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7. The US Constitution requires a special election for House members. Bakersfield is a bright red district.
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 01:38 PM
Dec 2023

Chances of ever getting a Dem in that seat — slim to none.

Rats... ship [View all] bigtree Dec 2023 OP
Just guessing that he isn't retiring gab13by13 Dec 2023 #1
good one, gab bigtree Dec 2023 #2
You are right. It is for Mansions for the Ultra-rich. usaf-vet Dec 2023 #13
He and Devin Nunes are starting a dairy farm. rubbersole Dec 2023 #14
That's what the sheep are hoping anyway... Probatim Dec 2023 #17
It would be a Holiday gift to the country if 1/2 dozen Republicans... OAITW r.2.0 Dec 2023 #3
I like the way you think! BComplex Dec 2023 #27
He's burning them cilla4progress Dec 2023 #4
The US Constitution requires a special election for House members. Bakersfield is a bright red district. Hekate Dec 2023 #7
Pro choice ads can change votes malaise Dec 2023 #9
having if the highest crime rates in the country wont help. mopinko Dec 2023 #11
That is the key! MOMFUDSKI Dec 2023 #12
Newsom must call a special election within a given time period. patphil Dec 2023 #8
So California has to call a special election within 14 days of a vacancy TlalocW Dec 2023 #5
California Dem here. Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #21
Unfortunately TlalocW Dec 2023 #22
What a great reply! Love it. 🤣 EOM Scottie Mom Dec 2023 #26
Bakersfield is very red lame54 Dec 2023 #28
Unlikely the district could flip gratuitous Dec 2023 #29
So, if Kev is gone, end of this month..and the devoldor guy is asiliveandbreathe Dec 2023 #6
No. former9thward Dec 2023 #16
I was just coming back to correct..thanks asiliveandbreathe Dec 2023 #20
Michael Moore on the ReTHUG slim majority malaise Dec 2023 #10
Apt quote: evolves Dec 2023 #15
Toxic air in Bakersfield, Ca would likely result in another ReThug.. Could be worse than Qevin. Seriously. nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #18
all of this is because of gerrymandering Hamlette Dec 2023 #19
This is not a case of rats abandoning ship. totodeinhere Dec 2023 #23
actually, with the slim majority bigtree Dec 2023 #31
Everything you said is valid of course. totodeinhere Dec 2023 #33
Bye Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #24
Rats never leave... Hope22 Dec 2023 #25
What cowards bdamomma Dec 2023 #30
Some of these rats malaise Dec 2023 #32
Yes, indeed bdamomma Dec 2023 #34
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