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1. Regarding Tuberville
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 07:15 PM
Nov 2023

The jigsaw puzzle ain’t that hard to put together, and the picture that’s revealed is well
and truly horrifying.
McTurtle’s stunt with denying Obama a Senate hearing on his SCOTUS pick told us
exactly what the Republicans would do if Trump didn’t win in 2020, and now they’re
“flooding the zone”, as Bannon likes to put it. Asshole Tubbyville’s “hold” on military
promotions and appointments isn’t a one-off bit of malicious intervention; it’s just one
of many similar schemes by lowlifes like Rand Paul and others to establish vacancies
in critical departments that Trump can later fill with branded loyalists when/if he
succeeds in Insurrection v.2. A corrupted and Trump-controlled DOJ would grant him
carte blanche to make good on all his threats to those who disagreed with him.
What he wants to do to this country will make Europe under Nazi control during
WW II look like a Sunday picnic. Y' know, the stuff he's already promised PUBLICLY,
like executing General Milley, and anyone who failed to say nice things about him.

What really worries me is whether or not the DNC and others at the top of the Demo-
cratic food chain are paying attention. They fucking well better be, ‘cause shit’s gonna
get real when Trump and his treasonweasels kick out the jams on their 2025 Plan.
I hope the DNC + is just rope-a-doping these sociopaths into a false sense of security
before they splatter their asses all over the landscape, but recent history does not
instill much confidence in that regard. Love ya, Mrs. Obama, but “When they go low,
we go high” just ain’t gonna cut it this time. It's knives out, or die.

Those devoid of honor trying to undermine Biden’s re-election efforts with primary and
third-party ego-trip challenges haven’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell of succeeding,
and their grandstanding only helps Trump, and serves Putin’s malign interests. They
certainly deserve no deference, and absolutely no mercy whatsoever.
If pure evil somehow manages to win in ’24, either through manipulating the Electoral
College, or whatever other despicable treachery the GQP is planning, it will be bad.
But if they lose decisively, the possibility that MAGA zombies could be unleashed in an
all-out civil war effort is VERY real, and anyone that doubts it just isn’t paying attention.

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