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23. Amen.
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 09:23 AM
Dec 4

Meanwhile I have noticed among family and friends that the Millennials are paying absolutely no attention to the needs of their aging boomer parents. They don't come home to visit and expect the Boomers to come to them.

whiney millenials think grandma's house is a daycare for the little ones lol nt msongs Dec 4 #1
if I used the phrase 'whiney Boomers' here I'd be roasted alive, yet the broad-brush bashing of us younger folk is A-OK Celerity Dec 4 #14
Seriously! Prairie Gates Dec 4 #16
'61 boomer but don't feel much like a boomer. Two decade spread there LizBeth Dec 4 #41
The term "Generation Jones" is catching on for us later boomers. Gidney N Cloyd Dec 4 #51
I like that and fits our coolest generation at every stage of our life. Not like our label LizBeth Dec 4 #61
Gen Jones - For those who missed all the goodies the boomers got. Merlot Dec 4 #62
Like Vietnam? niyad Dec 4 #78
And widespread gay bashing? thucythucy Dec 4 #106
Exactly!!! niyad Dec 4 #110
If you think the Jones generation ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #120
I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. thucythucy Dec 5 #124
They only first came up with date rape in early 80's about the same time they came out with the drug LizBeth Dec 5 #131
I assume you're being ironic, yes? thucythucy Dec 5 #132
You do realize that Vietnam ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #121
OFFS, of course I realize it, I was there too. Nowhere was I dismissing what niyad Dec 5 #122
Keep drinking! TheKentuckian Dec 5 #113
the article is about millenials and they are whining. nobody is obligated to do their parenting for them nt msongs Dec 4 #99
bollocks, 'whining' is a pejorative framing meant to belittle, mock, and delegitimise Celerity Dec 5 #119
The point of the article being, Boomers did not have to whine to get parents as daycare LizBeth Dec 4 #39
That is a wild generalization. viva la Dec 4 #55
I agree...boomer years are when Americans began movi g away from family Demovictory9 Dec 4 #89
Exactly... we got the ------ out. B.See Dec 5 #111
My parents, born in the 1920s, already moved away after college DFW Dec 8 #149
Thank you for the fairly realistic essay, Viva La. My own comments are at #136 "My grandma was 3,000 miles away" Hekate Dec 7 #140
I agree-- that article relied on rosy-past stereotypes- viva la Dec 7 #142
The point of the criticism of the article being thucythucy Dec 4 #104
I wish! Bluesaph Dec 5 #118
I don't see it so much as whining xmas74 Dec 4 #56
I agree-- we should think of this as "Half a century of lousy daycare options." viva la Dec 4 #67
and boomers claim those damn kids are selfish for not spawning pstokely Dec 5 #117
Right. And I say enough already. How many times is this thread going to run and be argued out here on DU? brush Dec 5 #126
You mean I missed the others??? niyad Dec 5 #129
Over and over this has run. You see the number of reponses are in the hundred, right? brush Dec 5 #130
Sad to read. Blue Dawn Dec 8 #159
I'm not sure JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #2
Ya, myu parents did not have parents to hand off. I didn't hand off my kids often at all LizBeth Dec 4 #42
Another blame boomers post by Millennials who can't figure out their own lives? brush Dec 4 #3
+1 betsuni Dec 4 #6
Amen. DURHAM D Dec 4 #23
Must be they don't want to wear the shoes the same way. LiberalFighter Dec 4 #37
don't matter how... just wear 'em B.See Dec 5 #112
This message was self-deleted by its author DURHAM D Dec 4 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author RandySF Dec 4 #4
The article ignores RandySF Dec 4 #5
That's very true. Haggard Celine Dec 4 #8
Raising 2 grandkids here. yagotme Dec 5 #125
That's Bull crap Tickle Dec 4 #7
It's less about being "too busy" and more about living too-far-away. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #9
Yes, this is the main factor. honest.abe Dec 4 #22
Spot on. n/t yorkster Dec 4 #30
I haven't Delphinus Dec 4 #93
Interesting given the trend a few years ago of Boomers BECOMING the parents when their hlthe2b Dec 4 #10
A lot of us snowybirdie Dec 4 #11
It's all situational nitpicked Dec 4 #12
This is a more realistic and balanced viewpoint. Rec n/t ms liberty Dec 4 #20
Interesting malaise Dec 4 #13
Poor Mom is stressed out? llmart Dec 4 #25
True but dad is usually there to help out malaise Dec 4 #29
I realize my situation when I was a young mother is not the norm... llmart Dec 4 #32
Younhad it hard malaise Dec 4 #34
It's easier when there's a little "village"-- viva la Dec 4 #68
My dad was a Green Beret JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #82
Thank you! llmart Dec 4 #84
People don't want to leave their kids with their boomer parents Prairie Gates Dec 4 #15
"aren't most boomer's grandkids getting too old for babysitting?" llmart Dec 4 #27
Born in 1963 exboyfil Dec 4 #40
I am a boomer born 61, my boys 28 and 25. So gonna say.... meh. LizBeth Dec 4 #44
In my experience Bettie Dec 5 #128
The youngest boomers are not yet 60. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #65
Neither of my boomer siblings are even 65 yet TheKentuckian Dec 5 #116
Our four grandkids are 9 months, and 2,3 and 5 years old DFW Dec 8 #147
This JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #155
Eh, not my personal experience. phylny Dec 4 #17
It's great you can support your kids with babysitting Demovictory9 Dec 4 #18
