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Congratulations on 21 years LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #1
Please proceed. Good sir. czarjak Nov 2023 #2
Roger that Teammate BOSSHOG Nov 2023 #3
Hey BOSS! It's always good to hear from my old sailor buddy! 11 Bravo Nov 2023 #17
Very Well My Friend BOSSHOG Nov 2023 #18
And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well! 11 Bravo Nov 2023 #19
😁 blm Nov 2023 #4
K&R onecaliberal Nov 2023 #5
Now that you're over 21... Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2023 #6
hear, hear Skittles Nov 2023 #7
Thank you for 21 years, here's to another 21! Bluethroughu Nov 2023 #8
No argument from me. LoisB Nov 2023 #9
Happy belated 21st DUnniversary to you. Agree with you! niyad Nov 2023 #10
Congrats!! Here's the EarlG "Anniveraries and Posting Milestones" Lounge thread mention BumRushDaShow Nov 2023 #11
KnR! Hekate Nov 2023 #12
There will be a day when we can all look back and say "We did it!" NBachers Nov 2023 #13
Well put...nt RussBLib Nov 2023 #14
Right there with ya, bud! Stinky The Clown Nov 2023 #15
Congrats! And yes besides voting Dem I'll do some kind of GOTV electric_blue68 Nov 2023 #16
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