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How GD Stupid do you have to be? Cha Nov 28 #1
Orwellian. Permanut Nov 28 #2
Uncle Ruckusian (like a poundland Clarence Thomas) Celerity Nov 28 #30
Say WHAT??? TSExile Nov 28 #3
Really.... Historic NY Nov 28 #4
WTF?!?! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 28 #5
More proof of the failure of our education system.nt DURHAM D Nov 28 #6
Chickens for KFC Oneironaut Nov 28 #7
Stupid piece of shit dalton99a Nov 28 #8
His Unity Message? ProfessorGAC Nov 28 #13
A sure path to publicity and money. enough Nov 28 #9
Right. The money this phony got paid to endorse trump. brush Nov 28 #18
Agree debm55 Nov 28 #32
Trump can call him 'my new African American'. He can campaign with Donald. keithbvadu2 Nov 28 #10
So since Biden is 'a deep disappointment', he's voting for Team BLDM? JHB Nov 28 #11
the idiot who called the Jan 6 convicts "political prisoners?"" bigtree Nov 28 #12
Ah, Rhode Island politics... barbaraann Nov 28 #14
BLM has no real hierarchy edhopper Nov 28 #15
Mark thinks All Lives Matter now! ZonkerHarris Nov 28 #16
"Unity".. Traitor literally spewed Cha Nov 28 #17
Nothing but a paid shill. These types always surface...with their hand out... brush Nov 28 #19
'racist' policies by the democratic party....? FUCK OFF FISHER spanone Nov 28 #20
He is delusional and needs serious mental health care. ananda Nov 28 #21
hey everyone! it is too hot here so screw you all, i'm going to go live on the sun! Takket Nov 28 #22
Fisher - YOU are a deep disappointment. Bundbuster Nov 28 #23
I still call him Kanye, but not with love or respect. Just an identifier. keithbvadu2 Nov 28 #29
We'll see a lot of these BETRAYED! DISAPPOINTED! OLD! DEMS ARE THE REAL RACISTS! attacks next year. betsuni Nov 28 #24
I think we'll see even more than the last time around. Axelrods_Typewriter Nov 28 #26
I'd love to see his balance sheets. Axelrods_Typewriter Nov 28 #25
He got paid mahina Nov 28 #31
i no longer belive in blm thank you very much . turncoat. AllaN01Bear Nov 28 #27
I don't think he is crazy or stupid DBoon Nov 28 #28
Holy Shit. sheshe2 Nov 28 #33
No, he won't stab you in the back. harumph Nov 28 #35
I care because? Johonny Nov 28 #34
Associates Degree from Prospect Hall School of Business (closed 2020)? struggle4progress Nov 28 #36
MARK FISHER SUPPORTS TRUMP struggle4progress Nov 28 #37
Excellent research! Thank you for posting. bronxiteforever Nov 28 #39
Not surprising. He seems like a right-wing sort to me. David__77 Nov 28 #38
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