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Disgusting. And it's being defended on DU. yardwork Dec 3 #1
Bullshit! It's NOT being "defended on DU" maxrandb Dec 3 #20
Then you're not looking Sympthsical Dec 3 #26
Sadly, you're wrong. TwilightZone Dec 3 #30
Rec Yes. Cha Dec 4 #37
"I'm not going to provide specifics"??? maxrandb Dec 4 #42
It's against the rules to specifically call out and link other DUers Sympthsical Dec 4 #43
Maybe link to the DU topic and let us figure it out DBoon Dec 4 #77
yardwork does NOT do "Bullshit" & I've seen it myself. Cha Dec 4 #34
They are using "whataboutism" to hide behind ... LOOK and you will see it! nt Raine Dec 4 #36
I think you may have misunderstood my post. yardwork Dec 4 #46
Not a whole lot of "nuance" in; "it's being defended on DU" maxrandb Dec 4 #64
My intent was to point out that even on DU, this horrific behavior is defended. yardwork Dec 4 #65
I see it as troll-fueled propaganda like 2016 as well maxrandb Dec 4 #71
There are no mods on DU. yardwork Dec 4 #72
Right, Juries, not Mods maxrandb Dec 4 #73
I can recommend a thread to you without "calling out" an individual. Enjoy the myriad posts. Hekate Dec 4 #74
I see no DU poster in that thread supporting this action against the falafel place owner DBoon Dec 4 #78
Read on MacDuff... Hekate Dec 4 #80
What does Shakespeare have to do with this? DBoon Dec 4 #83
See post 84 in this thread, for example. yardwork Dec 4 #85
I have seen a poster defend this incident with my own eyes, and another poster support them when they were called out. emulatorloo Dec 5 #86
It should be defended, video shows a peacefull protest. Are we now against peacefull protests here at DU? krawhitham Dec 4 #84
Spot on RandySF JustAnotherGen Dec 3 #2
First McDonald's in NYC. Now falafel place in Philly. Beastly Boy Dec 3 #3
Are synagogues next? RandySF Dec 3 #5
I don't think these morons can tell the difference between a synagogue and Beastly Boy Dec 3 #12
Maybe... sarisataka Dec 3 #13
Well.... Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #38
My synagogue in Northern Virginia was the target of bomb threat two Fridays ago during services. onenote Dec 4 #40
Rec TY.. I hadn't even seen these reports. Cha Dec 4 #75
They have been Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 4 #60
So much bdamomma Dec 3 #4
Yes, and thanks for shedding light on the truth of the matter. elleng Dec 3 #6
Jimmy was great, but his best days are behind him. Omnipresent Dec 3 #11
SYMBOLIC suggestion. elleng Dec 3 #16
I understood you. Lunabell Dec 4 #59
A younger Jimmy Carter and Yitzhak Rabin as PM of Israel would have been perfect Polybius Dec 3 #21
+100 Rhiannon12866 Dec 3 #28
Stupid trash. dalton99a Dec 3 #7
Why would you protest at a falafel house just because Jewish persons own it? Takket Dec 3 #8
the way I see it..if they hate Jews so much agingdem Dec 3 #25
it's out of control... Think. Again. Dec 3 #9
have these owners done or said anything to make them targets? stopdiggin Dec 3 #10
No. They're just Jewish. revmclaren Dec 3 #14
This is being organized, orchestrated and funded. sheshe2 Dec 3 #15
Well-spotted, She. The actors are disgusting savages -- follow the money to its source Hekate Dec 3 #17
Whoever is behind it is trying to dis-stabilize our country. sheshe2 Dec 3 #24
Post removed Post removed Dec 4 #44
Russia perhaps. sheshe2 Dec 4 #47
Thanks for explaining that to Cha Dec 4 #79
💙💙 sheshe2 Dec 4 #81
🕯️🕊️💙🌊🇺🇸 Cha Dec 4 #82
I worked at a Kosher deli in highschool. Lunabell Dec 4 #61
this is truly sickening rollin74 Dec 3 #18
And then they made their way to U Penn. EllieBC Dec 3 #19
What are they saying? Can you tell? nt GuppyGal Dec 4 #39
No I can't. My hearing is starting to suck. EllieBC Dec 4 #48
They are saying "long live the Intifada, Intifada Intifada, Intifada Revolution" DFW Dec 4 #70
Welp, say goodbye to gun-control Polybius Dec 3 #22
It pure unadulterated Jewish hate JohnSJ Dec 3 #23
Agreed. Texasgal Dec 3 #27
Yes it IS Just Jewish Hate.. Stupid Fuckers think they Cha Dec 3 #29
Yes, this is anti-semitic Lithos Dec 4 #31
Be careful out there. It's getting scary. Joinfortmill Dec 4 #32
I fear foreign money is fostering this IbogaProject Dec 4 #33
Absolutely. yardwork Dec 4 #45
Yup. Needs to be denounced pronto. applegrove Dec 4 #35
Hating Israel is about hating Jews for many people so what can you expect ? JI7 Dec 4 #41
The silence of some here is deafening.... Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #49
Yes, this is antisemitism. redqueen Dec 4 #50
I'll agree with that. Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #51
Hamas seems to have excellent propaganda redqueen Dec 4 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author claudette Dec 4 #53
Oh please. Jedi Guy Dec 4 #54
Yes, it is disgusting. You described and phrased it perfectly. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #66
The chant was an accusation if genocide sarisataka Dec 4 #55
Well, I'm pretty sure that restaurant owner didn't murder innocents. Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #56
She said in another thread boaut the same topic: Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #58
Trying to reconcile this logic: Palestinians aren't all Hamas and are therefore innocent and Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #62
Also, in a now-deleted post, same poster says some of her family are Jewish. yardwork Dec 4 #68
Then hers is certainly an odd stance to take.. Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #69
I'm glad that post was removed! EllieBC Dec 4 #67
Yes it really is. sheshe2 Dec 4 #57
Wrong. Lunabell Dec 4 #63
Like an American running a restaurant in another country DBoon Dec 4 #76
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