Oh, I love it. In fact, she's sick with a fever (but otherwise very rambuctius and happy today) phylny Dec 4 #60
Cry me a river. I do travel as much as I want and sinkingfeeling Dec 4 #19
I always want to laugh when an article points out that (some) Boomers have disposable income. viva la Dec 4 #69
But it was much, much, much easier to pay rent and buy houses and cars Sky Jewels Dec 4 #87
What's odd is... supply and demand in education. viva la Dec 6 #133
That's true. Unfortunately, Sky Jewels Dec 7 #134
In my state, it's required that the 4-year public colleges accept cc transfer credit. viva la Dec 7 #135
I'm a boomer (late stage, 1959) and I grew up a solid 8 hour drive from the grandparents ms liberty Dec 4 #21
Again in these articles, we GenXers (who also have Boomer parents) are completely Xed out..... marmar Dec 4 #26
Shhhhhhh! EllieBC Dec 4 #31
It really is amazing. I know it's a "small" generation, but... so often ignored. viva la Dec 4 #71
My mom hated that term JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #156
I know. It's almost comical. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #88
Every damn time. I'm GenX with Silent Generation parents, two groups Wingus Dingus Dec 5 #123
Yeah JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #154
Shocked!!!! edisdead Dec 4 #28
This is such bullshit. EllieBC Dec 4 #33
Months in advance? I call that hogwash!! LiberalFighter Dec 4 #35
Some younger boomers may have elderly parents yorkster Dec 4 #36
The article appears to be entirely anecdotal. nt Voltaire2 Dec 4 #38
I know. And every single one of us can match that author anecdote for anecdote. viva la Dec 4 #74
Can we ever! DFW Dec 8 #150
I am a mid-period boomer and my two children (now in their early 40s) are childless by choice. Chainfire Dec 4 #43
This survey does not include me Freddie Dec 4 #45
I don't remember my grandparents in the 50's Emile Dec 4 #46
Talked to my son after they had the grandbaby MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #47
LOL Emile Dec 4 #49
Boomer here edhopper Dec 4 #48
Not in my neighborhood. hunter Dec 4 #50
Neither my generation, nor my marybourg Dec 4 #52
++++ same here. Diamond_Dog Dec 4 #101
an affluent subset of boomers are traveling and dining out frequently DBoon Dec 4 #53
This! nt redqueen Dec 4 #63
My kid is 3k miles away.. viva la Dec 4 #54
This boomer would love to see her grandkids more but I'M STILL WORKING! Beaverhausen Dec 4 #57
Boomers mostly refused to look after their own parents as well. NameAlreadyTaken Dec 4 #58
Not in my experience. Akacia Dec 4 #64
Every female boomer I know took the lead in taking care of their parents in their later years Beaverhausen Dec 4 #66
I don't think that is very true. viva la Dec 4 #73
Wrong Delphinus Dec 4 #94
Not at all my experience. thucythucy Dec 4 #108
Then you know an entirely different set of Boomers than most of us do, and are. niyad Dec 4 #109
This, thank you Hekate Dec 7 #141
Based on what data? Voltaire2 Dec 8 #152
Hmmm. The example, a 61 year old, is barely a boomer ismnotwasm Dec 4 #59
At the snap of a finger? Jesus... nolabear Dec 4 #70
Entitlement is sure rampant in today's society nini Dec 4 #72
Because people are having children later Johonny Dec 4 #75
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #81
Sounds like malarkey to me, elleng Dec 4 #76
I never lived near my parents or inlaws--my husband's career Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #77
That tracks. Bok_Tukalo Dec 4 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #80
How many of those "Boomers" are still working themselves? GoCubsGo Dec 4 #83
Apparently, when you finally CAN stop working, you're supposed to sit at home Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #86
LOL B.See Dec 5 #115
Many work into their 70s DBoon Dec 4 #107
One reason I don't have kids is I had no expectation of any help from parents Iris Dec 4 #85
My sister and Rebl2 Dec 4 #90
My grandparents were in their late 40s when they watched me Kaleva Dec 4 #91
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #92
A Counter Anecdote ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #95
My wife and I are early 50s Boomers. Mr.Bill Dec 4 #96
My parents used to drop us off at our grandparents for entire summers ecstatic Dec 4 #97
I have watched my grandkids twice that way Tree Lady Dec 7 #143
Who is surprised by this? budkin Dec 4 #98
Is that an informed statement of fact you're giving us, thucythucy Dec 4 #102
....riiiiight.... B.See Dec 5 #114
"Majority" yagotme Dec 5 #127
Gen Xer here, and this article is hilarious. flvegan Dec 4 #100
My next door neighbor just retired early from her senseandsensibility Dec 4 #103
Thank you. thucythucy Dec 4 #105
Division senseandsensibility Dec 7 #139
My grandma was 3,000 miles away. My mother had me for a babysitter from 11 y.o. onward. Hekate Dec 7 #136
One thing we can do to bring our DU blood pressure down is consider the source: Business Insider Hekate Dec 7 #137
Not these boomers. redwitch Dec 7 #138
Remember what boomers were treestar Dec 8 #144
Boomer with Silent Gen parents shanti Dec 8 #145
This isn't our experience either. We keep our grandchildren all the time. GoodRaisin Dec 8 #146
My parents used to take overnight trips Dorian Gray Dec 8 #148
I am gen x. My children needed some minding for a couple hours a day. boston bean Dec 8 #151
We certainly do find meaningless things to be concerned about... Think. Again. Dec 8 #153
Tail end boomer Woodwizard Dec 8 #157
This message was self-deleted by its author sinkingfeeling Dec 8 #158
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