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39. Is it? I Remember Calvinism...
Wed Oct 25, 2023, 06:13 PM
Oct 2023

… relating to predestination and questions of whether there really is such a thing as free will. Also, that would create tension with the idea of salvation, because there really is no path of redemption, since you are either damned or not, thus acting pious was just a means of faking it until you make it.

Because Jesus said "Kill the poor and put them out of their misery ASAP" dalton99a Oct 2023 #1
If Jonathan Swift's Classic Satire, A Modest Proposal Was Published Today... TomCADem Oct 2023 #4
+1. dalton99a Oct 2023 #6
I guess that Musk must be the right hand of god. Get out of the way Jesus. Chainfire Oct 2023 #2
Not just Musk, but Meta sites like Facebook. haele Oct 2023 #53
Pastor alarmed after Trump-loving congregants deride Jesus' teachings as 'weak' keithbvadu2 Oct 2023 #3
I'd love to know when the religion has not been ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #19
Is that the religion or the adherents? TomCADem Oct 2023 #23
a little quote they ignore DonCoquixote Oct 2023 #24
Wow, I've been getting that verse wrong for years. LastDemocratInSC Oct 2023 #32
There are a number of things... stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #33
To help their benefactors hurl Oct 2023 #40
Also, even though my knowledge of the Bible is limited & from a long time ago, CrispyQ Oct 2023 #58
I literally LOLd at that graphic. CrispyQ Oct 2023 #54
👀 underpants Oct 2023 #5
Most people are hostile to the poor. Why would Christians be any different? WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #7
There is a difference between an ideology and alleged adherents. TomCADem Oct 2023 #9
no true scotsman, eh? WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2023 #13
It's all they have. ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #20
Well, to be fair, ... stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #34
To be fair he did specify poor in "spirit". Arthur_Frain Oct 2023 #8
That's one passage - there is a lot more about helping the poor redqueen Oct 2023 #12
Sure Arthur_Frain Oct 2023 #25
Got to love evangelical christians they make shit up as they go. Emile Oct 2023 #10
My stock response gratuitous Oct 2023 #11
no beatitudes in the repulikkan bible, but they think he's a pussy now. pansypoo53219 Oct 2023 #14
Calvinism recycled for today. scarletlib Oct 2023 #15
Well spotted Hekate Oct 2023 #30
Is it? I Remember Calvinism... TomCADem Oct 2023 #39
That is all true. The question asked and answered by Calvinist theology was how could one determine who was elected. scarletlib Oct 2023 #42
It's well worth the time to click through to the original Tansy_Gold Oct 2023 #16
it's more or less commonly understood barbtries Oct 2023 #17
Same as being "moral." Check out the "morality police" anywhere. hunter Oct 2023 #38
The Prosperity Gospel ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #18
Suckers SouthernDem4ever Oct 2023 #21
Republicans have decided that rich people can now enter heaven JoseBalow Oct 2023 #22
I saw this on FB recently & it really resonated. CrispyQ Oct 2023 #26
Okay Snackshack Oct 2023 #27
Jon Calvin on steroids. no_hypocrisy Oct 2023 #28
Preachers who ALWAYS have their hand out for money hate the poor who have little to give. Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #29
All Hail the Holy Algorithims! stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #31
Religion is just another area to divide people. They thrive on division. live love laugh Oct 2023 #35
By it's very nature religion is hostile to the poor. IMHO nt Autumn Oct 2023 #36
No, it's not. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #41
I believe it is. Prove to me it isn't. nt Autumn Oct 2023 #44
It's not my job to disprove your beliefs and stereotypes. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #45
Another thing incompatible with religion. Science. Autumn Oct 2023 #48
Your opposition to science is noted. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #49
Opposition to science? Might want to read that again. I oppose religion. Any religion Autumn Oct 2023 #55
Your religion opposes science. stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #56
I have no religion. I do not believe in God or his followers. Autumn Oct 2023 #57
It's a circuitous infinity loop. Marcus IM Oct 2023 #59
Religion is a part of culture... stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #60
Carl Sagan believes they're compatible. And that they will be more so in the future. ancianita Oct 2023 #61
I would sooner worship Science than religion but there is a big difference between Autumn Oct 2023 #62
If you want to understand... stuck in the middle Oct 2023 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author Autumn Oct 2023 #47
Here in West Michigan we have the CRC Johnny2X2X Oct 2023 #37
I'm surprised to see this come up here. My recently deceased husband of 35 years graduated from Calvin. But he was ancianita Oct 2023 #64
A further necrotic devolution of the malignancy known as Calvinism . . . . hatrack Oct 2023 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Oct 2023 #46
RpubliCon Jesus followers are a bunch of nasty ........... sarcasmo Oct 2023 #50
They need to have a name pinned on them. GreenWave Oct 2023 #51
Talk about losing your way.... Blue Owl Oct 2023 #52
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