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People involved in AI have been gaslighting BootinUp Nov 2023 #1
So, OpenAI's board fired Altman as a... LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #6
I don't feel the need to understand that part of it BootinUp Nov 2023 #7
What is AGI? mahina Nov 2023 #29
Artificial general intelligence Sympthsical Nov 2023 #31
Thanks very much - that makes sense mahina Nov 2023 #36
I never forgot how watching the movie 2001 Space odyssey as a kid and Hal the computer took over kimbutgar Nov 2023 #2
HAL. Colossus. WOPR. Bender. The list goes on. Yep, we're boned. nt Buns_of_Fire Nov 2023 #3
At least they're not writing cook books... Hugin Nov 2023 #15
But I thought intrepidity Nov 2023 #4
explain how monetization and widespread promotion stopdiggin Nov 2023 #11
Because he saw it as inevitable and wanted the public widely aware? intrepidity Nov 2023 #28
They say hildegaard28 Nov 2023 #5
How could anyone be dumb enough to want to replace Altman with the Twitch guy. BrightKnight Nov 2023 #8
"Now you've gone and done it!!!!!!!" NameAlreadyTaken Nov 2023 #9
"Solving grade school math" is a big scary. One really has to reach to fear that kind of progress. Silent Type Nov 2023 #10
AI is already being used in medicine stopdiggin Nov 2023 #12
Yep, remember the panic for Y2K. newdayneeded Nov 2023 #13
I believe the concern is that this project has... LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #20
Computers have been solving math problems since at least the 1960s. It's exciting for mankind. Silent Type Nov 2023 #23
Sure, computers can solve all kinds of problems. LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #24
Now AI can do math at my level - third grade. And I'm an engineer! Wonder Why Nov 2023 #14
I'm saving running around in small circles screaming... Hugin Nov 2023 #17
It seems like solving simple math equations would be a slam dunk for AI. Granted Gaugamela Nov 2023 #16
For a good contrarian viewpoint, Disaffected Nov 2023 #18
I like that guy Sympthsical Nov 2023 #32
Computers could always do math Farmer-Rick Nov 2023 #19
Dude! Roomba, man! Hugin Nov 2023 #21
Hilarious Farmer-Rick Nov 2023 #38
I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords and am willing to sell out the human population. Ray Bruns Nov 2023 #22
AI might reason that humans are a cancer upon this planet, and wipe us out. Oneironaut Nov 2023 #25
This is the only logical conclusion AI can Polly Hennessey Nov 2023 #26
A superintelligent AI isn't likely to consider... LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #27
Gotta have the 3 rules, ya know... nt yagotme Nov 2023 #37
This is when I like to trot out: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream JanMichael Nov 2023 #30
Yeah, that was a great story. Swede Nov 2023 #33
I'll be more worried when ChatGPT can identify how to identify letters within words LymphocyteLover Nov 2023 #34
Secret project named "Q"? tinrobot Nov 2023 #35
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