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Haggard Celine

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39. When I was going through my surgeries and all,
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 05:44 PM
Dec 4

they sent nurses here to the house to check my vitals and dress wounds. I don't know if doctors do them today. It's probably got a lot to do with how much money you give them, and a chicken ain't gonna do it!

How much Traildogbob Dec 4 #1
So how many leeches and bottles of tonic can I get for two chickens? tanyev Dec 4 #2
will we convert the doctors student loan debt... ret5hd Dec 4 #3
What a fucking asshole! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 4 #4
How the heck would that even work? Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #5
I saw how it worked. yardwork Dec 4 #16
We really, really need to address the outsize influence of rural voters redqueen Dec 4 #6
That's true. The balance of power is seriously out of whack. yardwork Dec 4 #17
I need brain surgery. intheflow Dec 4 #7
Sue Lowden, Nv GOP, in 2010 & barter for healthcare. They rarely change irisblue Dec 4 #8
"..no shortage of fowl-ups"? lastlib Dec 4 #23
This takes me back to some woman who spoke glowingly about the "good old days" calimary Dec 4 #9
(See post #8 above) lastlib Dec 4 #24
Yep. Thanks! calimary Dec 4 #36
Like every other commodity, prices are all over the map bucolic_frolic Dec 4 #10
POS lives off government contracts to his company dalton99a Dec 4 #11
I've got a stack of used egg cartons. Will that pay for my appendectomy? progressoid Dec 4 #12
no, but selling your first born into indentured servitude might DBoon Dec 4 #44
How many chickens to set a broken leg? Captain Zero Dec 4 #13
Haven't we been through this before? Why, yes, we have: Grokenstein Dec 4 #14
Good grief ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #61
Time for garage sale care Demnh2fl Dec 4 #15
I have a table saw I'm not using. Ocelot II Dec 4 #27
Sheesh ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #62
Brilliant! I've got a couch I want to get rid of. tanyev Dec 4 #47
How many of them actually lived during that time period? LiberalFighter Dec 4 #18
Good question. Haggard Celine Dec 4 #22
I'm old enough to remember house calls. multigraincracker Dec 4 #38
When I was going through my surgeries and all, Haggard Celine Dec 4 #39
Your comment echoes the first thing I thought of! slightlv Dec 5 #52
"Make America 1800s again!" Apparently, modernity is too "liberal" for Republicans. n/t Beartracks Dec 4 #19
The CEO of United Health Group, Andrew Witty.. Permanut Dec 4 #20
i don't see that barbtries Dec 4 #21
He'll get the moron vote in a landslide..... n/t lastlib Dec 4 #25
I don't think my clinic accepts sheep. Ocelot II Dec 4 #26
Not really what else The Unmitigated Gall Dec 4 #28
I called my pulmonologist...he said two goats would be fine next time. CanonRay Dec 4 #29
I had hernia surgery back in October, so far it cost $46000 and I haven't doc03 Dec 4 #30
two chickens and a gallon of milk rurallib Dec 4 #33
That may have worked in Dodge with Dr. Adams. nt doc03 Dec 4 #37
I was in the ER for 7 hours for kidney stone $25,500 Nictuku Dec 4 #34
As a surgeon myself who performs hernia surgeries Docreed2003 Dec 4 #45
My surgeon also has a farm, I offered to shovel out his barn. nt doc03 Dec 5 #50
Doctor, what will you give me for a... Anarcho-Socialist Dec 4 #31
Theodoric of York Medieval Barber Yavin4 Dec 4 #32
Clearly limited intelligence and a good dose of stupidity! n/t RKP5637 Dec 4 #35
He Should be Rebl2 Dec 4 #40
Someone that stupid shouldn't qualify for the job of villiage idiot. Chainfire Dec 4 #41
Even village idiots have standards, you know ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #63
This idea again? Like, how many homegrown chicken eggs does it take for my appendectomy? Hekate Dec 4 #42
"Remember the glory days of 19th century medicine!" should lure doctors to Montana struggle4progress Dec 4 #43
So how would I, as a provider, arrange a "fair market barter value" for services Docreed2003 Dec 4 #46
More "good ole days" dog whistlin' EarthFirst Dec 4 #48
Good thing I keep a flock of chickens for medical emergencies NickB79 Dec 4 #49
When my mom passed away 11 years ago, while cleaning out her things doc03 Dec 5 #51
Well.... ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #64
That is kind of primitive looking. But $78,000 and they send you home the next day now. doc03 Dec 5 #66
OK...then how many chickens for a series of radiation treatments? /nt sdfernando Dec 5 #53
And how will doctors pay for their malpractice insurance with eggs and pigs and bales of hay? greatauntoftriplets Dec 5 #54
Anything! Anything at all! Just don't make rich people pay taxes! Iggo Dec 5 #55
The GOP is crazy and out of touch with the American people! CarolinaNC Dec 5 #56
So how does one barter open heart surgery? vankuria Dec 5 #57
... Diamond_Dog Dec 5 #58
That guy needs to F all the way off. area51 Dec 5 #59
I like it azureblue Dec 5 #60
America, the flea market of health care. sarcasmo Dec 5 #65
What about slavery? That worked, too! Iggo Dec 5 #67
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