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And the article ends with this: Lochloosa Nov 2023 #1
Notice they don't add RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #6
Well, sure. Big Media (mostly) plays to Wall Street - and Wall Street prefers Needy Amin peppertree Nov 2023 #19
So, let me get this straight... GiqueCee Nov 2023 #8
Welcome to DU! Delphinus Nov 2023 #14
Many thanks! GiqueCee Nov 2023 #37
Welcome! colorado_ufo Nov 2023 #45
Welcome to DU GiqueCee and yeah, that about covers it. Lochloosa Nov 2023 #21
They've ridden that horse until it has a swayback. dchill Nov 2023 #32
Motivating American voters is enormously difficult. NCIndie Nov 2023 #2
They are doing the GOT in their own special way. LiberalArkie Nov 2023 #5
It's seriously like they're TRYING to make the orange POS president again. Initech Nov 2023 #35
We held our seat in Rhode Island too! 👍 sheshe2 Nov 2023 #3
That I didn't know. underpants Nov 2023 #26
He's also the first black man they ever sent to Congress! sheshe2 Nov 2023 #31
Saw this lede on a left-leaning site today: "Not Dead Yet: Dems Win Big Despite Biden Blues" sop Nov 2023 #4
I know right? A tsunami of a day and they still find a way to trash it. padah513 Nov 2023 #17
When Reps see the light at the end of the tunnel they vote to extend the tunnel. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #7
I've got the Biden Blues. usonian Nov 2023 #9
Fred agrees KS Toronado Nov 2023 #12
Yabba Dabba Do usonian Nov 2023 #15
The pushed horserace meme goes down in flames once again! ffr Nov 2023 #10
They are going to keep flogging though underpants Nov 2023 #27
The article was written By NICHOLAS RICCARDI KS Toronado Nov 2023 #11
So true!!! Peacetrain Nov 2023 #13
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #16
Talking head Tapper was obviously dropped on his head a LOT as a child. NoMoreRepugs Nov 2023 #18
He didn't actually say that. It's just a meme mocking the media and they used his picture. Takket Nov 2023 #34
I still think he might have bumped his head a time or three... NoMoreRepugs Nov 2023 #43
I'm beginning to think that liberals and progressives in the media want someone else to run on the Democratic ticket. lees1975 Nov 2023 #20
A President's party is always tied to the President 's fate politically DestinyIsles Nov 2023 #22
Nailed it! PatSeg Nov 2023 #23
Democrats are fucked. sellitman Nov 2023 #24
😆 underpants Nov 2023 #28
To this ww can add Nate Cohn fron the "but her emails" NY Times. NNadir Nov 2023 #25
Sums up what I've seen with Tapper this past year. badhair77 Nov 2023 #29
Michigan Dems lose majority in State House in last night's election. James48 Nov 2023 #30
The criminal party can't win next year. But they can steal some or all of it. Cyrano Nov 2023 #33
Narrative journalism isn't about journalism. It's about their narrative. Hassler Nov 2023 #36
Translation: "Please send us millions and millions more ad dollars. We're needy!" Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2023 #38
Maybe it's just me... ShazzieB Nov 2023 #39
Sad but true. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2023 #40
I know that the Tapper picture is just a prop (from another DU post on this chain) but in reality, I used to SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #41
Let's hope there are nonstop questions at the GOP debate about last night's blue wave. ffr Nov 2023 #42
Exactly. Tarheel_Dem Nov 2023 #44
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