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Haggard Celine

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22. Good question.
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 04:29 PM
Dec 4

My grandparents used to talk about that kind of thing, but they've all been dead for years. My parents are Boomers and they don't remember anything like that. There might still be people out there who remember that sort of thing, but they're very old!

How much Traildogbob Dec 4 #1
So how many leeches and bottles of tonic can I get for two chickens? tanyev Dec 4 #2
will we convert the doctors student loan debt... ret5hd Dec 4 #3
What a fucking asshole! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 4 #4
How the heck would that even work? Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #5
I saw how it worked. yardwork Dec 4 #16
We really, really need to address the outsize influence of rural voters redqueen Dec 4 #6
That's true. The balance of power is seriously out of whack. yardwork Dec 4 #17
I need brain surgery. intheflow Dec 4 #7
Sue Lowden, Nv GOP, in 2010 & barter for healthcare. They rarely change irisblue Dec 4 #8
"..no shortage of fowl-ups"? lastlib Dec 4 #23
This takes me back to some woman who spoke glowingly about the "good old days" calimary Dec 4 #9
(See post #8 above) lastlib Dec 4 #24
Yep. Thanks! calimary Dec 4 #36
Like every other commodity, prices are all over the map bucolic_frolic Dec 4 #10
POS lives off government contracts to his company dalton99a Dec 4 #11
I've got a stack of used egg cartons. Will that pay for my appendectomy? progressoid Dec 4 #12
no, but selling your first born into indentured servitude might DBoon Dec 4 #44
How many chickens to set a broken leg? Captain Zero Dec 4 #13
Haven't we been through this before? Why, yes, we have: Grokenstein Dec 4 #14
Good grief ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #61
Time for garage sale care Demnh2fl Dec 4 #15
I have a table saw I'm not using. Ocelot II Dec 4 #27
Sheesh ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #62
Brilliant! I've got a couch I want to get rid of. tanyev Dec 4 #47
How many of them actually lived during that time period? LiberalFighter Dec 4 #18
Good question. Haggard Celine Dec 4 #22
I'm old enough to remember house calls. multigraincracker Dec 4 #38
When I was going through my surgeries and all, Haggard Celine Dec 4 #39
Your comment echoes the first thing I thought of! slightlv Dec 5 #52
"Make America 1800s again!" Apparently, modernity is too "liberal" for Republicans. n/t Beartracks Dec 4 #19
The CEO of United Health Group, Andrew Witty.. Permanut Dec 4 #20
i don't see that barbtries Dec 4 #21
He'll get the moron vote in a landslide..... n/t lastlib Dec 4 #25
I don't think my clinic accepts sheep. Ocelot II Dec 4 #26
Not really what else The Unmitigated Gall Dec 4 #28
I called my pulmonologist...he said two goats would be fine next time. CanonRay Dec 4 #29
I had hernia surgery back in October, so far it cost $46000 and I haven't doc03 Dec 4 #30
two chickens and a gallon of milk rurallib Dec 4 #33
That may have worked in Dodge with Dr. Adams. nt doc03 Dec 4 #37
I was in the ER for 7 hours for kidney stone $25,500 Nictuku Dec 4 #34
As a surgeon myself who performs hernia surgeries Docreed2003 Dec 4 #45
My surgeon also has a farm, I offered to shovel out his barn. nt doc03 Dec 5 #50
Doctor, what will you give me for a... Anarcho-Socialist Dec 4 #31
Theodoric of York Medieval Barber Yavin4 Dec 4 #32
Clearly limited intelligence and a good dose of stupidity! n/t RKP5637 Dec 4 #35
He Should be Rebl2 Dec 4 #40
Someone that stupid shouldn't qualify for the job of villiage idiot. Chainfire Dec 4 #41
Even village idiots have standards, you know ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #63
This idea again? Like, how many homegrown chicken eggs does it take for my appendectomy? Hekate Dec 4 #42
"Remember the glory days of 19th century medicine!" should lure doctors to Montana struggle4progress Dec 4 #43
So how would I, as a provider, arrange a "fair market barter value" for services Docreed2003 Dec 4 #46
More "good ole days" dog whistlin' EarthFirst Dec 4 #48
Good thing I keep a flock of chickens for medical emergencies NickB79 Dec 4 #49
When my mom passed away 11 years ago, while cleaning out her things doc03 Dec 5 #51
Well.... ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #64
That is kind of primitive looking. But $78,000 and they send you home the next day now. doc03 Dec 5 #66
OK...then how many chickens for a series of radiation treatments? /nt sdfernando Dec 5 #53
And how will doctors pay for their malpractice insurance with eggs and pigs and bales of hay? greatauntoftriplets Dec 5 #54
Anything! Anything at all! Just don't make rich people pay taxes! Iggo Dec 5 #55
The GOP is crazy and out of touch with the American people! CarolinaNC Dec 5 #56
So how does one barter open heart surgery? vankuria Dec 5 #57
... Diamond_Dog Dec 5 #58
That guy needs to F all the way off. area51 Dec 5 #59
I like it azureblue Dec 5 #60
America, the flea market of health care. sarcasmo Dec 5 #65
What about slavery? That worked, too! Iggo Dec 5 #67
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