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12. Great thinking starting point Feudalism
Tue Oct 31, 2023, 06:51 AM
Oct 2023

What is feudalism about? What is the heart, the nature of feudalism?

We can look back in history to see the past trajectory (like the wake of a boat) through and beyond that feudalism took.
We can project our future by seeing how our path continues. Does the wake ever suggest changing directions?
Is feudalism based upon some sibling rivalry and the refusal to share?

But back to first thought, feudalism implies someone owns it all and others may or may not have access to any or little of the 'private-wealth".
"All deer belong to the king, throughout the realm. Go starve elsewhere, peasant!"

Then came the era of the common-wealth and America was born.
Then financial-corporate capitalism took away the common-wealth and private equity erected walls and fences.

The Lords of the past are now the Private-Equity owners of more and more of the present.
Who's going to own you?

Present day selfishnesses (plural as the are in the hearts of two too many), are why are children die, bleeding out in their classrooms.

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