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Wed Nov 29, 2023, 02:39 PM Nov 29

Did the Civil War ever really end? And who "won?" [View all]

For years, there's been a pickup truck driving past my neighborhood with a huge Confederate flag flying from it's bed, alongside a giant American flag.

Occasionally, I'll be behind a car with a Confederate flag bumper sticker, (sometimes alongside a Trump sticker).

And at every Trump rally, there seem to be many Confederate flags waving alongside TRUMP flags and American flags. (And recently, even some Nazi flags have been appearing.)

And then there's the fact the many ex Confederate states are red states who helped make Trump president in 2016.

The cry that "The South Will Rise Again," seems to have become a reality during the Trump presidency.

Combining the fact that Jim Crow seems to be making a comeback, along with the Supreme Court decisions to gut the Voting Rights Act, asking who actually "won" the Civil War seems like a reasonable question these days.

And another reasonable question is, why don't you see many Joe Biden Bumper stickers? Not that I blame anyone for not displaying one. After all, who wants to find their car's window broken, or, in more extreme cases, who wants to get shot at while driving?

Ever since Nixon's "Southern Strategy," the Republican Party, and those who long for the old Confederacy, are now one.

Or, to put it more bluntly, racism, antisemitism, and hatred of "The Other," is now the norm for today's Fascist Party who prefer to call themselves, The Republican Party. The American Civil War never really ended. It's just spread, divided us more, and increased the level of hatred. -- Where we go from here is up to us.

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I've often wondered BannonsLiver Nov 29 #1
It sure you can say they stayed wealthy SCantiGOP Nov 29 #3
Yes ProfessorGAC Nov 29 #8
We're talking about two different classes of people BannonsLiver Nov 29 #11
Kinda like the way Nixon the criminal was MOMFUDSKI Nov 29 #7
Hobbes told us life is poor, "solitary, nasty, brutish, and short". bucolic_frolic Nov 29 #2
Well Said! Agree! n/t RKP5637 Nov 29 #27
There are several works of art in the United States Capitol honoring former leaders of the Confederate States of America Goonch Nov 29 #4
Sorry, Goonch. I don't get the point you're trying to make. Cyrano Nov 29 #5
A lot of the folks who deny the South lost also deny that Trump lost. Chainfire Nov 29 #6
Of course it ended, and it's clear who won. TwilightZone Nov 29 #9
I agree. Texasgal Dec 2 #55
Media is to blame? ElderRhody444 Dec 22 #56
If the Civil War were going on today, some would say the Union was committing war crimes in Dixie. nt LexVegas Nov 29 #10
If the civil war was going on today, the Black Americans would also be heavily armed. BComplex Nov 29 #20
This civil war is civillian based. The Grand Illuminist Dec 1 #47
40-50 ears of hate radio tiredtoo Nov 29 #12
The Fairness Doctrine wouldn't have stopped talk radio. TwilightZone Nov 29 #16
ok, however tiredtoo Nov 29 #26
No, that's the Equal Time rule, which is still in place. TwilightZone Nov 29 #29
Thank you. I'm a semi-retired communications attorney who has tried repeatedly to explain the FD onenote Nov 29 #35
The sad fact is... Ligyron Nov 29 #42
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 did far more to foster the growth of hate radio redqueen Dec 1 #46
Our enemies are winning. They have done an excellent job. Irish_Dem Nov 29 #13
The North won the war. Aristus Nov 29 #14
more than just the workforce rampartc Nov 29 #38
Exactly. Aristus Nov 29 #41
Watch this Kennah Nov 29 #15
Professor Barbara Fields spoke eloquently on this question. John1956PA Nov 29 #17
I'm born and raised and lived the first 52 years of my life in CA barbtries Nov 29 #18
Was it perhaps a TED talk? Those are usually quite interesting. Lonestarblue Nov 29 #19
no. not a ted talk. barbtries Nov 29 #34
We do the same thing in reverse. TwilightZone Nov 29 #23
i disagree that we do the same thing in reverse. barbtries Nov 29 #32
Dr Henry Lewis Gates? appalachiablue Dec 1 #49
Not Dr Gates. barbtries Dec 1 #50
I remember when the losing team didn't get a consolation trophy JohnnyRingo Nov 29 #21
The South Won The Civil War Stardust Mirror Nov 29 #22
As soon as I saw the title of this OP, I thought of HCR's book: How The South Won The Civil War erronis Nov 29 #24
Thank you! BaronChocula Nov 29 #25
Just found an interesting documentary on the civl war. tiredtoo Nov 29 #28
I don't think enough attention was paid The Unmitigated Gall Nov 29 #30
The North won, also helped to get slaves away. True Blue American Nov 29 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Nov 29 #33
Technically, The North won, but no_hypocrisy Nov 29 #36
The Civil War will never end until... ElderRhody444 Nov 29 #37
Great 1st post. flying rabbit Dec 1 #45
Disagree with my own post ElderRhody444 Dec 1 #48
Consider adding in lead poisoning in water pipes nationwide cbabe Dec 1 #51
Excellent and interesting post. markodochartaigh Dec 2 #53
The USA Irish ElderRhody444 Dec 2 #54
i've been thinking more of the cold war. rampartc Nov 29 #39
Was WWI won? Igel Nov 29 #40
As long as we have the electoral college BOSSHOG Nov 29 #43
When I visited my friend at her apartment complex, there was a truck with a full sized Confederate flag Rhiannon12866 Dec 1 #44
The North won the war. The South won the peace. Yavin4 Dec 1 #52
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