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Response to brush (Reply #3)

whiney millenials think grandma's house is a daycare for the little ones lol nt msongs Dec 4 #1
if I used the phrase 'whiney Boomers' here I'd be roasted alive, yet the broad-brush bashing of us younger folk is A-OK Celerity Dec 4 #14
Seriously! Prairie Gates Dec 4 #16
'61 boomer but don't feel much like a boomer. Two decade spread there LizBeth Dec 4 #41
The term "Generation Jones" is catching on for us later boomers. Gidney N Cloyd Dec 4 #51
I like that and fits our coolest generation at every stage of our life. Not like our label LizBeth Dec 4 #61
Gen Jones - For those who missed all the goodies the boomers got. Merlot Dec 4 #62
Like Vietnam? niyad Dec 4 #78
And widespread gay bashing? thucythucy Dec 4 #106
Exactly!!! niyad Dec 4 #110
If you think the Jones generation ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #120
I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. thucythucy Dec 5 #124
They only first came up with date rape in early 80's about the same time they came out with the drug LizBeth Dec 5 #131
I assume you're being ironic, yes? thucythucy Dec 5 #132
You do realize that Vietnam ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #121
OFFS, of course I realize it, I was there too. Nowhere was I dismissing what niyad Dec 5 #122
Keep drinking! TheKentuckian Dec 5 #113
the article is about millenials and they are whining. nobody is obligated to do their parenting for them nt msongs Dec 4 #99
bollocks, 'whining' is a pejorative framing meant to belittle, mock, and delegitimise Celerity Dec 5 #119
The point of the article being, Boomers did not have to whine to get parents as daycare LizBeth Dec 4 #39
That is a wild generalization. viva la Dec 4 #55
I agree...boomer years are when Americans began movi g away from family Demovictory9 Dec 4 #89
Exactly... we got the ------ out. B.See Dec 5 #111
My parents, born in the 1920s, already moved away after college DFW Dec 8 #149
Thank you for the fairly realistic essay, Viva La. My own comments are at #136 "My grandma was 3,000 miles away" Hekate Dec 7 #140
I agree-- that article relied on rosy-past stereotypes- viva la Dec 7 #142
The point of the criticism of the article being thucythucy Dec 4 #104
I wish! Bluesaph Dec 5 #118
I don't see it so much as whining xmas74 Dec 4 #56
I agree-- we should think of this as "Half a century of lousy daycare options." viva la Dec 4 #67
and boomers claim those damn kids are selfish for not spawning pstokely Dec 5 #117
Right. And I say enough already. How many times is this thread going to run and be argued out here on DU? brush Dec 5 #126
You mean I missed the others??? niyad Dec 5 #129
Over and over this has run. You see the number of reponses are in the hundred, right? brush Dec 5 #130
Sad to read. Blue Dawn Dec 8 #159
I'm not sure JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #2
Ya, myu parents did not have parents to hand off. I didn't hand off my kids often at all LizBeth Dec 4 #42
Another blame boomers post by Millennials who can't figure out their own lives? brush Dec 4 #3
+1 betsuni Dec 4 #6
Amen. DURHAM D Dec 4 #23
Must be they don't want to wear the shoes the same way. LiberalFighter Dec 4 #37
don't matter how... just wear 'em B.See Dec 5 #112
This message was self-deleted by its author DURHAM D Dec 4 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author RandySF Dec 4 #4
The article ignores RandySF Dec 4 #5
That's very true. Haggard Celine Dec 4 #8
Raising 2 grandkids here. yagotme Dec 5 #125
That's Bull crap Tickle Dec 4 #7
It's less about being "too busy" and more about living too-far-away. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #9
Yes, this is the main factor. honest.abe Dec 4 #22
Spot on. n/t yorkster Dec 4 #30
I haven't Delphinus Dec 4 #93
Interesting given the trend a few years ago of Boomers BECOMING the parents when their hlthe2b Dec 4 #10
A lot of us snowybirdie Dec 4 #11
It's all situational nitpicked Dec 4 #12
This is a more realistic and balanced viewpoint. Rec n/t ms liberty Dec 4 #20
Interesting malaise Dec 4 #13
Poor Mom is stressed out? llmart Dec 4 #25
True but dad is usually there to help out malaise Dec 4 #29
I realize my situation when I was a young mother is not the norm... llmart Dec 4 #32
Younhad it hard malaise Dec 4 #34
It's easier when there's a little "village"-- viva la Dec 4 #68
My dad was a Green Beret JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #82
Thank you! llmart Dec 4 #84
People don't want to leave their kids with their boomer parents Prairie Gates Dec 4 #15
"aren't most boomer's grandkids getting too old for babysitting?" llmart Dec 4 #27
Born in 1963 exboyfil Dec 4 #40
I am a boomer born 61, my boys 28 and 25. So gonna say.... meh. LizBeth Dec 4 #44
In my experience Bettie Dec 5 #128
The youngest boomers are not yet 60. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #65
Neither of my boomer siblings are even 65 yet TheKentuckian Dec 5 #116
Our four grandkids are 9 months, and 2,3 and 5 years old DFW Dec 8 #147
This JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #155
Eh, not my personal experience. phylny Dec 4 #17
It's great you can support your kids with babysitting Demovictory9 Dec 4 #18
Oh, I love it. In fact, she's sick with a fever (but otherwise very rambuctius and happy today) phylny Dec 4 #60
Cry me a river. I do travel as much as I want and sinkingfeeling Dec 4 #19
