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"Government approved airwaves"... Moosepoop Nov 29 #1
No shit! 2naSalit Nov 29 #14
My first thought too Bettie Nov 29 #30
Also he thinks they are "free." It's cable -- all of us pay a fortune for it Hekate Nov 29 #36
I cut the Cord 17 years ago ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 29 #46
In '79 I moved to a curve of the coastline where only one channel came across ... Hekate Nov 29 #47
I cut All Media in Nov 2002.. Never Cha Nov 29 #49
Someone wrote that speech with the intellect of his lungfish followers in mind. Maru Kitteh Nov 30 #53
What a fucking child. A HERETIC I AM Nov 29 #2
But not only can he say anything about anyone - malaise Nov 29 #10
Send him to Hell. triron Nov 29 #33
A SPOILED child... 2naSalit Nov 29 #15
Once again....A preoccupation about SIZE when it suits him ProudMNDemocrat Nov 29 #19
Yes!! TSExile Nov 29 #22
agree 100% Evolve Dammit Nov 29 #42
Plus if reelected KS Toronado Nov 29 #39
Besides being a criminal/traitor, he's also a fucking idiot. Sal_NV Nov 29 #3
His superior brain... 2naSalit Nov 29 #16
Ok, I got a good laugh with that one. Sal_NV Nov 29 #17
He's creative when it comes to bashing people. Haggard Celine Nov 30 #51
And MSNBC is part of NBC, the network that aired the game show that made him "famous." Rhiannon12866 Nov 29 #4
For that, I will always say... TSExile Nov 29 #23
If drumpf is old yeller, can we please skip to the end? Takket Nov 29 #5
This is the version with the happy ending. n/t whopis01 Nov 29 #6
We're close liberalgunwilltravel Nov 29 #7
perfectly stated! Evolve Dammit Nov 29 #43
From Huffington Post in 2015 Tom of Temecula Nov 30 #50
Good thing Fox "News" is fair and balanced democrank Nov 29 #8
I get Fox News Sunday morning opinion show on a broadcast channel Walleye Nov 29 #31
FOX was the first thing I thought of... slightlv Nov 29 #35
More fascist bullshit n/t Just_Vote_Dem Nov 29 #9
If MSNBC telling the truth is "illegal activity." Dictator Don is his dream. sarcasmo Nov 29 #11
He is such a victim. Emile Nov 29 #12
Also this. Wednesdays Nov 29 #29
LOL 🤣 Emile Nov 29 #32
I'm guessing it was the reporting on Lynn Cheney's new book ecstatic Nov 29 #13
Yeah, that's why you got indicted, Donny. tanyev Nov 29 #18
You would think 90+ criminal indictments is a good indicator of the government cracking down on illegal RAB910 Nov 29 #20
those, and... TSExile Nov 29 #24
and fraud RAB910 Nov 29 #25
Everything he says is stupid Johonny Nov 29 #21
Remember SNL? TSExile Nov 29 #26
What about the hundreds of Clear Channel and Sinclair stations that actually do run nothing doc03 Nov 29 #27
I just listened to the Keith Olbermann podcast BlueKota Nov 30 #52
Dude should be checked for rabies IronLionZion Nov 29 #28
What a dope Fiendish Thingy Nov 29 #34
Trump is such a moron. Now he thinks it is illegal for the media to report on political activity? Martin68 Nov 29 #37
Does he mean M$NBComcast? That is all. nt LexVegas Nov 29 #38
Wait, is that the IRREFUTABLE evidence? I'm still waiting, did I miss it? bucolic_frolic Nov 29 #40
He's a master ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 29 #41
Wait, I can get MSNBC over-the-air free??? SKKY Nov 29 #44
If anyone thinks for one second he won't louis-t Nov 29 #45
Oh Shut the Fuck Up already! bif Nov 29 #48
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