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70. that it was BS and that it was wrong
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 09:02 PM
Dec 4

I'd been here on DU for two years by then, and at times this felt like the only sane place in the world. There were pretty sizable protests around the country, but I was living in a very conservative state at the time and Bush had widespread support (even among democrats at the time) in my state. Other than the small crowds at the anti-war rallies there and a few co-workers, it was hard not to feel overwhelmed by the craziness. DU was really a lifeline at the time.

Yes. I actually got out my tie-dyed peace t-shirt and attended anti-war demonstrations. viva la Dec 4 #1
That there were no WMDs. Bleacher Creature Dec 4 #2
Saddam Hussein Turbineguy Dec 4 #8
Yep. Knew from the start it was BS captain queeg Dec 4 #54
WTF? Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #3
I was confused too Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #19
A lot of US service men died escorting Halliburton trucks all over Iraq Attilatheblond Dec 4 #53
What I thought was: "Why?" LoisB Dec 4 #5
I was against it redqueen Dec 4 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #18
Not for one second did those neocon bastards pull the wool over this old boy's eyes EYESORE 9001 Dec 4 #7
I hated Dubya and his admin. It was a WTF moment for me. NewHendoLib Dec 4 #9
....misleading. .. thomski64 Dec 4 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author claudette Dec 4 #10
Then and now, we were wrong to invade unweird Dec 4 #11
I thought, Oh My God! Lunabell Dec 4 #12
I was participating in large anti-war rallies... hunter Dec 4 #13
I Got Caught Up In One in SF Deep State Witch Dec 4 #22
"Why Iraq?" ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #14
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #20
No Question ProfessorGAC Dec 4 #38
I believed that the war was based on lies from the very beginning, just Uncle Joe Dec 4 #15
My thought was "Here I go again" sarisataka Dec 4 #16
I'm so sorry that happened to you and your Marines. yardwork Dec 4 #25
We were quite pissed because sarisataka Dec 4 #43
I appreciate everything you did. yardwork Dec 4 #44
. sarisataka Dec 4 #46
"Here we go again" - basically Vietnam redux... Wounded Bear Dec 4 #68
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #17
"Americans were turning on Muslim Americans and Middle Easterners left and right." maxsolomon Dec 4 #21
Yes, violent racists in the US were attacking people frequently.. redqueen Dec 4 #65
481 incidents in the wake of 9/11 isn't "left and right" to me. maxsolomon Dec 4 #66
I remember the Sikhs I worked with stopped wearing turbans. redqueen Dec 4 #67
I remember it very well. I was distraught. yardwork Dec 4 #23
Opposed the war and never believed the lies Bush and his goons were pushing RAB910 Dec 4 #24
A horrible mistake based on lies underpants Dec 4 #27
And David Bloom got eaten up nitpicked Dec 4 #33
Out protesting from the first and sick to my stomach about it. haele Dec 4 #28
The height of stupidity and no WMD. n/t RKP5637 Dec 4 #29
Another stupid man in charge with daddy issues, was what I thought at the time. Turned out I was right Walleye Dec 4 #30
From the announcement, I thought it was a huge mistake. no_hypocrisy Dec 4 #31
That it was bullshit Alpeduez21 Dec 4 #32
I can't pin it down this late, but as soon as I found out it was mostly Saudis on those flights, I called brewens Dec 4 #34
I was out in the streets protesting that atrocity with all the energy I could muster. ZZenith Dec 4 #35
Same as I've always thought: the MIC and the Gubment are at it again. Magoo48 Dec 4 #36
I was thinking I should take to the streets and protest. prodigitalson Dec 4 #37
How we so proudly Shocked & Awed Basic LA Dec 4 #39
Why didn't Al Gore fight harder ... marble falls Dec 4 #40
As Gore pointed out, he fought it as far as the highest court in the land. After that there is only revolt... Hekate Dec 4 #47
I was thinking that we were attacking the wrong people. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 4 #41
I was like, "What?" LeftInTX Dec 4 #55
It was probably the first war in US history Mr.Bill Dec 4 #42
Cheney wanted to be president so bad Butterflylady Dec 4 #72
I was driving down the main street of my town, on the way to a meeting of the VFP... Hekate Dec 4 #45
I pretty much knew it was bullshit. chouchou Dec 4 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 4 #49
Never trusted Dick Cheney. There was a reason he found HE was the only one suited for V.P. Attilatheblond Dec 4 #50
I was like, "What happened to Afghanistan?" LeftInTX Dec 4 #51
It seemed Junior had Daddy issues. C_U_L8R Dec 4 #52
War crime. Marcus IM Dec 4 #56
I saw it from before it happened as a cynical scam DFW Dec 4 #57
I was marching in the streets with Not In Our Name and half of Honolulu mahina Dec 4 #58
Thank you. From my experience in Santa Barbara, I know how meaningful it is when your town supports you Hekate Dec 4 #63
Our cops got ugly several times mahina Dec 4 #73
I'm sorry you experienced that. We had a singular political moment with the Mayor & Council... Hekate Dec 4 #74
Here's to the good guys. mahina Dec 4 #82
I was against the war. I thought most of us were. Like my congresswoman (who was normal at the time) ecstatic Dec 4 #59
I took a different view then most here at the time EX500rider Dec 4 #60
I thought of this article & how desperately it needs updating & then to be read by every American. CrispyQ Dec 4 #61
Went with my JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #62
Yes, I do remember defending Iraqi civilians Bettie Dec 4 #64
I was screaming at the tv and the walls dhol82 Dec 4 #69
that it was BS and that it was wrong fishwax Dec 4 #70
Like an idiot, I was for it for the first few months Polybius Dec 4 #71
I knew the administration had been lying its ass off Sky Jewels Dec 4 #75
Will this impact the availability of humus? NCIndie Dec 4 #76
I was scared and it made no sense to me. And I followed the latest news very closely here on DU. Rhiannon12866 Dec 4 #77
I was in college during the first gulf war and participated in a few protests then. Xolodno Dec 4 #78
I was appalled DBoon Dec 4 #79
I remember thinking Texasgal Dec 4 #80
That it was complete and utter BS, based on lies. We (DU) knew the whole WMD/ niyad Dec 4 #81
That it was a completely unnecessary war of choice - I was totally appalled by the whole thing. NT Midwestern Democrat Dec 5 #83
I was thinking ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #84
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