I always want to laugh when an article points out that (some) Boomers have disposable income. viva la Dec 4 #69
But it was much, much, much easier to pay rent and buy houses and cars Sky Jewels Dec 4 #87
What's odd is... supply and demand in education. viva la Dec 6 #133
That's true. Unfortunately, Sky Jewels Dec 7 #134
In my state, it's required that the 4-year public colleges accept cc transfer credit. viva la Dec 7 #135
I'm a boomer (late stage, 1959) and I grew up a solid 8 hour drive from the grandparents ms liberty Dec 4 #21
Again in these articles, we GenXers (who also have Boomer parents) are completely Xed out..... marmar Dec 4 #26
Shhhhhhh! EllieBC Dec 4 #31
It really is amazing. I know it's a "small" generation, but... so often ignored. viva la Dec 4 #71
My mom hated that term JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #156
I know. It's almost comical. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #88
Every damn time. I'm GenX with Silent Generation parents, two groups Wingus Dingus Dec 5 #123
Yeah JustAnotherGen Dec 8 #154
Shocked!!!! edisdead Dec 4 #28
This is such bullshit. EllieBC Dec 4 #33
Months in advance? I call that hogwash!! LiberalFighter Dec 4 #35
Some younger boomers may have elderly parents yorkster Dec 4 #36
The article appears to be entirely anecdotal. nt Voltaire2 Dec 4 #38
I know. And every single one of us can match that author anecdote for anecdote. viva la Dec 4 #74
Can we ever! DFW Dec 8 #150
I am a mid-period boomer and my two children (now in their early 40s) are childless by choice. Chainfire Dec 4 #43
This survey does not include me Freddie Dec 4 #45
I don't remember my grandparents in the 50's Emile Dec 4 #46
Talked to my son after they had the grandbaby MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #47
LOL Emile Dec 4 #49
Boomer here edhopper Dec 4 #48
Not in my neighborhood. hunter Dec 4 #50
Neither my generation, nor my marybourg Dec 4 #52
++++ same here. Diamond_Dog Dec 4 #101
an affluent subset of boomers are traveling and dining out frequently DBoon Dec 4 #53
This! nt redqueen Dec 4 #63
My kid is 3k miles away.. viva la Dec 4 #54
This boomer would love to see her grandkids more but I'M STILL WORKING! Beaverhausen Dec 4 #57
Boomers mostly refused to look after their own parents as well. NameAlreadyTaken Dec 4 #58
Not in my experience. Akacia Dec 4 #64
Every female boomer I know took the lead in taking care of their parents in their later years Beaverhausen Dec 4 #66
I don't think that is very true. viva la Dec 4 #73
Wrong Delphinus Dec 4 #94
Not at all my experience. thucythucy Dec 4 #108
Then you know an entirely different set of Boomers than most of us do, and are. niyad Dec 4 #109
This, thank you Hekate Dec 7 #141
Based on what data? Voltaire2 Dec 8 #152
Hmmm. The example, a 61 year old, is barely a boomer ismnotwasm Dec 4 #59
At the snap of a finger? Jesus... nolabear Dec 4 #70
Entitlement is sure rampant in today's society nini Dec 4 #72
Because people are having children later Johonny Dec 4 #75
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #81
Sounds like malarkey to me, elleng Dec 4 #76
I never lived near my parents or inlaws--my husband's career Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #77
That tracks. Bok_Tukalo Dec 4 #79
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #80
How many of those "Boomers" are still working themselves? GoCubsGo Dec 4 #83
Apparently, when you finally CAN stop working, you're supposed to sit at home Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #86
LOL B.See Dec 5 #115
Many work into their 70s DBoon Dec 4 #107
One reason I don't have kids is I had no expectation of any help from parents Iris Dec 4 #85
My sister and Rebl2 Dec 4 #90
My grandparents were in their late 40s when they watched me Kaleva Dec 4 #91
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #92
A Counter Anecdote ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #95
My wife and I are early 50s Boomers. Mr.Bill Dec 4 #96
My parents used to drop us off at our grandparents for entire summers ecstatic Dec 4 #97
I have watched my grandkids twice that way Tree Lady Dec 7 #143
Who is surprised by this? budkin Dec 4 #98
Is that an informed statement of fact you're giving us, thucythucy Dec 4 #102
....riiiiight.... B.See Dec 5 #114
"Majority" yagotme Dec 5 #127
Gen Xer here, and this article is hilarious. flvegan Dec 4 #100
My next door neighbor just retired early from her senseandsensibility Dec 4 #103
Thank you. thucythucy Dec 4 #105
Division senseandsensibility Dec 7 #139
My grandma was 3,000 miles away. My mother had me for a babysitter from 11 y.o. onward. Hekate Dec 7 #136
One thing we can do to bring our DU blood pressure down is consider the source: Business Insider Hekate Dec 7 #137
Not these boomers. redwitch Dec 7 #138
Remember what boomers were treestar Dec 8 #144
Boomer with Silent Gen parents shanti Dec 8 #145
This isn't our experience either. We keep our grandchildren all the time. GoodRaisin Dec 8 #146
My parents used to take overnight trips Dorian Gray Dec 8 #148
I am gen x. My children needed some minding for a couple hours a day. boston bean Dec 8 #151
We certainly do find meaningless things to be concerned about... Think. Again. Dec 8 #153
Tail end boomer Woodwizard Dec 8 #157
This message was self-deleted by its author sinkingfeeling Dec 8 #158
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