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Jeez, why didn't they just steal one from a motel? Maeve Dec 1 #1
Or support his own State's economy by buying from a local store. Midnight Writer Dec 1 #2
I haven't seen them in hotels since I started traveling again three years ago. madinmaryland Dec 1 #7
They might still have them in cheap older hotels pstokely Dec 1 #17
Oh, the Gideons are still out there Maeve Dec 1 #20
Really? They're still everywhere as far as I can tell, taking up space. yardwork Dec 2 #23
! Hugin Dec 2 #24
And, why is this bible important? For pandering purposes only. Marcus IM Dec 1 #3
That's pathetic. If you are going to play-act as a Xian, you should have the props. RockRaven Dec 1 #4
That seems weird to me. tanyev Dec 1 #5
I haven't been to church in decades senseandsensibility Dec 1 #6
Bibles were given as gifts when I was young..I have one Demovictory9 Dec 1 #10
Same here Rebl2 Dec 1 #13
I was given one at each of my graduations. Hugin Dec 2 #26
Same. The DeSantises don't seem to have real lives. yardwork Dec 2 #25
And his entire staff did not have one. keithbvadu2 Dec 1 #8
they needed to be able to say it's the DeS family bible, even if was a new one. ZonkerHarris Dec 1 #21
I'm an atheist and I have two. Maru Kitteh Dec 1 #9
This Atheist has 2 as well. SamKnause Dec 1 #14
Ha! This atheist has three! Poiuyt Dec 1 #15
lol. I feel shame! Maru Kitteh Dec 2 #22
He is a strange little man Hekate Dec 1 #11
That is pretty weird. Mosby Dec 1 #12
Back in my day, every serviceman was given a Gideon Bible in basic Brother Buzz Dec 1 #16
Well, the last Bible DeSantis touched burst into flames. no_hypocrisy Dec 1 #18
HA! No Doubt! DemocraticPatriot Dec 2 #36
This is confusing jmowreader Dec 1 #19
Surely his fine Christian friends the Zieglers could have loaned him one. tanyev Dec 2 #30
He should have done like Trump when he needed one.... JohnnyRingo Dec 2 #27
I'm really shocked not a single Bible Beater on DeSantis' staff had one available for the occasion. sop Dec 2 #28
In defense of DeSantis, why would a god need a bible? Chainfire Dec 2 #29
A Bible from a hotel...that cheap, lying, fraudster. I'm so glad Newsom kicked his fat ass... CTyankee Dec 2 #31
Ive been hit and miss in my beliefs at times xmas74 Dec 2 #32
There are at least a dozen Bibles in our house... hunter Dec 2 #33
How unsurprising. (nt) Paladin Dec 2 #34
DeSantis didn't own a Bible, and didn't know anyone who did ???? DemocraticPatriot Dec 2 #35
A Catholic thing? Retrograde Dec 2 #37
Why would hildegaard28 Dec 2 #38
If someone is going to cosplay being a Christian...have a Bible for show Demovictory9 Dec 4 #39
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