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Israel is a democracy [View all] question everything Nov 27 OP
It's a Jewish Democracy. Where a Jewish majority is required. LeftInTX Nov 27 #1
That sounds like a Jewish Theocracy malaise Nov 27 #2
Sort of. It has freedom of religion. It has a few Christians, Muslims and Druze in Parliament LeftInTX Nov 27 #4
Is this what apartheid looks like? By the numbers. CincyDem Nov 27 #20
Thank you for the detailed history. Only to add: as 600,000 Arabs chose to flee, 600,000 Jews fled Arab countries question everything Nov 28 #27
Fair point. CincyDem Nov 28 #29
A significant number of residents of Gaza are considered refugees. Many families were driven out of their homes Zipgun Nov 28 #31
Lots of truth there, especially about who pays the price. CincyDem Nov 28 #34
No sympathy for Hamas at all, especially the old men living outside of Gaza who run it and care nothing for civilians. Zipgun Nov 28 #40
Starting from the bottom up... CincyDem Nov 28 #47
But does continuing to consider them "refugees" make sense? Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #50
They are refugees because they are not citizens of any country. LeftInTX Nov 28 #56
I think we can advocate foe a Pelstinian State. Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #60
Amen. RussellCattle Nov 27 #5
Oh really. paleotn Nov 27 #13
Administrative detention enid602 Nov 27 #14
It is madness malaise Nov 27 #15
Malaise SYGDeb Nov 28 #58
Malaise SYGDeb Nov 28 #59
Please define your claim in this context question everything Nov 27 #16
Huh? malaise Nov 27 #18
It is NoT a theocracy just like Affirmative Action is not discrimination against White people JI7 Nov 28 #30
When did the United States become a Democracy? edhopper Nov 28 #41
So it's a Jewish Democracy.. It's Israel! and they have Cha Nov 27 #8
It's a liberal ethnocracy. AloeVera Nov 27 #22
Egypt is run by a military dictator. And then there are the monarchies in that region JI7 Nov 28 #32
Actually it's too bad if you're not an Orthodox Jew. CincyDem Nov 28 #33
Frightening. AloeVera Nov 28 #39
You are correct re: growing Orthodox influence in Israel...but sometimes they don't get their way. CincyDem Nov 28 #44
I honestly appreciate your thoughtful and insightful response. AloeVera Nov 28 #46
My thoughts are a bit different on this. AloeVera Nov 28 #66
The idea of Israel is a Jewish country where Jews will never be afraid question everything Nov 27 #12
I'm Armenian. Israel wants to destroy our 1500 year old Church community. We never did anything to them. Ever. LeftInTX Nov 27 #17
I'm so sorry. AloeVera Nov 27 #21
I've been reading so much about this lately - of course not on regular news. The Armenian people have suffered so Nanjeanne Nov 28 #49
"Many thought that the U.S. and Western Europe were safe for Jews." Kennah Nov 27 #19
"Look at all the placed with mixed ethnic groups"? Act_of_Reparation Nov 28 #43
Forgive me but I'm unfamiliar with the laws of Israel SocialDemocrat61 Nov 28 #42
Israeli citizenship law Celerity Nov 28 #45
Thanks SocialDemocrat61 Nov 28 #53
yw Celerity Nov 28 #55
Wikipedia's definition of "Theocracy" has several references to Israel and contrasts it to monarchy, oligargy and..... RussellCattle Nov 27 #3
A little misleading of you to not point out those are references to ancient Israel, no? mathematic Nov 28 #25
An interesting element of Israeli politicshas been the cultural shift over time... brooklynite Nov 27 #6
Things changed after the 6 day war. David Ben Gurion said, "Don't keep the land" LeftInTX Nov 27 #7
Not only were the original Israeli settlers secular, marybourg Nov 27 #11
Things have changed from the socialists of yore. AloeVera Nov 27 #23
Excellent OP! I Appreciate it.. Thank YOu! Cha Nov 27 #9
I think some would rather it be sarisataka Nov 27 #10
The Israel hate is strong in this thread. Usual actors. That is all. nt LexVegas Nov 27 #24
I was hoping to enlighten the ones reading this but many read posts like that with pre-determined opinion question everything Nov 28 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Nov 28 #36
and not a surprise JohnSJ Nov 28 #57
LGBTQ Rights in Israel are considered the most developed in the Middle East Cha Nov 28 #26
"Israel is the only democratic country in the region" is important and to be commended... Silent3 Nov 28 #35
And it lacks a constitution. no_hypocrisy Nov 28 #37
Israel Proper is a democracy. Tommy Carcetti Nov 28 #38
Yes, but it is not a liberal democracy, like the US, Canada, much of Europe, etc. It is an ethnic/religious democracy. Celerity Nov 28 #48
Of course not! I don't understand why so many view other countries through U.S eyes question everything Nov 28 #51
you would have to take that up with them Celerity Nov 28 #52
question everything SYGDeb Nov 28 #54
Us does the same thing with FISA courts Mosby Nov 28 #62
The CIA does that too Oneironaut Nov 28 #63
Israel is a Democracy Especially compared to HAMAS' Cha Nov 28 #61
Compared to all the countries in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world question everything Nov 28 #64
That's Democracy!! Cha Nov 28 #65
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