in the addiction business." redqueen Oct 2023 #13
No doubt exboyfil Oct 2023 #17
I don't agree that diabetes can be cured. MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #28
Apologies, type 2 adult onset can be cured redqueen Oct 2023 #31
As a person with type 2 diabetes mellitus for 33 years, TexLaProgressive Oct 2023 #33
Did you try fasting? redqueen Oct 2023 #38
Fasting helped a bit in the beginning TexLaProgressive Oct 2023 #49
This part redqueen Oct 2023 #50
Why? TexLaProgressive Oct 2023 #57
Ok I get it now, I was misreading redqueen Oct 2023 #58
OMG MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #54
The most I've done is a 5-day fast redqueen Oct 2023 #55
In my case early stage was I think cured exboyfil Oct 2023 #44
Outstanding! redqueen Oct 2023 #48
I love my Keto doctor exboyfil Oct 2023 #18
I could probably call my diabetes cured MOMFUDSKI Oct 2023 #29
"They are in the addiction business.", yup. High fructos corn syrup, salt and fat is their combo...Want lo fat? mitch96 Oct 2023 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Oct 2023 #11
He is great Tree Lady Oct 2023 #19
I know from years of personal experience, that eliminating wheat and sugar leaves me happier lindysalsagal Oct 2023 #7
Yep, once your body burns through the carbs redqueen Oct 2023 #14
A profound lack of exercise by far too Americans is endemic as well. I was gobsmacked at utter disdain for simply walking a bit more that was present in many places. Celerity Oct 2023 #15
Very true when you visit overseas Tree Lady Oct 2023 #20
True that spinbaby Oct 2023 #56
I do Keto exboyfil Oct 2023 #16
So sorry for your loss redqueen Oct 2023 #24
Try Avocado Oil Deep State Witch Oct 2023 #30
I will give Avocado oil a try exboyfil Oct 2023 #39
No Problem Deep State Witch Oct 2023 #40
I like that oil.... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #53
Keto worked for me too... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #35
You're Lucky You Can Have a Slice Deep State Witch Oct 2023 #41
When I had been on Keto for a while... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #46
I may try that Deep State Witch Oct 2023 #61
Me too exboyfil Oct 2023 #42
Yep... I get the same thing about LDL from my GP. Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #47
Toss in sitting too farking much and voila! JanMichael Oct 2023 #23
Lots of requests for standing desks at my office. redqueen Oct 2023 #25
It's funny you should mention that JanMichael Oct 2023 #32
I've heard that too, but.... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #36
it kills me how many people claim they have "no time" to exercise Skittles Oct 2023 #63
I worked for a beverage distributor in the 80s and questioned fructose. It was in New York Seltzer that brewens Oct 2023 #27
HFCS is the sputum of the industrial GMO & glyphosate corporate cornholing of the planet Windicator Oct 2023 #37
I reserve judgement since I cannot read and study the study TexLaProgressive Oct 2023 #34
Read the labels Marthe48 Oct 2023 #43
Yes exboyfil Oct 2023 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2023 #52
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